Aurora speaks in riddles.

I don't want you to know anything. Guess at the pieces. Fill in what's missing.

Then you can build me up shiny and new and pretend to have a semblance of interest in me~.

My favorite diaries:

unknowntome profile - diary
comments: M is for Machiavellism
raven72d profile - diary
comments: R is for Recondite
jarofporter profile - diary
comments: J is for Jocoserious

My favorite music:

comments: Is it that time again? Wasn't it already then? So does it have to be the time it was again?
comments: I don't belong here.
comments: Just remember that it's all in your head.
Asobi Seksu
comments: They'll never know. Oh, we'll compromise. The world outside just leaves us cold.
Tegan and Sara
comments: Where do you go when the world knows? How do you live so happily, while I am sad and broken down?

My favorite movies:

The Nightmare Before Christmas
comments: Oogie Boogie Man: I am the shadow on the moon at night / Filling your dreams to the brim with fright.
V for Vendetta
comments: Evey Hammond: Are you like a... crazy person?
V: I'm quite sure they will say so.
Garden State
comments: Sam: OK, so... so... sometimes I lie. [...] About random stuff too, I don't even know why I do it. It's like... it's like a tick, I mean sometimes I hear myself say something and think, Wow, that wasn't even remotely true.
Howl's Moving Castle
comments: Howl: I'm such a big coward, all I do is hide. All of this magic is to keep everybody away. I can't stand how scared I am.
comments: Sara Sidle: I wish I was like you Grissom, I wish I didn't feel anything.

My favorite authors:

Philip Pullman
comments: His Dark Materials Trilogy
J. K. Rowling
comments: Harry Potter
Maki Murakami
comments: Gravitation
Mercedes Lackey
comments: The Last Herald-Mage Trilogy
Haruki Murakami
comments: The Wind-up Bird Chronicle

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