Planet of the April

April has an unhealthy relationship with Diet Coke, chocolate, Marlboro, and a tumultuous affair with Colin Firth (but that last one's in her head).

April watches more TV than is probably good-- for like even TV reviewing people.

April was not popular in high school.

April's hopes of fame probably stem from that.

April hopes to someday have a small cult following (like they dress like her and have conventions for her. It would be like trekkies but sooooo much sexier).

My favorite diaries:

dancingbrave profile - diary
comments: So Funny! But she balances the funny with the serious. Sometimes I feel slightly betrayed when she gets serious.... Oh, like the whole world revolves around me being entertained with happy, funny, never sad things.... I am so selfish.
dead-diaries profile - diary
comments: Something sort of morbid and sweet about these diaries being eulogized. I cried over astralfrog, the sweetest of all gay men in Canada (shut up! I was touched!). I almost want to murder my diary and see what he/she would say about me.
drunkyfunky profile - diary
comments: Drunky but Funky is the best manifesto on the greatness of drunken and inappropriate behavior I have ever read. It's also the only one, but that does not take away from its deliciousness.
idiot-milk profile - diary
comments: I should put down all beverages, extinguish all cigarettes, and empty my bladder before attempting to read anything she writes. Because it could get messy and shit, seriously. So. Freakin. Funny.
gizzhead profile - diary
comments: One of the reasons I have hope for the new crop of teens. Girl makes me laugh. Girl's not a dope.
fannie227 profile - diary
comments: If I lived in Maine, and I was a masseusse... I'm sure I spelled that wrong.... What I mean is she is me and I am her. Seriously, I'm not psycho. We are the same person. Stop looking at us like that!
jesushomeboy profile - diary
comments: "I always say: "*pees pants*" to express that I'm excited. But it seems I "pee my pants" A LOT." I hear you, Girlfriend.... did I say that out loud?
mspopular1 profile - diary
comments: Read this diary to see why I usually want to drown teenagers (and I don't leave Teenage April out of this). It's hard to navigate. But, seriously, read it and lose all hope for the future.
ratherbored profile - diary
comments: "i said... 'wouldn't it be funny if all the cheerleaders were all gunned down mid-routine?' How was i supposed to know all their moms were RIGHT there?" (Hee! Good shit.)
sweetreviews profile - diary
comments: Because they's gonna give me the Ebert treatment.
rubytramp profile - diary
comments: People that hang at Television without Pity rock. And if they were or are or will be aspiring actors (Oh, in New York, not L.A.), they rock a little harder.
rottenrascal profile - diary
comments: Exactly the girl we need to drop kick mspopular and rip out chunks of her hair. Maybe some permanent facial scarring wouldn't hurt either.
icedmilk profile - diary
comments: Because they might actually REALLY give me the Ebert treatment (Sweetreview, consider yourself slammed)

My favorite music:

Rilo Kiley
comments: Jenny Lewis. From child star to this awesome band. Well, it was that or rob a liquor store.
comments: She makes music out of noisy shoes! Crazy, yes. Genius, hell yes.
Tori Amos
comments: The kind of lyrics you need to sit and stew on before you even begin to understand.
The Beatles
comments: Who doesn't, though?
Bob Dylan
comments: He doesn't sing! He doesn't even disguise the fact that he doesn't sing! He's awful, but I absolutely adore him!

My favorite movies:

The Color Purple
comments: Because I cry for nearly three hours every time. "Nothing but death can keep me from it!" (sniffle)
When Harry Met Sally
comments: The greatest romantic comedy ever! There will be no arguments!
comments: No! Marty is the greatest romantic comedy! Hey! I said no arguments! Okay fine! Share the title.
The Changeling
comments: Who needs special effects? The ball, man! The ball!
comments: Cute and sweet and funny and Jospehine Hull is my idol and why can't I have more movies?

My favorite authors:

Stephen King
comments: Because I still check the shower- every time! I mean, you don't even want to know how many times I've read IT.
V.C. Andrews
comments: But only when it was actually HER writing. She helped me spend my teen years wallowing in mild hopelessness.
Jane Austen
comments: Because she wrote the hottest man ever put on paper! I love you, Mr. Darcy!
J.K. Rowling
comments: Only because I'm completely obsessed with all six Harry Potter books right now. And I'm 28. That's probably bad.
T.S. Elliot
comments: A poet whose imagery is almost painfully beautiful to read.

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