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Please consider yourself, now and henceforth, and no matter what anyone else ever asks of you, free to do any damned thing you want that doesn't hurt someone else unnecessarily. --Lady Sally McGee

You can love horse and ride it and a horse can love you and squash you.

~Bonnie Lewis

Love means attention, which means looking after the things we love. We call this stable management.

- George H. Morris,

Horse: I am big, my human is small, I carry my human, my human doesn't carry me.

Cat:I am not Iron Chef. Bolting down my food and spewing it back up to 'create new and exotic dishes never seen before by my human' is not acceptable behavior

My favorite diaries:

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My favorite music:

judy collins
comments: farewell to tarwaithie
comments: I'm goin to hell, in a handbasket... Look for it soon!!!!!
comments: i was raised WEIRD ok?
the refreshments
comments: becuase everybody knows the world IS full of stupid people.

My favorite movies:

Titus Andronicus
comments: Alan cumming who I LOVE as nightcrawler, in Julie Taymor's best film ever. Love it. Love Alan. *drool*
the last unicorn
comments: so beautiful. the book is equally good and different.
love actually
comments: Aurelia, et. al.
The Tenth Kingdom
comments: We will...We will.. Shear you!!
rat race
comments: I'm in ze race! I am winning ze race!

My favorite authors:

Spider Robinson
comments: what would callahan do?
Robert Heinlein
comments: get me started, please...
Jhonen Vasquez
comments: I'm gonna sing the doom song....
Salman Rushdie
comments: ayesha
Tom robbins
comments: Jellybean = Puck

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