i love to feel that warm southern rain

its been neglected lately...

My favorite diaries:

Spit-tears profile - diary
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Girls-suck profile - diary

My favorite music:

comments: "If you let them make you, they'll make you paper mache; At a distance you're strong, until the wind comes - then you crumble and blow away.If you let them fuck you, there you should make ammends with yourself - if only for better health&qu
John Mayer
comments: " Our love was comfortable and so broken in. Shes perfect so flawless - im not impressed."
Counting Crows
comments: " Walk out the front door into the fog where no one notices the contrast of white on white. And inbetween the moon and you - angels get a better view of the crumbling difference between wrong and right."
Ben Harper
comments: " I love to feel the warm southern rain, and hear it fall is the sweetest sounding thing. And to see you fall on your simple country dress - is like heaven to me I must confess."
Relient K
comments: "I pour out myself, All that I have; You love me soo much that you fill me again. ANd may these words on my heart,on my lips- mean so much more than this. Jesus I pray, know what Im trying to say."

My favorite movies:

10 Things I hate About You
comments: "where did you come from? Planet Loser?; As oppsed to Plante Look @ me Look @ me?" "make anybody cry today? Sadly no, but its' only 4:30" "Am i that transparent? I want you, I need you oh baby oh baby"
Remeber The Titans
comments: "You cant be hurt like this......your superman" "Does the term unusual and cruel punishment mean anything to you?!!" "Suuunshiine.....Oh sunishine...!" "Left Side....STRONG SIDE!"
The Breakfest Club
comments: "I wanna be an airforce ranger, save the world from all the danger!" "Does Barry Manilo know you raided his closet?" "Your old man and my old man should get together and go bowling"
comments: "It's all fun and games until someone gets shot in the leg" "1) Have you ever heard of Evel Knievel? 2) No, I never saw Star Wars"
Empire Records
comments: "Damn the man!" "Whats with today today?" "Let me explain it to you. Mitchell's the man, I'm the idiot, you're the screw-up, and we are all losers. Welcome to Music Town." "It's Rex MANNING DAY!&

My favorite authors:

Harper Lee
comments: Mr. Bindman almost ruind it for me but i did end up loving the book
J.K Rowling
comments: She is my favorite author - Harry Potter ROCKS! all the books are awesome everyone should read them. I've been waiting for 6 months for the movie and it's almost here! yay!

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