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G1: This is a diary about us...yes there are three of us. the G stands for girls...just a place for us to complain rant...whatever else we have to do.

G2: yup, ya gotta luv us...or not. here we are. here. now. stop by some time. see ya. bye

G3: ughh my teeth hurrttt

like a motherrr

My favorite diaries:

azuraty27 profile - diary
comments: woohoo!
zouyan profile - diary
comments: he's interesting...doesn't suck
debater86 profile - diary
comments: hm...well they have us under their favs
infinit profile - diary
comments: idno...we pity him =)
sayit-asitis profile - diary
comments: she's funny -g1
cheesytrix profile - diary
comments: haha those 2....
epiphanize profile - diary
comments: you are.

My favorite music:

comments: ~G2~no explanation needed! g1- duh! i was gona change it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rivers: marry me please
American Hi-Fi
comments: What a perfect day this is....wohoo!
our lady peace
comments: =)
blink 182
comments: gotta like em. "and everyday's the same"
dashboard confessional
comments: emo!!!!!!!!! i love you Chris. please have my babies

My favorite movies:

Moulin Rouge
comments: una pelicula romantica...*sniffle*
Sliding Doors
comments: -g2-if don't drink your fatty drinks, you'll never achieve quality cellulite!
The Royal Tenenbaums
comments: so...weird! =) so great...so perfect...in such an imperfect world (~G2~ gweneth paltrow is so cool)
The Graduate
comments: because you're trying to seduce me
Spirited Away
comments: "trippy": trippy goodness i say

My favorite authors:

amy tan
comments: -G1-u cry u laugh u do both...what more can u want???
neil gaimen
comments: ~G2~ read one of his books at least...cool gothic-ness!

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