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Hmmm... what do you want to know about me? I'm out of college, working in the finance industry and have this great addiction to the Boston music scene, aided by the fact that I'm friends with lots of the bands. I think I'm super fun, you'd have to ask others if it's true though. I think that's it, for now......oh and I am the Raver BaDAsS

My favorite diaries:

bigreddog profile - diary
comments: "no leaning against the wall..... this is a no leaning against the wall song...." kimerly is my wonderful fictional daughter, And she is a bad ass (original):)
tineangst profile - diary
comments: this is my chrissy, she is wonderful, go read!!! And she is a bad ass (strong island) ;)
jackiestar profile - diary
comments: we are both "funny and unique"
cats77 profile - diary
comments: woo hoo mellon new england! It's my orientation buddy :)
anne-jumps profile - diary
comments: anne's a ward girl, what's not to love?
realityisshy profile - diary
comments: loni is my fictional niece and she came to visit and sometimes I think we are almost the same person, it is scary! And she is a bad ass(southern)
cinnamongirl profile - diary
comments: yay for rachel and her wonderful pictures that make my diary pretty :)
honeyj profile - diary
comments: my jen jen, she goes on boston romps with me, and loves the rokstar world ;) And she is a bad ass(marathon) ;)
pistolpfm profile - diary
comments: chrissy's bro, he's fun and stuff and takes cool pics at shows!
thesoap profile - diary
comments: a fun fun and VERY addictive story... only go here if you have loads of time on your hands!
erica27 profile - diary
comments: been meaning to put erica here for a while.... she's fun!
inmytree profile - diary
comments: oblivia, oh so fun! she's the other cutest accountant in the world :)
fallyn-angel profile - diary
comments: BK goes to shows with me, and sometimes I EVEN get her to dance :)
icantdenyit profile - diary
comments: everyone keeps telling me how great erin is, so I decided to add her here so I can see the wonder for myself :)
shutupyoda profile - diary
comments: hee hee! I got meri hooked on diaryland :) what other listees will succumb??
dockstreet profile - diary
holycity profile - diary
synne profile - diary
comments: Sara is fun fun fun fun. go chocolate babies? streamers and silly string rule!
doublefish profile - diary
comments: Gretchen rocks, even if she scared evan ;-) and she likes henry.... all is good
liljumpinsam profile - diary
comments: sam rocks, even if she sleeps through a lot of our early am goofiness
gustermike profile - diary
comments: mikey's been holding out, did anyone else know he had this???
mare1601 profile - diary
comments: yet another fun person I met at DS2001. Mary rocks the par-tay!
moviereviews profile - diary
comments: the best reviews on the net written by some of my darling girls!
hmfiscds profile - diary
comments: my newly created CD review site, it used to be on my web page but this is easier to keep updated.....
brooksie profile - diary
comments: brooks is fun. we had blast in fake jlc concert chatting :)
dreaskitty profile - diary
comments: LOOK! Andrea joined us in the land of diaries :) tee hee I knew I'd suck in more peoples :) :) :) She used to be my super cool contact at one of my clients, now she's just my super cool so-cal pal!
mind-thegap profile - diary
comments: kimerly's friend katie who I just found out has one of these :)
thelast10 profile - diary
comments: go kristen go! you can do it :)

My favorite music:

comments: he is a bad ass (cheap imitation) he is "the dirty hippie" a local Boston artist who is too much fun to hang out with and go see play. And play email tag with. Ask anyone :)
Jump, Little Children
comments: the bestest bunch of southern boys around :)
comments: You like the rock? Check these boys out. So so good and so fun 80's feeling as well :) Songs about girls... cars... what else do you need, really??
Kicked in the Head
comments: One of my newest fun things to see. KITH are amazing at the punk rock sound. So much energy, such fun people too :)
comments: One of my good friends. He's amazing, go get Anime Sweetheart now!!! Sort of electronic and definitely full of phat beats to move your body. And he's a way fun person who loves to laugh at ME!

My favorite movies:

You Saw Me Up There?
comments: HR's spoken word, very good an amusing to watch, trust me :)
10 Things I Hate About You
comments: mmmmm Heath Ledger....
comments: I *so* am Cher!
Better living through circuitry
comments: I went to the Boston premire. This is a fun movie/documentary, if you like electronic music. Check it, are you feeling it?

My favorite authors:

Henry Rollins
comments: He counts here, not just music! Henry's one of the most intense and amazing people I've ever read and seen him perform live. Spoken word, not musically. Though Black Flag and Rollins Band are intensity personified.
J.K Rowling
comments: Harry Potter!!!!
Orson Scott Card
comments: I don't normally like sci-fi but the Ender series is awesome and really well written....
Sharon Kay Penman
comments: I have a love for all things historical and swept up in knights and princesses etc... at least she picks historical fiction and makes it out to be more realistic and truthful.... but keeps the fun of myth and legend....
Nick Bantock
comments: Griffin and Sabine RULE! They're like pop up books for adults. Check them out please. you won't be disappointed

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