the dingus pie

I am a gigantic sock puppet. I have a slugging percentage of .498, and sometimes ants crawl around my nuts.

My favorite diaries:

gunphood profile - diary
comments: even better than the real thing
kerbang profile - diary
comments: he wrestled in 6th grade
datchery profile - diary
comments: the real deal....a harpy with a jones for politicking. You have to love it.
uncle pumpkin profile - diary
comments: his yearbook entry was "My Mom thinks I'm cool."
grandma666 profile - diary
comments: this woman has some wack shit. I found out about her from the next diary...
nateboxley profile - diary
comments: now this cat has had a bit too much nip, if you know what i mean. Rat things? Come on. Too much D&D.
scottwinters profile - diary
comments: you always want what you can't have (namely, access)
anniewaits18 profile - diary
comments: a spunky young editor who edits things
sarika profile - diary
comments: a british lass with a lotta sass
mondocurio profile - diary
comments: A therapist from Beantown? Count me in.
iratelobster profile - diary
comments: haven't read much, but it sounds promising
elliorange profile - diary
comments: I absolutely love this girl's diary. It's beautifully written, and she just keeps on surprising me.
joeparadox profile - diary
comments: tasty. like asparagus

My favorite music:

comments: Because sometimes I just want to want to blow out my brains...or take arsenic
Pearl Jam
comments: But sometimes I just want to rock!
The Doors
comments: Father? Yes Son. I want to kill you. Mother? I want to....unnn, yeah.
50 cent
comments: for white gangsters like me
just kidding
comments: i am not white

My favorite movies:

comments: 'nuff said
I really like Buffy
comments: and not just because she's hot
I also like Angel
comments: but that is just because he's a vampire stud
anything with Keanu Reeves
comments: it's a weakness
what a weird practice this is
comments: listing my preferences

My favorite authors:

Fyodor Dostoevsky
comments: Crime and Punishment first, then take two helpings of Brothers Karamazov. Then pretend you're a drunk Russian madman
Tom Clancy
comments: Hard hitting, intellectual doggerel
Danielle Steele
comments: For when I need to be held
Milan Kundera
comments: Watch the movie if you're a pervert, read the book(s) if you're a wildabeast
comments: when i need a hot multimedia injection

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