love, like Twinkies, has no expiration date

I like my crass heavy on the ass.

My favorite diaries:

mizjezebel profile - diary
comments: I give her big smoochies
bdc profile - diary
comments: What can I say? He's got 17 year old drama! It's nice to go back sometimes
mavin profile - diary
comments: I miss her so, but at least I can read her life.
prologue profile - diary
comments: my girl...whom I also miss...
rapunzal profile - diary
comments: she's got a gorgeous layout and writes well to boot.
subversive profile - diary
comments: Another girl for the smoochy dept.
glitter-bomb profile - diary
comments: she sends me clothes and she's cute too!
bfatt profile - diary
comments: he gave me a Gold account! He's a good egg.
pizzelle profile - diary
comments: not only a delicious cookie, also a delicious diarist.
steviek profile - diary
laughingboy profile - diary
comments: glitter-bomb's boy. He's a sweetie.
fiercelingua profile - diary
nosafehaven profile - diary
lass profile - diary
taydo profile - diary
comments: What I wouldn't give to have a gay boyfriend Just. Like. Him.
kimmikers profile - diary
comments: Beck-lover extraordinaire.
sukirella profile - diary
comments: She deserves tons of credit for sticking it out where I couldn't.
simply-red profile - diary
comments: "met" her years ago and we've sort of followed one another since.

My favorite music:

Tori Amos
comments: I love her like I love almond bubble tea.
comments: What pop should be, damnit.
comments: Kurt changed music forever. It's always the talented ones who die early. Why couldn't it be Scott Stapp?
Sarah McLachlan
Dar Williams
comments: NIN, Pearl Jam, Bjork, Marvin Gaye, Jeff Buckley, Liz Phair, Foo Fighters, Jimmy Eat World, Ani DiFranco, Juliana Hatfield, Beck , Hem, The Beatles,Tool, Incubus, Ben Folds, Air, various 80s stuff

My favorite movies:

LotR (FoTR and tTT)
comments: I'm a nerd like that. Though, I truly think that Peter Jackson took some mediocre books (that included compelling stories...yeah yeah, stop hissing at me, fanboy) and made them beautiful.
Harry Potter
comments: Whimsy, Quidditch, little kids with British accents!
comments: American Beauty, Donnie Darko, Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels, The Ring, Jackass, The Full Monty, Saving Grace, Harold and Maude, Mumford, Secretary
Stealing Beauty
comments: gorgeous...just gorgeous
comments: The series, not the movie so much

My favorite authors:

J.K. Rowling
comments: I'm so gay for Harry Potter it hurts.
Margaret Atwood
comments: She is just such a lovely storyteller.
Dave Eggers
comments: Just as cute and funny in person...
Neil Gaiman
comments: Can't tear myself from him. He's entirely too engaging.
David Sedaris
comments: too funny all the time...and you should hear him do Billy Holiday

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