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"The Army has not changed me, but the world around me has changed." Back in school I wasn't popular, but I was famous. In every class I had a different group of acquaintances, many of which didn't like acquaintances of mine in a different group. That didn't matter to me. It allowed me to express all of my self and to meet so many people. I have always been different, of which many of my friends' parents didn't approve. Now those same parents are proud of me for "making something of my life," and I did it all by not changing. I still play Magic the Gathering. I still run adventures of Vampire the Masquerade and other games by White Wolf. I still play Dungeons and Dragons. I am looking for friends who enjoy playing those games or are willing to learn.

My favorite diaries:

johny-t-h-m profile - diary
comments: old poetry of mine...if I ever run out of that maybe I'll write newer stuff
n-i-n-bunny profile - diary
comments: Nny's conscience, written in the third person.
kyane profile - diary
comments: my first diearyland fan.
ikss profile - diary
comments: random diary that was featured at the top of my page as an advertisement. She broke up with her boyfriend without telling him. Having had a similar experience, I think that it's important to know those kinds of things in a relationship.
tia-marie profile - diary
comments: "The Real Folk Blues" I clicked on the gold members banner and liked what I read so far.

My favorite music:

Nine Inch Nails
comments: Trent Reznor is supposed to be back in the studio. (rumor has it Tool and Pantera will be on the album)
Stabbing Westward
comments: kinda sounds like Nails but most of the songs are about how a girl ripped his heart out (they tend to do that)
Type O Negative
comments: Dark spooky New York City Gothic
Tori Amos
comments: Piano prodigy and caring soul
comments: Same name as a French philosopher. A somewhat perky goth sound.

My favorite movies:

The Chronicles of Riddick
comments: All three films: Pitch Black, Dark Fury (animated), and the Chronicles.

My favorite authors:

Jhonen Vasquez
comments: Well this is long overdue. I should have had my biographer listed awhile ago.
Brian Lumley
comments: The Necroscope series which deals with vampires and paranormal ESPionage
Anne Rice
comments: The Vampire Chronicles of which I feel "The Vampire Lestat" is the best. The Mayfair Witches. Other assorted novels and erotica.
Piers Anthony
comments: The "Incarnations of Immortality" set is a great mix of magic and sci fi. The Xanth novels are comedic fantasy. I haven't gotten to his other books yet.
C.S. Friedman
comments: The "Coldfire Trilogy" deals with humans fleeing into space to a world where magic is so strong that technology fails.

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