Nny's Last Flickering Shard of a Conscience

This page is more of a mellow arrangement of thoughts than the rantings of Nny's main dieary or the poetic drivel of his other one. This page is a third person account of Nny's doubts and regrets as well as brighter things he may not discuss on his main page or in the non-digital world.

My favorite diaries:

johnny-t-h-m profile - diary
comments: Nny's main dieary. Typically full of ranting or self loathing.
johny-t-h-m profile - diary
comments: Nny's poetry site. Most of the poetry is from his high school days. Sometimes he likes it; sometimes he doesn't. Read it and decide for yourself.
kyane profile - diary
comments: She is the first and possibly only fan of Nny's diearies. (most of the other people who read his diearies have met him in person first) She's cute too!
msmmack profile - diary
comments: She is a trusted friend and confidant. She helps him with diaryland when he's made a mistake he cannot fix.
indrid-cold profile - diary
comments: Some horror stories...maybe more.
seasons79 profile - diary
comments: Maybe not an enigma so much as a time capsule. Not sure why we didn't become friends sooner.
nikkifoofoo profile - diary
comments: another diary of a friend

My favorite music:

Nine Inch Nails
comments: Nny has a NIN tattoo on his back that he would like to get carved in such a way that the lettering is raised. At which point he wants to get a new border tattooed around it.
Type O Negative
comments: Dark and spooky and often angry...just like Nny.
Tori Amos
comments: One of the female artists whom Nny has a fondness for. Sometimes her music makes him hate his masculinity.
comments: Dark and spooky in a happier way...something for which Nny aspires to be.
comments: Dark and spooky in a television show intro song kinda way. (Addams Family / Munsters)

My favorite movies:

Fight Club
comments: fate showed Nny American History X, Fight Club, an episode of the Simpsons with Edward Norton as a guest voice, and an X-Files featuring the prison and the laudry room worker from American History X all in the same Sunday night while staying in Oregon ove

My favorite authors:

Jhonen Vasquez
comments: After years of being an outcast Nny finally discovered JTHM. It's more a case of art imitating life than life imitating art. Nny isn't a copy cat killer or anything remotely like that.
Marilyn Manson
comments: Nny is currently reading "Long Hard Road Out of Hell." He regrets not reading it sooner.

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