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*my life is full of paradox, but my heart's always been in the right place*

check out my diary now while it's open because i'm prone to impulsivity and it'll probably be locked tomorrow :)

My favorite diaries:

alwayslolita profile - diary
comments: this site inspired me to *come out of the mental illness closet*
jenne1017 profile - diary
comments: The real life ramblings of a mid twenty something womyn. Politics, sex (or lack there of), happiness, anger--you name it this journal's got it!
dj-mayhem profile - diary
comments: this budding dj-poet is one to look out for.
neangel profile - diary
comments: one amazing poet and MTV taildater!
dalyrical1 profile - diary
comments: jersey grrl poet like me hehe with a sparkly pic of nicole k.
euphorically profile - diary
autumn922 profile - diary
comments: my pal from Allpoetry

My favorite music:

louise fitzhugh
comments: the single most influential book on my existence in this world is.... Harriet The Spy. We read it in the third grade.
anais nin
comments: Read some of Henry and June a coupla years ago- started thinking I might be bisexual.
shirley campbell barr
comments: Read her book of poems-Rotundamente Negra. She is tica of West Indian descent from the province of Limon in Costa Rica. Her work's in Spanish, her words are simple and pure and real.
comments: lauren hill, tracey chapman, ani difranco, melissa ferrick, tori amos

My favorite movies:

girl, interrupted
brokendown palace
the craft
the cradle will rock

My favorite authors:

sabrina ward harrison
comments: I'm a life-long journalist- been journaling since I've been writing. Let's just say that I love Sabrina Ward Harrison. She wrote Spilling Open her first book when she was 21- my age. And the new one I just got is Brave on the Rocks. Sh
diane and lisa becker
comments: The most helpful book I've found on bipolar disorder: We Heard the Angels of Madness
miguel ruiz
comments: so maybe they are "self-help" books (ooooh, "self-help"... shut up- it's not pathetic!) they rock my world: The Four Agreements and The Mastery of Love. Read them both, over and over again. Ok, enuf brain-washing.
pablo neruda
comments: Read his stuff. It's more beautiful in Spanish if you ask me.
political theory
comments: Mostly feminist/queer theory, particularly by womyn of color, here goes: bell hooks, gloria anzaldua, audre lorde, cherrie moraga, adrienne rich, minnie bruce pratt...umm, brain freeze...go to this site...VOICES FROM THE GAPS-- http://voices.cla.umn.edu/

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