"And all I taught her was everything"

I am a mother and wife, friend and philanthropist. I am especially fond of the performing arts and so I put much of my volunteering focus there. A year ago I went through the toughest emotional crisis of my life. My heart was broken into a billion pieces. But I believe it taught me some things. Interestingly enough, it does appear that one can keep going even after such a calamity. I seem to have come out the other side not one bit afraid. Now if I could just stop being sad...I am trying very very hard to make choices that are right for me and my family. Through this blog I have found some of the most loyal and wise people ever. I used to give them advice. That seems so funny to me now.

I became tired of Google searches for obscure things and locked. I still share my story...just not with the entire world... So e-mail me and I will hook you up with the password.

And to whom it may concern...don't come near my children again. It will go quite badly for you if you do. And that, my dear, is a promise.

Then we could

Stay here together

And we could

Conquer the world

If we could

Say that forever

Is more than just a word

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Immortal Beloved
The Red Violin
Great Expectations
All About Eve

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