What started out as bland and neutral turns into insane, angry, and giddy... See the things High School can do to you.

A 19-year old swimsuit model with a coke habit and nymphomania, if she doesn't have sex every hour, she breaks out in hives.

Just kidding.

A 15-year-old sophmore in a town near Toronto who reads a bunch of books and watches too many old movies who has an obsession with the sixties (and sometimes fifties and seventies) and is infatuated with several dead legends, mostly named James or Jim, and, like 1/3 of the world, is slowly slipping into a Rocky Horror Picture Show obsession. and is just trying to rid herself of loneliness which is proving to be harder than she thought. She likes to refer to herself in the third person. She also feels the need to write everything she does down in this diary. Even the painfully boring like "Today I did nothing" But if you mine for it, you'll find the gold.


My favorite diaries:

celerysticks profile - diary
comments: The best templates!
diaryevals profile - diary
comments: a diary critique site that judges you. just like in school. the catcalls. the beatings.I need to call my shrink
justjessica profile - diary
comments: Fake, but funny, and brought me here in the first place
unclebob profile - diary
comments: One Funny Guy, and I'm part of his army! what a sweet man!
savecraig profile - diary
comments: He's just saying what y'all are thinkin
poodesigns profile - diary
comments: Good templates and diary layouts
interview profile - diary
comments: A nice site interviewing fellow diarists. (Savecraig was featured!)
itsmylife profile - diary
comments: Some people just have hilarious lives, or is it they make them funny?
pezpunka profile - diary
comments: loves the two things i do- punk and pez
rockkid profile - diary
comments: Another interesting diary! :)
diaryreviews profile - diary
comments: a fun little site that reviews your diary and tells you how HARD YOU SUCK!
goth-angel profile - diary
comments: she has a great diary and i love her rings! we have a lot in common, except i hate hobbits....
neko-carre profile - diary
comments: the creator of the eyebrow ring (not the jewelry, the diaryring) and an overall cool chick
leporcbarbu profile - diary
comments: a very fun discontinued diary
quackimacow profile - diary
comments: you can just tell from the username this'll be fun, and besides, they agree with me about soul burgling stripe tests.
curvereviews profile - diary
comments: another review site with a very quirky layout! :)
pure-paprika profile - diary
comments: C'mon now, the girl lists Hair as a favourite movie. gotta love it! just like I love Hair! gimme some of that hair, long beautiful hair, shinin', gleamin', and manchester england england, across the atlantic sea, and hes a genius genius...
theinventory profile - diary
comments: I don't know this person, but they listed me as a favourite, and i was deeply touched :)
schemmy profile - diary
comments: a fellow snopester
dizboy profile - diary
comments: A wonderful chap whose ad touted "Gay as All Hell" being the faghag that i am, i was very intrigued.
counthere profile - diary
comments: once again, my gaylovingness gets the best of me, and this and dizboys are GREAT diaries! You'll come for the gayboys. you'll stay for the writing
luckydesigns profile - diary
comments: they made my layout. How sweet! :)
Andrew profile - diary
comments: You gotta love him! No, you truly do. He has powers!
bexx profile - diary
comments: a cool girl who likes the same movies as me
blubirdy profile - diary
comments: One of my friends. We go skateboarding together and people see the marks on our skateboards and say wow you guys look pretty extreme can you show us some tricks? and we fall over.
go figure profile - diary
comments: Very funny!
heatherbird profile - diary
comments: She didn't write WHY she liked me, BUT she likes me, and I like her diary, too! :)
cath05 profile - diary
comments: Catherine's diary, one entry
velvetalice profile - diary
comments: Only two entries, but I swear this person is a vegan version of me, judging by the profile
katharos101 profile - diary
comments: Kickass!
louveciennes profile - diary
comments: awesome diary
mrsjamesdean profile - diary
comments: SHE IS THE GREATEST she likes Hedwig, Rocky Horror and James Dean. If I were a dude I'd get a wedding dress and marry you. heehee.
fatedarkener profile - diary
comments: CAITLIN! ooh yeaaaaaah
nimrod86 profile - diary
comments: See? People love me. And I love People.
costalina profile - diary
comments: no longer updated
Lindiglo profile - diary
comments: Such a bitch

My favorite music:

The Ramones
comments: Good fun, if only Vanessa could learn which songs they actually play
Hedwig and The Angry Inch
comments: Would be a good band on it's own without the fab movie.
Simon and Garfunkel
comments: Anyone who hasn't heard the graduate soundtrack (featuring the amazing dave grusin who did work on the fab candy soundtrack) Fun Fact: Dylan used to be in this spot til he sold out to the man!
The Beatles
comments: My favourite album is The White Album. And Sgt Peppers.. And Revolver... oi. Anyway, they are amazing. I heart Ringo.
comments: They're Canadian, They Rock, and they're on my favourite soundtracks (Candy and Easy Rider)

My favorite movies:

comments: Breathtaking. Sing-out-loud, laugh-out-loud, cry-out-loud, Just amazing. It is the greatest musical ever. Milos Forman is fantastic! GREATEST MOVIE OF ALL TIME
Gentlemen Prefer Blondes
comments: I love Marilyn in all the movies I've seen with her, and I have seen a lot. It's a shame your only allowed to put so many characters.
The Rocky Horror Picture Show
comments: I'm destined to be Frank N Furter. other kickass musicals: Hedwig (GUMMI BAREN!) Hair (got the soundtrack on 4 records, yep, I'm obsessed)
comments: You gotta love a movie where academy award winning actors lick champagne off the bottom of a limo (richard burton) play gurus in trucks and enjoy bizarre positions (marlon brando) and screw dolls (yep, Richard Burton again) a masterpiece!
East Of Eden
comments: Amazing. So real. Most people probably pick Rebel..., which I love, but I love Eden more. JAMES DEAN RULES! He was amazing, he wasn't confined by the scripts. I can relate to Jim, except I'm not a gorgeous legend. Also, I can't act. obla di

My favorite authors:

Maya Angelou
comments: Touching AND comic. I didn't write that, I got it from a book review
Joseph Heller
comments: Damned if ya do, damned if ya don't. (I like Ken Kesey, too!)
John Howard Griffin
comments: You gotta admire somebody who would darken their skin for the sake of journalism. He was truly unique and fantastic.
Dalton Trumbo
comments: Johnny Got his Gun changed my life and views on things. (I like Robert Cormier, too!)
Irvine Welsh
comments: One of the greatest writers of our time. ( I also like George Orwell!)

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