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I'm 21, in college for Genetics and Biochemistry, want to get into forensics, and read anything I can get my hands on. I play a little guitar, bought a violin b/c I thought it'd be fun, broke the tuning peg my first day then used it to start a fire and have a barbeque. Don't do drugs, Do drink like a fish, and may have AIDS, j/k (it's only HIV right now). Ultimate goal: to be a writer.

My favorite diaries:

edgarfrog profile - diary
comments: He's sick, raw, and has been around for those herpes I can't quite get rid of.
iluvtunes profile - diary
comments: No longer a potential sex slave; I've had that ass more times than I count. She is merely a fading memory.
bluegoat777 profile - diary
comments: The embodiment of that one fire hydrant on which every dog chooses to piss.
useafork profile - diary
comments: Who else will let me shit on her foot?
inkedgal profile - diary
comments: I want this girl in the worstest way. Not because she's sexy, but because she has a tail. It wags too.
xolaneyxo profile - diary
comments: Another close-to-forty San Diegan who wants me. Yes!!! Yes!!!
crock-pot profile - diary
comments: Mine and Edgar's long-lost brother. Funny how his penis is only a quarter of the size of ours.

My favorite music:

comments: Great easy listening while having sex
comments: Great easy listening while having sex or driving
comments: Great easy listening while having sex and driving at the same time

My favorite movies:

Happy Accidents
comments: Vincent D'Onofrio rocks
Fight Club
comments: Chuck wrote it
It's a Wonderful Life
comments: Don't ask me why...
Butterfly Effect
comments: I can think of about a million things in my life I would change
comments: Truly an inspiring movie...I'm now a hooker.

My favorite authors:

Chuck Palahniuk
comments: What is there to say about the greatest?

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