oscillate wildly

After all this time

To believe in Jesus

After all those drugs

I thought I was Him

After all my lying

And a-crying

And my suffering

I ain't good enough

I ain't clean enough

To be Him

My favorite diaries:

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comments: my new favourite human
novembre profile - diary
comments: is too pretty and nice and smart
fathom profile - diary
comments: hm. dreams about sweaty sorts of activities
katherinhand profile - diary
comments: gosh, what can i say about my sister in handiness? anything would fall short of perfection
fadeneon profile - diary
comments: ooooh, la la. c'est tres bien.
wheatheart profile - diary
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comments: where being called colored is politically correct
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comments: why are you so gorgeous and i'm so me
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comments: is interesting. and smart. and should win an award.
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comments: is a secret so shh.
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comments: geng is smart.
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comments: has a nice girlfriend and is pretty nice himself.
paperbridges profile - diary
comments: talk of striped cats and other rarities
automata profile - diary
comments: dress sexy at my funeral, my good wife.
thesedays profile - diary
comments: lovely, serious.
joe-average profile - diary
comments: we're going to write books and tour. during the rainy days, throwing umbrellas out of double decker busses.
twobicycles profile - diary
comments: and sometimes its nice to remember.
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comments: famous and ever-so talented
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My favorite music:

the pixies
comments: the shins, the bats, blur, adam ant, air, sissy bar, built to spill
the halo benders
comments: modest mouse, cat power, coltrane, the cure, dr.octagon, duran duran
comments: the dandy warhols, eels, komeda, starlight mints, radiohead, the capricorns
badly drawn boy
comments: lucinda williams, the white stripes, red house painters, the pixies
elliott smith
comments: olivia tremor control, a rude boy named justin

My favorite movies:

any Kubrick films: the shining, dr.strangelove, clockwork orange
being john malkovich
but i'm a cheerleader

My favorite authors:

dennis cooper
irvine welsh
john dos passos
J. D. Salinger
nick hornby

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