Had To Tell Myself It's Only Music...

I'm 24. I'm infatuated with pants.

My favorite diaries:

al-fuh profile - diary
comments: La Roomie
uwillb profile - diary
comments: Talented tall girl
cobalt profile - diary
comments: Yummy. I want.
sob profile - diary
comments: The secret side.
ineloquence profile - diary
comments: I'd kill for her way with words.
loungeact333 profile - diary
comments: The friend I've never met. The Eminem fan you'd never expect.
brimassey profile - diary
comments: A real life vet. In the making.
perceptions profile - diary
comments: Read it. You'll see.
biglizard profile - diary
comments: Oh Ryan, my Ryan.
crayon profile - diary
comments: If men spoke like women.
anti-diary profile - diary
comments: Gone...yet not.
gankman profile - diary
comments: He updates again, therefore he is added again.
nictate profile - diary
comments: It's all about corduroy licorice
orangina21 profile - diary
comments: Somehow she feels like me.
jeffy profile - diary
comments: I was Jeffy's Secret Santa. Interpret that as you will.
unclebob profile - diary
comments: Yeah yeah yeah. I know, it's all been said.
stagenames profile - diary
comments: Ryan's gatekeeper at work. And a fabulous girl at that.
hefnerhymns profile - diary
comments: Well I'll be damned. If it isn't Beck in the flesh. And I hear he's into Music&Biology.
thentheresme profile - diary
comments: No H for this girl. No siree.
under800 profile - diary
comments: "Pregnant" pauses. Perfect imagery.
eight-9-3 profile - diary
comments: His counter description of me -- enough to cause a tingle. An Australian mind after my own thighs -- I mean heart.
jet-set profile - diary
comments: She's beautiful. She writes perfectly appealing.
findyourself profile - diary
comments: I wanna sit with this girl and eat ice cream. And bitch about men.
vibrator profile - diary
comments: She keeps me coming.
daze-of-rain profile - diary

My favorite music:

Duran Duran
comments: Simon. I love you. I want you.
Depeche Mode
comments: ooo la la
comments: When you expand you're so delicious.
Blonde Redhead
comments: Best live performers I've seen --- Kazu sure can dress.
comments: Classic kick ass punk

My favorite movies:

comments: Brilliant
Fight Club
comments: Brad's hip bones. Oh daddy.
Clockwork Orange
comments: It's real horror show, my brotha.
Princess Bride
comments: Rodents of unusual size? I don't think they exist.
National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation
comments: It's a tid bit nipply outside.

My favorite authors:

Stephen King
comments: Raarrrrr, he's creepy.
Troy Bruno Balthazar
comments: So he's a musician, but his words are pure poetry.
David Sedaris
comments: Is anyone more hilarious?
Q And Not U
comments: This is a band. I'm growing very fond of them. Good words

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