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My favorite diaries:

incinerated profile - diary
comments: "I'm not looking for sympathy or answers. I'm just looking for myself."
bi-polar profile - diary
comments: "I am feeling like my father, in that i want to get drunk quite badly."
condie profile - diary
comments: "I'm losing time again. Stare in to space. Long moments falling end over end."
viperj profile - diary
comments: "Last night Katie and I went to see the planes come in. It was cool, however, there were no planes, so that was pretty lame. "
jpoet112 profile - diary
comments: "And so it comes to it, this simple truth of me. I could never live down in the village near all the pretty people. "
artofliving profile - diary
comments: "I woke up a few times from being so hot because of how close he was holding me but he never let me go. "
erchick89 profile - diary
comments: "In geometry today we were talking about making out with people, always an interesting conversation! "
lovepotion87 profile - diary
comments: "It's scary that I wanted to say "I love you" after four days. But I have more sense then that. I kept that to myself."
atnight-lake profile - diary
comments: "And from the stage, maybe i'll fall in love with you. I've been jumping on my bed to share a kiss and I heard you like to party."
regz profile - diary
comments: "All at once I feel as if I need to break free, and yet feel absolutely bound to the situation I find myself in."
lovejunky profile - diary
comments: "As I lay in bed last night you made me cry. I was embarrassed. You were reading me a story about a fox from Antoine De Saint-Exupéry's The Little Prince and I could not keep it together..."
clarity25 profile - diary
comments: "We both looked at eachother and for some reason we started laughing. This is our life. Back to the Ramen noodle diet. At least we can still find humor in it, I worry that in the future we wont be laughing. But for now..It's okay."
ludovic profile - diary
comments: "I got responsibilities. Unfortunately I only remember them rather late in the piece"
cagedfreedom profile - diary
comments: "And my roommate, Jackie, is always ready and waiting with a smile...something i'm not quite used to after living with so many people who had so much pain on their shoulders."
dearcynthia profile - diary
comments: "after all, i was amy smart in my dream last night. and i had special powers."
sidewaysrain profile - diary
comments: "My favorite coffee place is warm, pleasant, and stress-relieving, but the best thing is that the aftertaste of the coffee, when drunk black, is as though you have just chewed actual beans. To me that's a good thing."
onlydistance profile - diary
comments: "now all i know is that i don't even know my own dreams. maybe i've forgotten how to sleep, or just that sleeping alone was never really my thing."
destinymaker profile - diary
comments: "I cant explain it, but it feels like im coming alive, that I never really lived until now"
aeka profile - diary
comments: "No longer can I produce the careless dreams of a child in her field of gold; feathered dreams are an impossibility once one has tasted heartbreak in some form."
liviasgarden profile - diary
comments: "Another time, Jesus appeared at the foot of my bed. Why Jesus would appear to a heathen is beyond me, but he graciously offered to get me some water and never returned..."
mid-day profile - diary
comments: "life is all about secrets and who you choose to tell them to."
onlydespair profile - diary
comments: "The cops drove up at 1:00 this morning; I saw the flashing lights through my bedroom window. They searched the woods around our house but didn't find him. "
pigment profile - diary
comments: "... and in which way, kept i thinking, is it opposed to be not frustrated, to be free of tormenting desires...? "
watercolored profile - diary
comments: "Swallowed whole in one gesture, the sweetest sin upon our lips. "
kristinhank profile - diary
comments: "lips and how they match. warm hands and the touch at each fingertip. tiny breaths between two mouths. your arms. skin."
tofalldivine profile - diary
comments: "But darling, I will always have my little box of horrors and you will always have a little lighter burden to bear and somehow it will all work out in the end..."
just-fine profile - diary
comments: "Angels around me are weeping, soft voices swept out by the cold, the sweet tone of singing frozen still. I want to reach out, hold them, brush my hand against their tear soaked cheeks, whisper 'i am here.' But i am so afraid..."
raven72d profile - diary
comments: "I do need a girl who'll lie back on my futon and let me read poetry aloud to her."
bloodandgold profile - diary
comments: "... is it better to dream idle dreams and hold to idle hopes than never to have dreamed or hoped at all?"
andwebreathe profile - diary
comments: "And maybe I'm just looking for something to latch onto because unhealthy relationships are my expertise and I've forgotten my talent. "
chemicalrush profile - diary
comments: "And remember when daddy and mommy would see you asleep yet again in the car? Remember when he carried you to your bed because they didn't want to wake you? I miss being carried to my bed. "
pondlife profile - diary
comments: "Swallowed whole in one gesture, the sweetest sin upon our lips. Sleep brings dreams, a great disturbance on the ocean floor, turning tides. Pushing the past. Pulling the present."
venusianfire profile - diary
comments: "I want to touch you in wicked wanton ways but my hands are cold as ice and I cannot bare the thought of you flinching beneath my fingers."
sanetwin profile - diary
comments: "I've been listening to Cat Stevens and Tom Petty alot. Like soundtracks for my thought. They are subtle enough to not interfere."
asyourghost profile - diary
comments: "as a little rusty shack by the salty windswept sea with anchors hearts and mermaids winding up her arms and seaweed wrapped around her legs"
polarity profile - diary
comments: "when my dreams are violent and extortionate, my days are long and empty."
hairplay profile - diary
comments: "If I won the lottery, ten million dollars, I could find something wrong with it. I swear to God, I could."
pitter-pat profile - diary

My favorite music:

Sarah Harmer
Sarah MacLaughlan
Mazzy Star
Kathleen Edwards
Emmylou Harris

My favorite movies:

Girl With a Pearl Earring
My Life Without Me

My favorite authors:

Margaret Laurence
Phyllis Webb
Miriam Toews
Chandra Mayor
Lorna Crozier

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