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My favorite diaries:

andrew profile - diary
comments: I'm Andrew's biggest fan. I could even possibly be his fattest fan, if the size of my thighs matters. And ANDREW! Will you marry me?
valueape profile - diary
comments: I'm not the only one that picks her boogars in front of her webcam. Besides, isnt that webcams are for?
mop profile - diary
comments: She's a really good writer. If she wasn't, I wouldn't link her! A-hah! I'm such a geneious.
supercookie profile - diary
comments: This crazy diaryland citizen is my sister. She doesnt know I read her journal. I feel so bad! hah hah! No I don't.
chair profile - diary
comments: suzen green has --------- green shoes! and a rockin' diary.
sleepee profile - diary
comments: Anne is a filipino kung fu fighter! hi--yaaaaaaaaa!
seniorfroggy profile - diary
comments: Jake smells like rotten, dried-up boogars, but Jake is my friend, even if he stinks. Because his diary doesn't!
ghettofied profile - diary
comments: Jen, Jen, Jen. What would the world be without Jen's diary? Don't you dare think about it!
maine-o profile - diary
timeway profile - diary
teribot profile - diary
malyssa profile - diary

My favorite music:

comments: I've been hooked to them since Buddy Holly came out years ago.
comments: I like them. I like their music.
comments: Even though they're old and even though they have that Liam asshole in the band, I like their songs.
Sarah McLachlan
comments: When everything that I hear on the radio starts to suck, Sarah Mac will continue to rock... rock in that mellow kind of way.
Blink 182
comments: Hah Hah. I love these guys, creating a trademark for themselves by running around naked. Terrific.

My favorite movies:

Sixteen Candles
comments: Matt Dillon as Jake Ryan in this 80's flick will continue stealing my heart until I'm 80 and when that movie starts playing on A&E as a classic.
comments: Made me think like a madwoman after I left the movie theater watching that. Pure genious.
Music From Another Room
comments: Jude Law is HOTT and this has got to be the most romantic flick ------ that I've ever seen.
Bridget Jones's Diary
comments: I liked it, partly because I'm going to be like her in a little over 10 years -- a chain smoker, alchoholic, fat thighs, and bad luck with men.

My favorite authors:

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