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I am an artist ! Movin as usual .. I like girls lots & lots (when they are not being evil which is NEVER). I am a freelance graphic designer, artist, illustrator, bla bla.. I think maybe a little venting could help at times so I am gonna try that.

... that is me in a nut shell. Tryin to avoid drama, but failing miserably. Wish me luck! Here I GO AGAIN!

My favorite diaries:

lauralgood profile - diary
comments: Very interesting thoughts you have there! Thanks for introducing me to this place!
daughters profile - diary
comments: Hope to get to know you much better! Love your poetry!

My favorite music:

Matchbox 20
comments: Love their music & lyrics. I can relate to so much of their STUFF!
comments: Love the SAX & the deep voice.. too bad he passed away just before I discovered them! VERY DEEP.
Counting Crows
comments: Just fucking fun! Go with your dread locks dude!
Ani Defranco
comments: Scream it girl.. I hear ya! Crazy bitch got me listening to her & well crazy bitches are crazy bitches.. gotta love them!
Live, Johnny Lang, Billie Holiday
comments: Too many to mention... Stevie Ray .. hell I could go on for days!

My favorite movies:

Interview With a Vampire
comments: I'd almost let Tom & Brad suck my little lesbian neck.
comments: Yes it is old but I have seen it like 30 times! & STILL love it!
The Firm
comments: Love Memphis, Love Tom Cruise, Love Lawyers ! It has it all!
Original Sin, Liar Liar (JIM Carey is the shiT!)
comments: Angelina is so hot in this movie & yes she can act (sometimes) who cares if she can not. I love lookin at her..
Girl Interrupted, Philladelphia, The Burbs (Tom Hanks rocks)
comments: I love Wynona or however you spell that .. love her just the same!

My favorite authors:

Anne Rice
comments: OK I am a sell out. I love VAMPS! but the erotica is what really hooked me!
John Grisham
comments: Can't be a lawyer without lovin him! He was a personal friend of the first lawyer I worked for...woohoo aren't I special?
Rob Thomas
comments: Hell he writes lyrics so he is an author .. LOVE HIM!
William Shakespear
comments: No I am not kidding .. so call me lame .. lol
Charles Dickens
comments: I have done extensive research on him including a trip to London .. ok that was for fun.. but I still done a presentation when I got back ..

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