a dozen toxic images strap us in position .

i;d sleep on broken glass if it meant i still had a handful of your genes in my pocket.

i;d leave your world to find a new one. who;s going to save yourself from danger? overdose with me, 'cause we both know i was never there for you.

My favorite diaries:

teekessel profile - diary
comments: ann: world class handball champion.
icarus01 profile - diary
comments: erin: i love it when she sings for me.
alarm-call profile - diary
comments: rina: the older sister i don;t barf talking to.
adarkthought profile - diary
comments: steph: she has 3 nipples & a bald patch.
psy-vamp profile - diary
comments: kimmie: mwah.
acidic-heart profile - diary
comments: kate: on top of her world.
topbunknoose profile - diary
comments: nick: caught you like a cold.
suicidespade profile - diary
comments: nick mk II: me & his penis have a date.
fauxpas- profile - diary
comments: alicia: one girl army.
adeadpulse profile - diary
comments: steph + ashley: this is how you breathe without a pulse.
inthesewalls profile - diary
comments: alicia + ashley: yeah so beat us, punks.

My favorite music:

the spill canvas
comments: rem. metallica. switchfoot. relient k. ani difranco. seether. socialburn. dispatch. q & not u. mad at gravity. chevelle. sleater-kinney. michael ball. vendetta red. my ruin. josh groban. kidney thieves. the beautiful mistake. alice cooper.
comments: semisonic. the gathering. sugarcult. no knife. metric. candle box. le tigre. flaw. everclear. foo fighters. radiohead. keepsake. ocean colour scene. therapy. fiona apple. inspection 12. train. norma jean. leftover crack.
snake river conspiracy
comments: smile empty soul. rammstein. lacuna coil. the eyeliners. something corporate. a perfect circle. placebo. theatre of tragedy. out of the grey. planes mistaken for stars. bjork. default. modest mouse. the clash. nirvana.
smashing pumpkins
comments: abandoned pools. faith & the muse. alexisonfire. tragically hip. fingertight. sarah mclachlan. unwritten law. ours. sense field. the yeah yeah yeahs. systematic. grade. the used. the story of the year. k's choice. the ramones. the distillers.
green day
comments: cursive. soul asylum. the cure. not by choice. the weakerthans. cocteau twins. kind of like spitting. flaming lips. copeland. sound garden. the faint. tears for fears. from autumn to ashes. pretty girls make graves. straylight run.

My favorite movies:

edward scissorhands
comments: johnny depp should be a permanent drag queen.
comments: the perfect friend.
comments: as close to being horror-fied as i think i;ll get.
requiem for a dream
comments: desperate for an end, but not that end.
comments: writing is blood through the veins like oxygen.

My favorite authors:

robert jordan
comments: the wheel of time (wot)
robin maxwell
comments: historical fiction (elizabeth I, anne boleyn)
james buxton
comments: pity.
sylvia plath
comments: "jealousy can open the blood. it can make black roses."
victor hugo
comments: les miserables.

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