_-| i am insane, and I LOVE ZIM! |-_

Hello, friends. I am a perfectly normal human wormbaby. You have nothing, absolutely nothing to fear of me; EXCEPT THE FACT THAT I AM IN SERIOUS NEED OF MENTAL HELP! YES! YES! IT'S TRUE! DON'T YOU DENY IT, SCAMBY! Who's Scamby, you ask? Why, she's Bambi's long lost cousin! She dies with flies! Slap?

LET IT BE KNOWN: I am aware that this entire profile was written in the style reminiscent of an 11-year-old. That's because I was 11 when I wrote this profile. As embarrassing and stupid as it is, it's been here since I had this diary, and the whole sentimentality of it all is just too much for me to change it for the sake of looking... well, smart. Just know I'm older and wiser now!

My favorite diaries:

kindred8317 profile - diary
comments: thankoo, sol, for the booooootyful layout... i like vewy much!!
ivorysky profile - diary
comments: i like the member name, i like the diary, i like the interests... 'nuf said.
bobzimgir profile - diary
comments: this is an awesome diary. it's like a continuation of a story, in an alien's view, and in a paranoid human's view. it's really awesome and interesting.
darksoulgoth profile - diary
comments: someone else with a zim template. [does a messed up dance]
fillercrissy profile - diary
comments: another zim fan... WHOOO
theweridgrl profile - diary
comments: one of my best buds ever!
audiophile16 profile - diary
comments: this is one of my best internet friends. she's real nice and funny.
lhrgirl profile - diary
comments: one of my best friends' diary! YAY!
lavendereyes profile - diary
comments: my dream diary. PLEASE do not ask... my dreams make absolutely no sense.
angelicdiva profile - diary
comments: this is another one of my best internet friends. really humorous, and... A ZIM OBSESSIVE!
sunshine831 profile - diary
comments: sol again. should be 18 or older to view this one.
invaderniz profile - diary
comments: a wonderfully spootyful zim diary! SPOOTY WOOTY PATOOTIE, I LOVE ZIMMYNESS!!
noisyghost profile - diary
comments: she put my on her favorites and left me two notes. not one, TWO! she also thinks i have something MORE than an obsession with zim. she's nice, and fluffy, and she reminds me of dancing doorknobs! CLICK THE LINK AND WORSHIP HER JELLYBEAN TOES!
mountainsong profile - diary
comments: lol
lilstarzy profile - diary
comments: one of my best buddies!! :o)
krikkett profile - diary
comments: i like!! they like too!!! man, i�m hot. �what does that have to do with anything?!�, �me and the squirrel are friends!�
fallinstarzz profile - diary
comments: this be like juice! like good juice! i like! i like!
massmasster profile - diary
comments: hair is beyond the normal quantity of bubble tape these days, and that is why i asked grandmaw and grandpaw to buy me windex for my cackling cookie dough hat. do you agree?
pushmeawaylp profile - diary
christonabun profile - diary
comments: nyeer her her her, i like lots ^^
theshrike profile - diary
comments: SHE�S BAAAAACK!! good as new!!! who could forget one of the greatest minds ever?! NOT ME!! HAHAHAHA! i is smarterish than you!!! W/B!!!!!
heismysin profile - diary
comments: can you say, �cool?�
eudoria profile - diary
comments: FEET!!! this is synonymous with head! cooldom!
gotgaz profile - diary
comments: do YOU got gaz? i do! right here on my list.
madjennykidd profile - diary
comments: yoooooo!!! how cool? BIG COOL!! you know it baby. wink wink.
vampyrate profile - diary
comments: DID we meet in a wal-mart?
missing-link profile - diary
comments: me likey journal me likey journal!

My favorite music:

The Beatles
comments: Picture yourself in a boat on a river, with tangerine trees and marmalade skies. Somebody calls you, you answer quite slowly, a girl with kaleidoscope eyes.
Frank Sinatra
comments: And guess who sighs his lullabies through nights that never end? My fickle friend, the summer wind.
The Rolling Stones
comments: She shoots her colors all around, like a sunset going down, have you seen a lady fairer?
The Beach Boys
comments: Wouldn't it be nice if we could wake up in the morning when the day is new?
The Postal Service
comments: Will someone please call a surgeon who can crack my ribs and repair this broken hear that you're deserting for better company?

My favorite movies:

South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut
comments: I adore you!!!
comments: Beautiful like whoa.
Lilo and Stitch
comments: I <3 Pleakley to death.
Beavis and Butt-Head Do America
comments: Really... do I even have to say anything?
Austin Powers Series
comments: Funny as hell... AND I LOVE YOU, SETH GREEN!

My favorite authors:

Lemony Snicket
comments: How unfortunate that I would love these books.
Jhonen Vasquez
comments: Love JtHM, Squee!, I Feel Sick, The Bad Art Collection, etc...
Louise Rennison
comments: I love Georgia, Libby, and Angus!
David Clement-Davies
comments: The Sight is my favorite book, Fire Bringer is pretty damn good, too.
Gail Carson Levine
comments: She autographed two of my books... I love her sense of fantasy!

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