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from christonabun :
Christonabun can now be found at Cheers!
from purplebanana :
I love your diary name!!
from vampyrate :
i love you...i would be happy to be your pet hamster if i could sleep in a TV dinner...on a more serious note, i get a strange sense of dejavu (i can't spell) while reading your diary, and i think i either know you from a past life, met you once in wal-mart, or you were one of my friends on a site called way, i'm adding you to my favorites before the chocolate flavoured ogres eat all of my shoes and i have to paint my room with shoe polish and leather...want a chalubee?
from icesk8rchica :
damn, damn, damn, damn! i've grown accustomed to her face! watership down is a good book oh yes it is! well doubles and i are gonna have sweet lovin tonight since we haven't done that for a while. mkay? mr. mackey is so sexy! i know. the way he says mkay. i'm a big blubberhead! dansy i love you, won't you pay for my dinner tonight! you swerve narrowly avoiding THE SCARY DOOR! it was your first wife who liked lilacs! she also liked to SHUT UP! bender and all the sex jokes! haha! pop six squish uh uh cicero lipschitz. pop six SQUISH uh uh cicero lipschitz! acting rocks my clock. i wuff youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu! <3
from hamiltonian :
I really like your journal.
from theshrike :
I'm still keeping an eye on you. ^_^ Keep updating, puh-leeze.
from christonabun :
I'm still here. I'm just quiet. Oh, congrats on the vegatarian thing. I'm gonna eat a rat!
from dead-sarah :
sweetness! I didn't know you liked Louise Rennison! Everyone should read angus, thongs, and full-frontal snogging! And the rest of them! Yay!!!!!! I love them lol!
from gotgaz :
Albany, New York. haha I laugh at you...but seriously thats messed up because we live in the same state
from gotgaz :
tell me you bought the IZ dvd. we are comrads when it comes to these things WE MUST STICK TOGETHER...ok whatever...I AM GOVERNMENT MAN I COME FROM THE GOVERNMENT!
from dead-sarah :
Hey, I joined your ring save-zim. I don't know if you know but on the nicktoons channel (like the second one) at 8:30pm (my time lol) it comes on. I really love that show... <3 Dead-Sarah
from gotgaz :
im sorry but ze mole is mine;) he is my sexy, sexy french lover. me and him and jeff stinco...;)
from supergal1530 :
aw man, that sucks. directv rocks! but zim does too. bring back zim!
from supergal1530 :
i so agree with you, it sucks that invader zim was cancelled. but i have some good news. there's a channel called nicktoons, and they play invader zim at 4:30pm on saturdays, and at 8:30am on sundays.
from luckydreamz :
Hi, Jess. How come I'm not on your list of diaries?
from sunshine831 :
Stupid biatches...let me at them. I can set them straight :D
from gotgaz :
yeah, my bf is a HUGE south park fan and he just noticed that too. "where is your god, where is your beautiful, mercifal faggot now?" lol
from gotgaz :
oh you lie jack off jill i didnt even notice that, they kick ass!
from gotgaz :
i go home now mind your buissness bus slave!
from gotgaz :
OH GUESS WHAT MY BF BOUGHT ME FOR X-MAS!? all the IZ eps. on dvd and it has the unaired ones too.
from gotgaz :
HA! i like the comment you put about me on your profile. (and yes...i DO got gaz.) lol, yeah its my nickname in skool and has been since the show started so....yeah BUT dib's my husband ;)
from sithness :
Like omgomogmogmogmg...Sorry. I tend to act like a n00b when I'm happy. You love The Sight? And FireBringer? Yeah!!
from gotgaz :
..out of curiosity, how old are you. im 15
from gotgaz :
sorry i left you a message under the wrong name (livenomore) ok im adding you to THIS list of faves.
from livenomore :
YOU KICK ASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!! but how long have you been a fan of jhonen's comix and stuff? im adding you to my faves.
from ivorysky :
You have to get at least one of the "A Series of Unfortunate Events" on audio...the music is awesome. o_0 Oh yeah, my new diary is at Later. -cyn
from biscut :
hi there. hate to bother you, but the image for the save zim! diaryring in not working. do you know why? -biscut
from luckydreamz :
Hi! It's Casey!
from ziploc-raver :
I love Invader Zim, Spongebob, and A Series of Unfortunate Events too! Nice Layout! Bye!
from lilstarzy :
there! settled now! sunflower, we all love you. lol email me plz
from nycprinceza :
hey dis is my fake life diary can u make one for Desire Fontaine, Alise Fleming, or Usnaki Sedenkova? those are my fake life bffs. lol email me and ill give u the details
from christonabun :
OMG! Did you see it? Gaz fixed Tak's spaceship! But where is Tak?!? OMG, I just said OMG! Do you think it was the last one? I'll just die! OMG!
from bleakvisions :
Man..someone's more insane than she lets on, right Mr. E? Ahaha!
from christonabun :
I forgot - thank you for the Dib's closet thingie, tis neat. Also, I just filled out your survey, tis neat as well. You're funny like.
from christonabun :
Hey, is this thing on? Oh. Just started my new diary under Christonabun(Oh, wait, it tells you that...oops). Anyway, I'll be posting on a daily basis again since I decided to give life a try again. By the way, you were right - that Super Sumo show sucks most terribly. Bah. -Chris
from massmasster :
WhoooHooo! Oh, sorry. Just caught up on your diary (I've been out of town) and I must say that YOU SHOULD NOT SEND THESE PEOPLE MONEY! I'm sure you already knew that, since you found that e-mail funny (which it was) , but still... But, away from that subject - my diary is messed up! When I go to it, there's nothing there. I sent the people at Diaryland an e-mail, but they have yet to reply. I'll probably just start a new one, since that part of my life is over, anyway. If I do, it'll be under the name CEW0546, which is my new screen name. It'll have much Zim 'n stuff, I'm sure. By the way - is Zim even on TV anymore? I live in Kentucky, so I don't know these things. Thankfully I have most of them on my computer. Much love and destruction, Chris.
from noisyghost :
Me... again. -_-;; I'm a Pisces, too... And this girl I know online that acts like you is named Danielle, and lives in New York. I am very creeped out now and I'm sure you are to by all my pointless creepy creeped-out ramblings... I shall leave you alone now. -_-;
from noisyghost :
you are so much like one of my friends online that it is INSANEEE... o_o I'm just new here and saw you were on the Zim ring ^_^ I'm going to go read your diary now ^______^ And your name is cool- I have an unhealthy obsession with pillows... ~ Noisy, who doesn't know you...
from pillowsrock :
^_^ Thanks, Sol.
from sunshine831 :
You know I always read your diary and its always manages to put a smile on my face, even if you are a little bit sad you always have soemthing funny in it. You are so cool, don't you EVER forget that!!! And that whiny prissy girl who got her poor little hand hurt in gym? Well she sucks, just thought I would write that:-) Toodles like poodles...o oh your insanity is starting to rub off on me !!!!
from srch-n-dstry :
Do as the prompt tells you to do and remember: Search And Destroy.
from ivorysky :
B.U.M. does suck. Zim rulez! O_o - cyn
from sunshine831 :
Hey you, sorry your day today was so sucky. I still remember the first time I ever got detention, I sort of went through some of the same feelings. Though I can't say I know what it feels like to be you since I am not you. People expect a lot from you cause you are a wonderful person. Thats all. The pressure gets to you, thats okay. Just hang in there, it'll get better.
from audiophile16 :
Hey, what's your name and how old R U? My name is Danielle and I am 12 years old. I live in Cincinnati Ohio. I really like Invader Zim too! We should get in touch sometime! See my diary and e-mail me. [email protected] PLEASE e-mail me! C-ya!
from kindred8317 :
hey I just read your las two entries. Very inspirational...made me feel much better reading your diary...thanks. Sol give your brother a hug fo rme if you can...I miss him...
from sunshine831 :
hey its sol. i will give you a password soon. i just have some stuff to fix in my journal...the template is all screwed up for some reason, as soon as I get it working you will have access to it. I also wanted to let you know that I know what its like to be the one with straight a's and feel left out for more reasons than I can name right now. You seem to know whats important in life and that is all that matters. i wish i could tell you that most boys grow up to be less immature but they don't, at least not all of them. But its not so will get used to it. Oh and I wish i could've been in your gym class today, it would have been awesome.
from pillowsrock :
i REEK of boredom, teehee. feel free to let your comments fly.. though i doubt most read my diary in the first place.. [smirk] lol, j/k.

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