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(i've just started updating this diary again after forgetting about it for more than 8 years, but this summary still sounds pretty good.) I'm not good at writing short summaries about myself. It's hard to put all I know about myself into a short paragraph just so some lazy bastard can go through and read it while at work instead of looking at porn because his/her boss just went by. Hey, I have nothing against porn. I like it. It stimulates the mind and body. I'm just bitter because I'm not a porn star.

Boy, that tells you aaaaaaall about me.

My favorite diaries:

unclebob profile - diary
comments: I mean...c'mon. You either know or you don't. If you don't...shame on you.
daniel-boone profile - diary
comments: My buddy Daniel's diary. He makes occasional references to me, so I like it. (i let him know that it's still up, but he's too embarrassed to even check it. oh well)
gizmo29 profile - diary
comments: Daniel says she's a lot like me, but I don't think I drink as much. (how times do change, at least with respect to drinking)
littlewhip profile - diary
comments: She rambles a lot, as the title of her diary explains.
okii profile - diary
comments: It's my old one. It kind of...died, so I just left it be and started this one. I like my new name better anyhow. (i started this one in high school, it's still on webarchive if you're interested at all. i was a sick little bastard.)
imnalcoholic profile - diary
comments: sometimes i wonder if he's really my older brother. they sound almost exactly alike.
fuckxthis profile - diary
comments: to the point.
stepfordtart profile - diary
comments: it seems like she's linked to every active member of the site. and she's really funny.
ohell profile - diary
eatmorpizza profile - diary
jarofporter profile - diary
silverywhite profile - diary
akira profile - diary

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