I am one with the universe and the universe is one with me.

Purplefinch. Keeping things real since 2001.

(Purplefinches are actually red.)

Stick around for the evolution. Perhaps the question will finally be answered: What does my virginity have to do with the grand scheme of the universe. All this and the everything that makes me happysad.

My favorite diaries:

haptotrope profile - diary
comments: Truly an inspiration, my swimsuit buddy, my sexual opposite and fellow survivor catholic school.
cubiclegirl profile - diary
comments: Mass. Squared.
august-x profile - diary
comments: the plays (abcd or e?), the boys, and the drama of X. She keeps up with me, and that's irresistable.
unchbunch profile - diary
comments: 33 years old and a virgin, and my hero.
ratboy77 profile - diary
comments: dude, rats rock. 'nuff said.
amiblue profile - diary
comments: He'll always be lovily in whiteface, even if he never updates. The father of my kitties. Miss him.
mzauberman profile - diary
comments: Let's be honest... he never bores me. Not once.
ghostlight profile - diary
comments: life is too short to work this long, don't you think, August?
jackpage profile - diary
comments: "a ship without a rutter's like a ship without a rutter's like a ship without a rutter..."
brotherchaos profile - diary
comments: He's a veg and likes magnetic poetry, just like me!
squintt profile - diary
naivecurve profile - diary

My favorite music:

Bare Naked Ladies
comments: "I say I want someone else to stand behind me and write it all down 'cuz I can't be bothered doing it myself and I don't want the responsiblity of proving it's importance"
comments: The Cure, STP, Weezer, DMB, Ryan Adams, Pete Yorn
Billy Joel
comments: "It is always what our situation hands us, it's either sadess or euphoria"
Dashboard Confessional
comments: "I'm talented with reason, I cover all the angles. I can fail before I ever try." "My hopes are so high that your kiss might kill me. So won't you kill me?"
Janis Ian
comments: Simon and Garfunkel, Joni Mitchell, Tori Amos, Fiona Apple, Ella, Pizzacato 5

My favorite movies:

Princess Bride
comments: Anything Mel Brooks or Monte Python
Tank Girl
comments: Star Wars, The Abyss
Requiem for a Dream
comments: and PI,
American Beauty
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
comments: The Neverending Story, Sleeping Beauty, My Fair Lady, The Dark Crystal, and other relics from my childhood.

My favorite authors:

D. H. Lawrence
comments: genius and my new hero
comments: David Ives, Kushner, Friel, Peter brook, and Beckett --my main man
Pablo Neruda
comments: William Carlos Williams, John Donne, Frost, Ginsberg
Joseph Campbell
comments: "Follow your bliss"
Edward Abbey
comments: reading him feels like talking to a good friend, a soul mate

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