the suicide diaries

"i dont need an education...i learned all i need from you..."

"holding back the years, thinking of the fears i've had for so long..."

My favorite diaries:

suicidebook profile - diary
comments: my stuff
doveshotdown profile - diary
comments: too much like me, its scary...very scary.
imnotjewish profile - diary
comments: her words are amazing.
jonah profile - diary
comments: just another soul.
killingyou profile - diary
comments: fantastic!
mylatenight profile - diary
comments: she is now here ---> but read her on DL anyway!
thefallofart profile - diary
comments: one more just like the rest...
faded-desire profile - diary
stolentearz profile - diary
poptrashbrat profile - diary
comments: this is 'doveshotdown'. i think he's brillant.
iamsorry profile - diary
comments: such a beautiful person
cautionary profile - diary
comments: beautiful words. beautiful heart.
overtaken profile - diary
comments: why must we all be so sad? is that what we were meant for?
whodied profile - diary
comments: BRILLIANT!
whicheither profile - diary
comments: ie "jonah"
lyndal-g profile - diary
comments: a fan! :) not of me...but of my mind! ie suicidebook.diaryland...
anotherwish profile - diary
comments: another fan! :)
aloneibleed profile - diary
comments: fans make the world go 'round! they love my madness!
canosmyth profile - diary
comments: reminds me of the country i love but can't be in
Heraghty profile - diary
comments: he's so handsome!

My favorite music:

the sounds,
comments: le tigre, fischerspooner, phoenix, ova looven, ivy, the rapture, the faint, sparta, interpol, soviet,
i love you but i've choosen darkness,
comments: stevie nicks!, Miss Kylie Minouge!, prince, death cab, [and]postal service, bjork, the police, richard ashcroft
miss Billie Holiday,
comments: arab strapp, royksopp, deuce project, bright eyes, junior senior!, Bowie!, pixies, josh rouse, Mr. Marvin Gaye!

My favorite movies:

million dollar hotel
comments: something about crazy people and mila, it fits my mind
5th element
comments: because i'd like to believe in an apocalyptic world there is love?!?
Almost Famous
comments: i identify with penny lane too often in this movie...i watched it every day for 6 months straight...back when i had the time to be depressed
Empire Records
comments: because diet pills and suicide always end up saving music in the real world! i swear...oh yea and love too.
The Goonies
comments: basically because i'm an archaeologist, and this movie is "indian jones" for the youth...i like "Inidana Jones" movies too...

My favorite authors:

Mervyn Peake
comments: look him up...
Charles Bukowski
comments: the greatest pervert ever! cheers!
comments: the stranger

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