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I'm special. Read me. Meow.

My favorite diaries:

secondclass profile - diary
comments: The funniest mo' fo' around. And he just so happens to be my husband.
killercookie profile - diary
comments: One of the only friends I had in high school. Such a sweet, fashionable little kitty!
a2zehme profile - diary
comments: All the Amy-ness you can handle from an old high school friend.
nools profile - diary
comments: My friend of over seven years, who's lucky enough to live in Australia.
leonmcphelps profile - diary
comments: The awesomeness of Leon and all his "friends."
artesano profile - diary
comments: Always hilarious. Always insightful. Just watch out for the harem.
translucid profile - diary
comments: Sweet, intelligent, funny, and feels my pain. Make that my pain, times a trillion.
hardlyasaint profile - diary
comments: Hardly a saint, my ass. She's the kindest soul I think I'll ever encounter.
idiot-milk profile - diary
comments: Found her diary in a desperate search for funniness. And, my, oh my... she never disappoints!
dishdeter profile - diary
comments: Wonderfully funny writing. Don't judge it on the lack of design.
wicked-sezzy profile - diary
comments: She's always made me laugh, so she deserves to be here.
golfwidow profile - diary
comments: But really, who doesn't love golfwidow and her pussy shots?
tiendasexo profile - diary
comments: She almost makes me want to go out and find a job at a sex store. Almost.
imandra profile - diary
comments: If it wasn't for the fact that she lives far away, I'd swear I know her.
panjandrum profile - diary
comments: Her layout makes me calm. Her words make me smile.
thisendup profile - diary
comments: Wacky and wordy, eh? Sounds familiar.
kristintracy profile - diary
comments: New to the list, so far I like her writing style and humour.
jerkcomics profile - diary
comments: These guys are nerds, kind of like me.
tempchallnge profile - diary
comments: They have challenges. For templates. Template Challenge, y'see?
diaryquotes profile - diary
comments: Back in the day, I was a member. I swear I used to be funny.
mom-on-roof profile - diary
comments: "My Little Goth Girl" brought me here... and brought a tear to my eye.

My favorite music:

Bette Midler
comments: The Divine Miss M. My idol. I've always wanted her voice and her wonderful comedic timing.
The Beatles
comments: R.E.M, The Cure, Pearl Jam, The Cranberries, No Doubt, Nick Cave, VNV Nation, Smashing Pumpkins, Save Ferris, The Doors, Green Day, Me First And The Gimme Gimmes, The White Stripes, The Rolling Stones, Tears For Fears, Fleetwood Mac, Oingo Boingo,
Harry Connick Jr.
comments: System Of A Down, Cher, Nine Inch Nails, Janis Joplin, Nirvana, Queen, The Violent Femmes, Depeche Mode, Eric Clapton, Jane's Addiction, Blondie, David Bowie, The Offspring, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Pixies, Joan Jett, Cyndi Lauper,
comments: Radiohead, Duran Duran, Weezer, Tenacious D, Placebo, Moby, Wolfsheim, A-Ha, Culture Club, Madonna, Daft Punk, Less Than Jake, Brian Setzer (and the Stray Cats), Squirrel Nut Zippers, Natalie Merchant, LUXT, Stone Temple Pilots, Kittie...
comments: I'm such a theater freak, I can't get enough showtunes. My favorite stuff is from Cabaret, Evita, RENT, and Phantom Of The Opera, plus various other shows.

My favorite movies:

Stand By Me
comments: It's been my favorite movie for as long as I can remember. Actually, I swear it's the first movie that ever made a deep impression on me as child. It will most likely always be in my top five because of that.
Dirty Dancing
comments: Yeah, yeah, yeah... So, it's not the best piece of cinema. But I've seen it more than any other out there. Who didn't love watching Patrick Swaze dancing in those tight black pants?
Walking and Talking
comments: Not many people have seen this movie, yet it's so awesome. I somehow relate to every character. Oddness.
comments: Wow. I worshipped this movie for the longest time. I could quote the entire movie. I wanted to be Acid Burn. And a threesome with Zero Cool and Cerial Killer sure did sound nice...
The Lost Boys
comments: A guilty pleasure of mine. I've seen it a million times. I seriously believe watching this movie as a youngster sparked my fascination with vampires. Okay, I admit, it's a bit of a fetish, really.

My favorite authors:

William Shakespeare
comments: Yet again, cliche. But, seriously, I can't get enough. Someday I plan to be speaking his lines on a stage.
Edgar Allen Poe
comments: Fascinating to me. I keep a huge book of all of his work next to my bed.
Harper Lee
comments: To Kill A Mockingbird made such a huge impression on me when I read it years ago. The movie was also incredible.
F. Scott Fitzgerald
comments: The Great Gatsby was one of those novels that you thank the school system for forcing you to read. I've always adored it.
Stephen King
comments: I'm a junkie for his stuff. My favorite has got to be The Stand. I remember finding the curiously large hardcover on my mothers shelf and not being able to stop reading it.

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