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Damn the man, save the empire

My favorite diaries:

pizzelle profile - diary
comments: "I almost saw symbolism for about...two seconds, when I suddenly realized that it had nothing to do with anything at all."
fellbehind profile - diary
comments: "And sometimes you break up because your relationship is an abomination that makes the baby Jesus cry."
majikmushrum profile - diary
comments: "i bought this super cool cherry jumper for a dollar"
lass profile - diary
comments: "some man patted me on the head and said "what pretty red hair" to which my 3-old-self replied "if you touch me again you're gonna get it". "
Tithonus profile - diary
comments: "Listen, Mark Knopfler, I know the chances you are reading this aren't terribly high, but just on the off chance I wanted to say, you rock."
Squeeky profile - diary
comments: "Also, far too many skanks roaming around in wings claiming to be fairies. Listen sister, I am not sure what kind of dust you are peddling, but this chick don't want none of it!"
pink-pearls profile - diary
comments: "if I do say so myself my cleavage is outstanding today"
fag-got profile - diary
comments: "I AM SATAN. (I want a boyfriend)."
katlitter profile - diary
comments: "the world doesn't need- nor does it want- you for its ruler. We've got Posh Spice and the Dalai Lama"
shutupmom profile - diary
regz profile - diary
comments: "having sex changes your sleep pattern in some fundamental way, which in turn causes you to injure yourself during sleep"
jason75 profile - diary
comments: "My betting record isnt at all good but I am always up for a challenge. Unlike Kenny Rogers I dont know when to walk away."
leyla-moon profile - diary
comments: "not being my usual debt free self makes me feel uncomfortable"
gypped profile - diary
comments: "I believe that hip hop is beautiful."
fu-fu profile - diary
comments: "I've never bought anything from IKEA nor been to an IKEA in person and lately I find myself on their website looking at all the cool shit and wishing I was a Swede."
mechanica profile - diary
comments: She's dumb and british, that's all you need to know
avantbedroc profile - diary
comments: "what happens on new years anyway?"
aussois profile - diary
comments: "I love caffeine and chocolate"
wallofmyroom profile - diary
comments: Danny has too much time on his hands
kitty-kaboom profile - diary
comments: "Mushroom, MUSHROOM!!!!!"
alarm-call profile - diary
comments: "I've considered wwmfd?"
smoketheburn profile - diary
comments: is it like *puts mask on* "AH-HA! at last, with this mask on i shall finally be able to unleash my super sexual powers !"
betholindo profile - diary
comments: "The poor guy, he probably looks forward to the occasional stony silence that accompanies my PMS"
parlance profile - diary
comments: "The real question of the day is -- do you like ice cream better in cones, or bowls? "
broodling profile - diary
comments: "Of course, the only reason I'm here is to better stalk the lovely Ash Bo Bash."
asper-gen profile - diary
comments: "I remember thinking the older girls looked so cool with their denim cut-offs, fishnets, hypercolour t-shirts tied in a knot at the side, and more lycra than you could poke a stick at."
chikkapow profile - diary
comments: "Because it is my first entry do i have to say some gay shit like "welcome to my journal read about me in my profile"?"
arthurgeorge profile - diary
comments: "They went in and just said that they where mates of dollce so we did the same, then 10mins later dollce comes in and says that she aint never seen me in her life and can i get out of her house"
trillion profile - diary
comments: "I was going to tell you all a story here about my heroic behaviour at the pub the other night, but I've just realised I'm late for class"

My favorite music:

beastie boys
comments: Ben Folds - Cypress Hill - Beck - Death in Vegas - Good Buddha
ben lee
comments: Fiona Apple - Crowded House - Tribe called Quest - The Herd
comments: Human Nature - Ben Kweller - Missy Elliot - Maya Jupiter - Christina Aguilera
comments: ben harper and the innocent criminals - Jeff Buckley - Frenzal Rhomb - Don McLean
michael franti & spearhead
comments: Kasey Chambers - Noise Addict - Michael Jackson - Laura Imbruglia - Madonna

My favorite movies:

fight club
comments: The Rules of Attraction - Trainspotting - Pretty in Pink - Life is Beautiful - X-men - Snatch - Willy Wonka - Boys Don't Cry
high fidelity
comments: Y Tu Mama Tambien - Reality Bites - The Abyss - Gattaca - Annie Hall - Billy Elliot - Run Lola Run - Alice in wonderland
comments: The Breakfast Club - American Beauty - My Girl 1 & 2 - Bad horror films - Bridget Jones' Diary - Pippi Longstocking - Edward Scissorhands
requiem for a dream
comments: Thelma & Louise - Empire Records - American Psycho - Mermaids - 4 weddings and a funeral - Drop Dead Fred - Some kind of wonderful
donnie darko
comments: Halloween(all) - Forrest Gump - Romeo & Juliet - Frida - The Royal Tennenbaums - Wizard of Oz - Wedding Singer - Ferris Bueller's Day Off

My favorite authors:

chuck palahniuk
comments: Nick Hornsby, Bret Easton Ellis
adam davies
comments: Jeffery Eugenides, Shakespeare
Louisa May Alcott
comments: Bryce Courtney, Roald Dahl
L.M Montgomery
comments: Lewis Carroll, Merlina Marchetta
Helen Fielding
comments: Irvine Welsh, Patricia Cornwell

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