Soldier Girl's Field Journal

Wear Battle Dress Uniforms (BDUs), eat Meals Ready to Eat (MRE) and love camping outdoors.

My favorite diaries:

giallothang profile - diary
comments: Her life reads like a whirlwind of change and chaotic activities. Gotta admire the party hardy woman.
erato profile - diary
comments: Talented writer and poet. Fluid and mystical. Nice picture and site layout. One of the best writers on Diaryland. Her silence a mystery.
dead-dog profile - diary
comments: Young, cute thang in Texas. Intense. Talented and funny. Cool pictures of knee high combat boots. Like the leather & laces. Could use them as a tourniquet or to tow someone in case of emergency.
angelkate profile - diary
comments: She posts recipes and celebrates Flag Day. Patriotic Betty Crocker. Seems sweet.
poet-collab profile - diary
comments: Poetry Collaboration with a new theme each month, before it ended in March of this year.
crowhihs profile - diary
comments: Direct, easy-to-read journal, humorous
mousepoet profile - diary
comments: Great Filipino writer. Very fluid and detailed. Great use of word choice and descriptions.
feeorin profile - diary
comments: Poor dear is trying to give up smoking. Good writer.
bumblebumble profile - diary
comments: Cute little picture (what can be seen) of her. Like the blend of poetry, lyrical verse, and journal entries.
tosborne profile - diary
comments: He is a fantastic writer with excellent prose, extensive use of vocabulary and vivid descriptions. Always a pleasure to read and understand a sometimes different point-of-view. Never a disappointment.
pitbullshark profile - diary
comments: Latest diary of tosborne. Faithful on-line friend, great writer!

My favorite music:

comments: Unique song writing, doesn't conform to standards
comments: Started the grunge, alternative movement
Joan Osborne
comments: Soulful, "Relish" is one of my favorite albums
comments: Chrissie voice
Sarah M.
comments: Intelligent lyrics and musical arrangements, not enough can be written about the devine Sarah McLachlan

My favorite movies:

Girl Interrupted
comments: Loved the dynamics between actresses Angelina Jolie and Riona Ryder. "Lisa" reminded me of a childhood friend Cindy
Life as a House
comments: Interaction between father and son kept my interest
Artificial Intelligence (AI)
comments: Thought-provoking, fantastic special effects of robots (Mecha); tearful but happy ending.
Kissing Jessica Stein
comments: Surprisingly funny, witty, sad, and clever in places. Can't believe how well it's been accepted by the mainstream (straight) public.
Mulholland Drive
comments: Surreal, special effects, mood shift and change, puzzling, compassionate, and a little spice of lesbian sex.

My favorite authors:

C.S. Lewis
comments: Intelligent, witty, friend of Tolkien
J.R. Tolkien
comments: Crafty, intelligent, active imagination
Donna Tart
comments: Gotta admire a writer who goes nucking futs after writing her first novel. She's pretty hot.

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