Life and Love @ ground zero

i cannot be what i am not, i cannot change what i have done; but i can be true to what i am, and change myself for the better. this is the start of something vastly new and superior. my life now - and what came before - are radically different. i have walked the path of fire and pain to redemption, i know the hardship of loss...but when the smoke clears there is room to build anew...and build we must. stronger, better, smarter...this is life and love at ground zero and beyond. come in and see the renovations!

My favorite diaries:

seadragon profile - diary
comments: my old old chapter in my life...a good read nonetheless...
jellehbelleh profile - diary
comments: ...beyond an upturned aspen leaf...sings praise to the sun...[Sensate]

My favorite music:

comments: see also: maryilin manson, nitzer ebb, tool
comments: "...some folks say that smokin' herb is a crime..."
chemical brothers
comments: fatboy slim, crystal method, prodigy, mark ferrina, marcus wyatt, etc.
anything motown

My favorite movies:

Fight Club
comments: you have to realize that some day you will die...until you know that, you are useless..." see also: Seven, American History X
The Thing
comments: see also: alien, aliens, re-animator, dagon, hellraiser, nightmare on elm st., phantasm, the shining
Half Baked
comments: "my doctor says i need a backiotomy" ... "butterstuff...butternutz..." see also: road trip, waiting for guffman, spinal tap, best in show...
comments: see also: ghost in the shell, any and all miyazaki, evangelion, FLCL, blood, vampire hunter D, COWBOY BEBoP
City of Lost Children
comments: delicatessan, the professional, blue, white, red, audition

My favorite authors:

H.P. Lovecraft
comments: early horror...dark...creepy...
Stephan Hawking
comments: quantum theory and the theory of everything
Michael Moorcock
comments: Elric, Nomad of the Timestreams...alternity and parallel dimensions...neat stuff...
Kahlil Gibran
comments: The Prophet, Spirits Rebellious...profound writing...
William Gibson
comments: cool science fiction and cyberpunk stuff...ahead of its time...

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