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This is my 5th attempt at trying a diary. But this time I'm pretty sure I'll do it. I've overcome the fear of strangers, and I need a space to vent/practice writing/put my thoughts down somewhere safe for future reference in my book and movie about my life story.

My favorite diaries:

surlygurl profile - diary
comments: She's from the fickle lands of michigan, so she's ok in my book
steviek profile - diary
comments: she's living the life i want to live in chicago
chatnoire profile - diary
comments: also from michigan. unfortunately for me, not anymore.
riatsala profile - diary
comments: so much fun!
funjules profile - diary
comments: good taste in music :)
hevens2 profile - diary
comments: i think i should be more like her
deviousdina profile - diary
comments: too cool for words
glitter-bomb profile - diary
comments: she gave me my handle
skypie profile - diary
comments: i miss our late night talks, too.
ris-que profile - diary
comments: i have to clean my monitor every day because of this girl
cerebrate profile - diary
comments: from years past
wicked1969 profile - diary
comments: few people can match her wit
lynnbomb profile - diary
comments: brand new mommy
rebookie profile - diary
comments: i miss you
c-kitty21 profile - diary
comments: an admirable mother
fwtallgirl profile - diary
comments: i could say the same thing she said about me
plumwine profile - diary
comments: it's about time i figured out where your diary was!
mollyx profile - diary
comments: I've been looking for her for so long!
subversive profile - diary
comments: It's about time I figured out where your diary was!
msalannah profile - diary
prologue profile - diary
bunnyhug profile - diary
c-mcnasty profile - diary
minimoog profile - diary
dustygrrl profile - diary
seabird78 profile - diary
potatofucker profile - diary
tryingtobe profile - diary
comments: car is one of the most caring, honest, and responsible people i've ever met (and I'm happy I get to say that!). She's the perfect example of what humans can and should be.
polishstreak profile - diary
comments: what's not to like? wise, witty, wonderful (she's deserving of alliteration)
pharie profile - diary
comments: a new favorite...a brave girl

My favorite music:

Dave Matthews
comments: I feel no need to explain myself
Ani Difranco
John Mayer
Frank Sinatra

My favorite movies:

Blow Up
comments: 60's movie
American Beauty
comments: Its just good
Tommy Boy
comments: we all have to laugh
Time Code
comments: Fabulous cinematography
Forrest Gump
comments: it has everything

My favorite authors:

Barbara Kingsolver
Dr. Seuss

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