Seduction of Dreams

They steal the night,

incandescent in desire.

Secretly they claim,

their forbidden love


My favorite diaries:

concerted profile - diary
comments: I'm taking him a book to feel alive. To feel I'm doing something beyond breathing. So I can look in his eyes and say "I thought you might enjoy this"
lv2write00 profile - diary
comments: "I tried desperately to focus on her� to see the person standing in front of me, but it was no use. All I saw was a giant DIET COKE� with my girlfriend/ same-sex partner/lady-lover/meal-ticket/beverage-of-choice�s head on top"
toshchaya profile - diary
comments: "I am happy with myself, I love being me, and I see myself years to come in a merely matured version of who I am today. I know my virtues and I know my weaknesses."
shutupmom profile - diary
wllybere profile - diary
comments: "I guess what it boils down to is that there really isn't anyone who blows my skirt up" ~ Its easy to get drawn into Paige's world.. very easy.
evil-edna profile - diary
comments: "I didn't start out as a strong person, but I ended up that way"
ninabean profile - diary
comments: "Dear diary, I'm happy :) "
idiot-milk profile - diary
comments: "Specfuckingtacular!"
biensoul profile - diary
bebelua profile - diary
jettemarie profile - diary
comments: I have only just started reading her, but something in her words speak to my soul.
xxstarinajar profile - diary
dreamngshdow profile - diary
comments: "I officially hate being awake, so if I must partake in this unpreferred state, I'll make you suffer with me."
stainedpages profile - diary
comments: "Who are we to take control?"
anthropoe profile - diary
comments: "and i wonder if all these things that i keep myself busy with, are they to keep me from falling into myself?"
sood profile - diary
comments: beautiful poetry
a-sad-truth profile - diary
comments: "That "asshole" is my husband," She replied. (A great read, wonderfully humourous)
raven72d profile - diary
comments: I've never read a diary of someone who so completely knew what they wanted. It intrigues me.
unsentletter profile - diary
comments: A beautiful online collection of the things we wish we could say face to face.
transcend profile - diary
comments: "We are reunited, the spirit of loneliness and the comfort I take in the silence of the stars, moon, and small hours of the morning."
kalria profile - diary
comments: "got wolf whistled at, gave the guy my "you fucking do that again and i will rip your balls off and eat them for breakfast" look"
daises profile - diary
comments: Such beautiful thoughts
not-tuesday profile - diary
comments: Have you ever seen such a fantastic template, i mean REALLY! I love reading her too.
smoog profile - diary
comments: fantastic!!
it-guy profile - diary
comments: Go on, take a peek...
rainforme profile - diary
comments: such eloquence
razberryjam profile - diary

My favorite music:

Mowtown and Soul
comments: Love soothing music
Sinatra and the Rat Pack
comments: I am a big fan of that generation of music. I'd live there if I could.
comments: I just love that Spanish guitar
Guns and Roses
comments: I dont NEED to explain.. I love Axle and I love Slash.. the end
comments: When I just need good ol'fashioned Rock n' Roll

My favorite movies:

Princess Bride
comments: "Stop rhyming now I mean it!" "Anybody wanna peanut?"
The Love Letter
comments: A quiet movie about love in small towns, very watchable
comments: Yes.. ANY of the animated films. Im a Disney freak. sorry.
comments: Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Back to the Future, all the favourites!
The Usual Suspects
comments: I can watch this film time after time and still love the ending.

My favorite authors:

Barbara Erskine
comments: Historical Romance, storylines to escape into..
comments: Self-Explanatory
comments: She wrote a book that opens my eyes to how fortunate I really am
Margaret Atwood
comments: Handmaids Tale is a MUST READ!!!
Pat Barker
comments: The Regeneration Trilogy

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