For you I came to forsake

Lay wide despise and hate

I sing of you in my demented songs

For you and your stimulations

My favorite diaries:

alkalinetrio profile - diary
comments: Starts with a B... Ends with a B... (ten seconds, bob)
chanaka profile - diary
comments: trial and error
gallinula profile - diary
comments: down on the gulf coast livin' "la vida surreal" and living to tell about it
xdamagedx profile - diary
comments: yeah
lady-is-j profile - diary
comments: Hi, Jen!
lucidmemory profile - diary
comments: it's BOB! part two, and that kicks ass
chrupemokid profile - diary
comments: another sometime blatherskite, unless i'm mistaken
observations profile - diary
comments: only one entry left standing, but currenty better than the real thing, because i was gonna be damned if i ever sent money to the guy lookng down his nose at the people in a position to underwrite his adventures...screw that
as-i-slept profile - diary
steeltrain profile - diary
ashesraven profile - diary
tristisest profile - diary
comments: More Jen...which is good
lullabyecure profile - diary

My favorite music:

comments: " you worthless bitch, you fickle shit, you would spit on me, you would make me spit"
Joy Division
comments: "a cloud hangs over me, marks every move..."
The Cure
comments: to wish impossible things
The Damned
comments: Yeah, i said it's alright, you know i won't forget
The Misfits
comments: I remember Halloween

My favorite movies:

The Prophecy
comments: You should come to work for me Thomas, upstairs, nice Catholic boy like you, i could get you in. Nobody tells you when to go to bed, you can have ice cream anytime you like, and you get to KILL all day and all night, JUST LIKE AN ANGEL!!
24-Hour Party People
comments: Love will tear us apart
The Crow
comments: "Here, here's a quick impression for ya, 'CAW! CAW! BANG! FUCK! I'm dead!"
Waking Life
comments: "....and so, let my own lack of a voice be heard" (anybody got a match?)
Lost Highway
comments: 'Tell me you want me, Pete." (i want you, i want you) "you'"

My favorite authors:

comments: " was Sulla's epitaph and it would do for Lee Ice as well."
Clive Barker
comments: "There are conditions of the nerve endings which you could not conceive of , even in your most fevered imaginings"
Anne Rice
comments: The Mayfair Witches, The Vampire Chronicles, Ramses the Damned
William Shakespeare
comments: Titus Andronicus, Richard III, Hamlet
Poppy Z. Brite
comments: exquisite corpse

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