hello moon

i am a person. i have all the usual things. a nose. two eyes. hands (these are important). legs. a torso. a mouth. a head. there is hair on my head and words behind my eyes. this is all true.

My favorite diaries:

abananafish profile - diary
comments: "I aspire to be a watcher."
kilgoretrout profile - diary
comments: "Because mathematics is BOTH. It is truth, in its most base, naked form, and it is also art."
bluestarhalo profile - diary
comments: Do you house the donut of satan in your home?
hndredrivers profile - diary
cyx profile - diary
jeanabaena profile - diary
hoyamen profile - diary
timshel-tree profile - diary

My favorite music:

modest mouse
comments: this is driving. this is driving and driving and driving. and way the fuck too much driving. and your ass is going numb and the sun has disappeared and you are chasing it and driving and driving and driving and it is cold and you want a cigarette but you
the magnetic fields
comments: catchy as fuck. delicious.
comments: well, clearly.
tom waits
comments: once when asked how he got his voice, Waits answered: "I drink my own urine."

My favorite movies:

three colours blue, white, red
comments: Krzysztof Kieslowski. somber. beautiful. kind of painful to watch.
the city of lost children
comments: this is gothic and dark. this is victorian automaton asthetic. this is mad scientists and searching for the truth.
the coehn brothers
comments: they make good movies. promise. and john turturro is usually in them.
comments: it is beautiful where they filmed this movie. I know because I've been there. It also happens to be a very good film.
dom durakov
comments: (the house of fools). they said it was a comedy. it's not usually particularly funny. it more sort of causes your tongue to jump down your throat.

My favorite authors:

chaim potok
comments: jewish things and the clarity of smart children.
margaret atwood
comments: i write history. but its not history. and it intertwines and holds itself up and drives through tunnels with the headlights on and comes out the otherside and its a different world. also i'm canadian.
lemony snickett
comments: is currently in hiding somewhere, scratching out the next chapters of his books on the back of park map,
neil gaiman
comments: sometimes he's clear and you can see through to the other side and you know that he is entirely true. these are sacred moments. sometimes he is not. and he writes with pictures as well. everybody likes pictures.
gabriel garcia marquez
comments: this is beauty. this is magic. i want to live in this world.

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