College, my life inside.

Sid Hoffman or Sid Frenchman?

My favorite diaries:

fancypants08 profile - diary
comments: Caroline...She is still in the process of meeting bill. In the mean time, however, she is drum majoring and college apping.
blameralph profile - diary
comments: Robin...Quite the nifty kid. I know she is going to do some way cool stuff in life.
justme23 profile - diary
comments: Rachel...Free spirited, open minded. She hates it when you rock the canoe. I guess shes afraid she will get wet or something?? :) Oh, and she is college apping too.
aglintofgray profile - diary
comments: Evan...I am hereby requesting one signed copy of every book he writes. (and evan, if I could get half off that would be awesome!) ;) ANDDDD he is college apping.
shebeecee profile - diary
comments: Shelby...she is doing the college thing and loving it. Very cool kid, you should meet her sometime.
sunshineyme profile - diary
comments: Jenna...I like talking to her. She is down to earth and cool. She makes me smile. She too is doing the college apping.
violet1083 profile - diary
comments: Carrie...hmmm, cool, and weird, and cool, and plays football. What more could you want from a person.
beagle47 profile - diary
comments: Much like Evan I want a signed whatever. I'm not sure if he is going to write a book or do a movie or what, but whatever it is I want a signed copy. He is just that good!
spring4em86 profile - diary
comments: Emily..."When we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall into mutually satisfying weirdness - and call it love - true love"
july-elf profile - diary
comments: Kirby....I don't know her too well. I know her brother from soccer and I know her from band and softball, thats about it. Cool Dland though. Cool kid too! I'm sure she is also college apping.
bandie1412 profile - diary
comments: Aimee....What she thinks I think and what I think she thinks. Weeeeeeeird!

My favorite music:

comments: These guys know how to play and sing!
comments: One time I was in a music video. It was bad. I can't act. The end.

My favorite movies:

October Sky
comments: Awesome movie! I wanna be the kid soo much!

My favorite authors:

comments: Sometimes I wish I read more often. Sometimes when I read I wish I was outside. Its a never ending cycle. One day I will break the cycle!

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