what it feels like for a girl

"I am free of prejudice. I hate everyone equally." --W.C. Fields

Likes: Arby's Honey Mustard, pretending to like Yoga, thrift stores, bars from which I can walk home, Angelina Jolie, Jordan Catalano, Colin Farrell, green tea, Vanilla Coke, tequila, The X-Files, the F word, New Jersey, DVD commentaries, the Baltimore Orioles, Television Without Pity, depressing books, and the song I Got You Babe.

Dislikes: People who believe the rules of grammar and spelling don't apply simply because they are writing email, people who tell smokers that smoking will kill them, super low rise jeans, girls who wear super low rise jeans, olives, anchovies, Austin Powers, the New York Yankees, political arguments, babies with pierced ears, and movies based on SNL sketches.

My favorite diaries:

weymouth66 profile - diary
comments: "It's like the end of The Catcher in the Rye - if you tell a story you start missing everybody."
heidiann profile - diary
comments: "I'm pining for the relationship between a frog and a pig."
indigogirl7 profile - diary
comments: " I love my cat more than I love most people."
meanpony profile - diary
comments: "Because I'm all about being the first crime fighting mathematician."
clarity25 profile - diary
comments: "It brought back memories of being 11 years old again. When "Dirty Dancing" was my favorite movie, and my first kiss was something I fantasized about on my free time. "
funnyfrog profile - diary
comments: "I haven't planned for my future. I hope something great will occur, but with my not helping it any I sorta doubt it will."
scubafreak profile - diary
comments: still looking for a quote....

My favorite music:

Barenaked Ladies
comments: "Won't it be odd to be happy like we, Always thought we're supposed to feel, But never seem to be."
Indigo Girls
comments: "And I feel it like a sickness, how this love is killing me, how I'd walk into the fingers of your fire willingly"
The Dave Matthews Band
comments: "We'll turn this better thing to the best, Of all we can offer, Just a rogue kiss, tangled tongues and lips."
Sarah Mclaughlin
comments: "And I will be the one, to hold you down, kiss you so hard, I'll take your breath away."
Ani DiFranco
comments: "...I'm not going to tell you what's wrong, I'm just going to sit on your lap for five dollars a song, I want you to pay me for my beauty, I think it's only right, cause I have been paying for it all of my life."

My favorite movies:

My Girl
comments: I cry everytime I watch this.
The Shawshank Redemption
comments: I'm getting tired of seeing it on TNT every few days, but it's a good movie all the same
comments: Guy Pearce! What an amazing movie.
Bring It On
comments: Bring It On follows the formula that makes me love movies. There's a big show at the end! Just like Center Stage, Save the Last Dance, and the like. Predictable but fun.
comments: And not just because we get to see Angelina naked ;) It's a truly powerful movie.

My favorite authors:

Ellen Miller
comments: I have read "Like Being Killed" at least four times. It's addictive and haunting. Unfortunately, it's also out of print and I haven't found any other books written by her.
Wally Lamb
comments: I would never have imagined a male could write a female so well. Read "She's Come Undone", not "I Know This Much is True."
Anne Tyler
comments: An easy read, but oh so enjoyable. Plus she's local, and her stories take place in Maryland.
Jennifer Wiener
comments: Go. Read "Good In Bed". Go. Now. Read it. NOW! Also, read In Her Shoes. Also spectacular.
J.K. Rowling
comments: There is a reason Harry Potter is so popular. Because it's ingenious. J.K. Rowling is brilliant.

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