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i have decided this is just the place to tell all my dirty little secrets - maybe you can learn from my mistakes or just learn period. so i have been here awhile. i'll tell you, this is the best thing i ever did. no. really. oh, and if you are under 18 or are easily offended - this is not the place for you. i am in no way rated G!



My favorite diaries:

blab    profile - diary
comments:  if you like dirty stories...very well written dirty stories....
mikeygal    profile - diary
comments:  i love you cali queso queen!
heidiann    profile - diary
comments:  pirate jokes! yeah!
fu-fu    profile - diary
comments:  he's so funny he makes me pee in my pants!
ann-frank    profile - diary
asdotcom    profile - diary
comments:  funny and he just SOUNDS cute! i love the whole pete's mom thing!
daisy624    profile - diary
comments:  she has a 'thing' for rob thomas too!
lyssbobiss    profile - diary
comments:  "My cat likes to sit on top of my head. Also, he likes to poo, and then stick his poo-ey rear in my face."
ladeeleroy    profile - diary
comments:  love her writing. funny and sad.
crackheadred    profile - diary
comments:  nice butt....so i hear
idiot-milk    profile - diary
comments:  pretty funny in that angry chick way
toothbrush    profile - diary
comments:  love her, love her cat
sundry    profile - diary
comments:  fabulous writer. makes me laugh.
groovebunny    profile - diary
comments:  ok, 11 booty calls in '04! here we go!
bindyree    profile - diary
comments:  lots of fun
swimmmer72    profile - diary
prostituee    profile - diary
comments:  OMG! tampons, anal sex and peeing in your pants! i am in love!
phangasm    profile - diary
comments:  he just started writing...we'll see how he does....
sexyatheist    profile - diary
comments:  some totally HOT stuff
chickpea981    profile - diary
comments:  love her. cool chick!
mrgrey    profile - diary
comments:  a horny boy after my own heart! <3
porktornado    profile - diary
comments:  makes me laugh EVERY time!
pocket-pool    profile - diary
myhappiness    profile - diary
comments:  dude is totally depressing most of the time. but i can't stay away.
onewetleg    profile - diary
comments:  my new favorite
chickie-legs    profile - diary
comments:  she doesn't update often but i will keep her.
wench77    profile - diary
comments:  another brave older woman.
dooki    profile - diary
comments:  love her and her love of all thinks dook. and her hatred for stupid people.
kristintracy    profile - diary
comments:  i can't even discribe her - totally funny
icantread    profile - diary
comments:  corn-dog-o-rama! i am with you in spirit, man!
swingerdiary    profile - diary
comments:  exactly what it sounds like
eggsaucted    profile - diary
comments:  she had a baby...but i still like reading her diary for some reason. don't tell anyone!
thedevlyn    profile - diary
comments:  "I hate those baggy pants that kids wear that makes it look like they have shit themselves and are carrying a prize around with them all day."
abittergirl    profile - diary
comments:  totally bitter. in a good way.
hooterville    profile - diary
comments:  random. funny. checking her out.
betchy    profile - diary
comments:  cool chick.
chicagojo    profile - diary
comments:  some classic stuff here folks!
pipersplace    profile - diary
unclebob    profile - diary
comments:  i used to read him all the time. then stopped. i don't remember why. he is funny as poop!
double-life    profile - diary
comments:  he likes some ass. and i like the way he writes
juddhole    profile - diary
comments:  brilliantly, painfully wonderful
liquid-mojo    profile - diary
bethany9    profile - diary
icedmilk    profile - diary
liesal1979    profile - diary
toastcrumbs    profile - diary
jonathan    profile - diary
lalalily    profile - diary
hissandtell    profile - diary

My favorite music:

bon jovi
comments:  the most beautiful man in the entire world!
nick carter
comments:  i have a "thing" for this boy and his butt
the calling
comments:  "unstoppable" is the bomb!
teddy geiger
comments:  my internet boyfriend
matchbox twenty
comments:  rob thomas...mmmmmm.....mmmmmmm....droooooool

My favorite movies:

10 things i hate about you
the way were were
comments:  a classic
love actually
comments:  it makes me cry every time!
somethings gotta give
comments:  older woman, younger man...who happens to be keanu!

My favorite authors:

susan brockman
comments:  great writer
nora roberts
comments:  everything she writes is great!
susan elizabeth phillips
comments:  always a great read
sharon sala
comments:  just read "dark waters" great! everything she writes touches my heart.

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