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33 year old single father from the DC area...interests include: sports (go cowboys), workin on my car (see the cool tire?), vice city and riding my bike..i have other interests but i dont feel like typin them out...if u wanna see pix of me and the kid...go see my diary...the link is there

My favorite diaries:

cedar-avenue profile - diary
comments: i've a special fondness for this woman..mostly because she still communicates with me after many many years...aaahhh dear sweet bean
ncrebel21 profile - diary
comments: because she wrote about dead rotting pigs and projectile turds...and made it funny
aura-chic profile - diary
comments: shes been thru hell and back..and that was just from eatin a chalupa!
unclebob profile - diary
comments: "The last thing you want is to go back in the office, announce that you just vomited and grin with chunks of expired halibut wedged between your teeth."
pattymelt profile - diary
comments: cuz her diary is almost like porn..
amelie-lee profile - diary
comments: "YOU WILL FUCKING HIRE ME BITCH!" hahaha...j/k thats wat i wanted to say, but i'm a pansy "
crackheadred profile - diary
comments: "maybe u need a coffee enema...then u wouldnt be so full of shit"
ilovemy240z profile - diary
comments: shes cool..she works on her own cars...thats PHAT!!
rockbaby14 profile - diary
comments: she signed my book..so i read her page...it cracked me up..aybody who thinks their big toe is the shyz..they can be on my list...lol
appleblowpop profile - diary
comments: she finds herself to be fat and ugly...which is a crock of shit
lovely83 profile - diary
comments: mah buddy! you gotta read her page...she is SOOO harsh...needs to update more tho..~kick~
pouncer profile - diary
comments: imma dumbass for not addin her earlier
beanernizzle profile - diary
comments: her page never loaded before..now it does..WHAHOOO!
sakuradolly profile - diary
comments: she talks about herself in the third person...and sakura reminds me of the japanese steakhouse thats a few miles away...mmm..steak
ethereal0805 profile - diary
comments: from aol DC rooms...she thinks im cool...haha..she mus' be mental
wunofmany profile - diary
comments: also from DC...shes always laffin @ me...i think shes makin fun..hmmmm
glitterkick profile - diary
comments: found it thru patty's diary...and i was crackin up...funny stuff mangs!
unbornlove profile - diary
comments: she like...totally vanished without a trace...and now shes back..YAY!
blackchuck profile - diary
comments: dood is funny...he said "dykes on bikes"...i wonder if the had those funny squeaky bulb horns..AAOOGUH!
smurphy21 profile - diary
comments: ". Should you have any problems with her point of view, I suggest you take that stick out of your ass and deal with it!!"
mexi-freckle profile - diary
comments: cuz her ideal guy would sit around the house and watch sports with her...dood..im SO there...hahaha

My favorite music:

bands i like #1
comments: disturbed, korn, godsmack, chevelle, puddle of mudd
bands i like #2
comments: AFI, jimmy eat world, the white stripes, blink 182
bands i like #3
comments: the roots, doug e fresh, onyx, mystikal
bands i like #4
comments: queens of the stoneage, switchfoot, metallica
other bands i like
comments: greenday, linkin park and many many others that i dont feel like typin out

My favorite movies:

Saving Private Ryan
comments: as a former army dood..and having two grandfathers that were in WWII...i can identify with this
Blackhawk Down
comments: just an overall intense brutal movie
Lethal Weapon series
comments: i know its childish, repetitive and silly...but i LOVE IT! :)
The One
comments: Jet Li is amazing...i would seriously offer to say that he could kick Bruce Lee's a$$
Training Day
comments: having never seen Denzel in a role lke this..it blew me away...tremendous depth

My favorite authors:

Jeffery Deaver
comments: dood who wrote The Bone Collector...forensics fascinates me
Lee Child
comments: write books about some ex mlitary guy who prety much kicks everybodys ass...kinda like me...hahaha
Patricia Cornwell
comments: another good forensics writer..at least i think so..dead bodies dead bodies..AHHHH
SCC Magazine
comments: not really an "author" but i love this magazine...SportCompactCar...i'm big on sport compacts

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