I'm addicted to Datsun 240z's. I'm a girl. I'm weird, I know. I'm a double agent, if you catch my drift. If you want to read my diary, cool. But my putting my diary online is not a plea for feedback on my life. I have enough friends to go to when I need advice, thanks.

My favorite diaries:

monica1110 profile - diary
comments: Twin from a past life...
cometle0pa profile - diary
comments: One Jen
c-h-a-o-s profile - diary
comments: And Jen's best friend, Jenn.
shutupmom profile - diary
comments: This is what I wanna be like when I grow up.... heh
unsentletter profile - diary
comments: The best way to send a letter.
dlove profile - diary
comments: the most positive, most fun loving guy I think I've ever read. He is ALL about good vibes.
captainron profile - diary
comments: Did you hear about that movie that just came out about treasure and pirates? Yeah, they gave it an R (say ArrrrrrrG, as in Arrrrrrrg matey) rating. Why? Too much booty.
dirtygirl profile - diary
comments: Probably the biggest crush I've ever had on a girl. She's hotter than Jessica Alba.
matilda- profile - diary
comments: God, I wish I had read her sooner. Seems like this girl had a lot to give, and there were a lot who just took from her instead of giving back what they could. Special specific people not included in that. Rest in peace, love. =*(
sicktrick profile - diary
comments: Very sad. =(
symbiotic profile - diary
comments: MmMmMmmM... yummyyyyyyyyy... come to Momma!!!
chub profile - diary
comments: Fucking update, wouldja, Sam?! ;)
celestine profile - diary
comments: A fucking awesome, wonderful, caring young lady in Aussieland.. she thinks her diary is boring, but I beg to differ!
dekar profile - diary
comments: One of many old friends from Optichat that I have wooed to the darkside that is Diaryland...
bobrules profile - diary
comments: The hottest virgin on the East Coast... muahhhhhhh!
good-lace profile - diary
comments: And I was wondering why I never saw Dee update once I started referring to this damn buddy list... how the hell could I forget to add her? =( Dee, you are the biggity bomb, the most fair and honest and loyal and just awesome person I think I've e
indigoangel9 profile - diary
comments: Needs to pursue her freakin CRUSH! I see myself as I was 5-6 years ago sometimes in her writing. ;)
trancejen profile - diary
comments: Someone scared her off of D-land. It's a damned shame.. someone needs an asswhoopin.
unclebob profile - diary
comments: Oh my God, and I join the masses... but not to join the masses... he's really actually entertaining... sorry I avoided him so long just because he was "popular".
laura-diane profile - diary
comments: Been through that same "don't want a man for shit" phase. Hell, it may even be coming again soon to a theatre near me.
crackheadred profile - diary
comments: Crack head! Cute, funny... don't know him too well yet, but so far he kinda reminds me of Adam Sandler. Muahhh!
el-guapo profile - diary
comments: Likes to talk shit, but is really down to earth and polite. OMG, a gentleman in disguise! Bonus: looks hot in SpongeBob jammies
ezi profile - diary
comments: Monkey's little sis
nocompromise profile - diary
comments: One of my closest homies. This is the only guy that, somehow, sucessfully pulls off both being "the softy" while also putting down the "fuck off" attitude. He'll tell you like it is and let you cry on his shoulder like the little
princesscris profile - diary
comments: Hella sweet, and cool to boot, I can't wait to hang out with her. But, she's had my damn number for two weeks now, and hasn't used it yet. CALL me, Cris!
labellevoix profile - diary
comments: My newest buddy! Dances better than almost all of the girls he dances with (cept Nessie! ok, ok, that's only cause I wanna NAIL her. hehe)
roklobster profile - diary
comments: This girl understands!!!! "Why is it when I am having amazing amounts of awesome sex, all I want to do is brag about it?"

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