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I'm here to bring back my creative side. And also to take a look at the old me, and see how much of that girl is left..

My favorite diaries:

ncrebel21 profile - diary
comments: My sister, former hog plant worker... maybe she will tell funny stories about the chickens now..
crackheadred profile - diary
comments: you know if he wasn't so funny i would boycott him for that "just from eating a chalupa" comment, i have never eaten a chalupa, it was one of them gordita things. LMAO
squirrelx profile - diary
comments: very entertaining, a truly kind person, wish people would quit pissin on her cornflakes.
invisibledon profile - diary
comments: invisible....we couldn't see him.. then we could.. then we couldn't..
pattymelt profile - diary
comments: cuz she writes stuff like "kb came over some time in the middle of the night to" haha
clock1 profile - diary
comments: cuz once upon a time seven years ago, he was nice to his friend's little sister!
ghostofgor profile - diary
comments: hmmm a sadist that has a cuddle fetish... kick ass.
hollyt profile - diary
comments: cool girl...
thruthecrowd profile - diary
aura-chic profile - diary
comments: Hey, I know this girl from somewhere, I think I used to be her.
nononename profile - diary
acuteapathy profile - diary

My favorite music:

Def Leppard
comments: I have liked this band for a while, but I have now experienced them LIVE.. they totally kick ass!!!
Dave Matthews
comments: Truly awesome music for anything.
Led Zeppelin
comments: They just rock...
Nine Inch Nails
comments: mmmm Trent Reznor...
Fleetwood Mac
comments: because stevie nicks rules...

My favorite movies:

The Shawshank Redemption
comments: "Some birds aren't meant to be caged, their feathers are just too bright......" need i say more..
Dolores Claiborne
comments: another Stephen King booked turned to movie.. what that's 3 on one list now.. i forgot how much i loved this movie. "sometimes being a bitch is all a woman has to hang onto."
A Time to Kill
comments: a movie that to me defines hatred and how it can destroy lives over something so stupid as race...and other atrocities
The Green Mile
comments: seen it many times.....and now that we have it, many more times...hahah..can we say David Morse?? rowrrrrrr....aged to perfection....
The Devil's Advocate
comments: Because if the devil was really as hot as Al Pacino, Hell would be full of women....hahaha I know i'd be there.

My favorite authors:

Stephen King
comments: One of the greatest story tellers of our time.
Anne Rice
comments: She wrote some awesome erotic fiction before the vampire stuff
Peter Straub
comments: As sad as it may sound I loved The Hellfire Club.
J.D. Salinger
comments: Wonderful author...Catcher in the Rye has been one of my favorites for years...the only reason i made it through Junior year AP English

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