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from superchick17 :
oh honey... *SUPER BIG COMFORT HUG* i love you kid.
from stupid432 :
hey lovely, i miss you so much. more than ever now that i'm in college and realizing how far we've grown apart in some and how close we've stayed in others and it just makes me miss your friendship and having you around more. i've been been growing back into the person i was before i moved and i'm happy about that but it feels weird without the people who helped me be that person. school has kinda been going to shit lately so i haven't been to happy with that which may account for the homesickness. does it seem stupid that i still consider maryland home... am i that pathetic? anyhow just wanted to let you know i miss you and love you and get some of what is going on for you...or at least am dealing with similar issues. things will work themselves out, even if its not the way you want, just work hard- you're smart and beauitful and will land on your feet no matter what. stop trying to get people to like you, its not worth it, i love the amy i know and grew to love her because of who you are. you are as loveable as a little puppy dog who still has paws too big for its body and one of the best friends i've ever been blessed to have. take care and remember to breathe. love you.
from iamhubpluh :
If you are voting AGAINST Bush, check out he is for stoping the war in Iraq, and NOT sending more troops as Kerry is for (based on his debate answers).
from lilynovember :
hey, chill, sweety. u're fine and all will be fine. there are a few times when considering all options is not the best of ideas. oh, and btw, travel alone includes getting a hot european guy to give u "the tour of the village." ;)
from i-luv-a-boy :
Doesn't Can't Hardly Wait have Seth Green in it? =)
from yamalan :
I have the strangest urge to leave you a message that says me too oh uh! But that is not like me so I will just say that I too am leaving for college this fall and I got my new room mates name and contact info in the mail yesterday... It is kind of scary! My name is Jaymie by the way!
from samwiset :
hey, its andrew, this is my diary thing. I only have like four entries, but here ya go, read them! read them in all their glory!
from curly-quoo :
lol I totally agree with you.. life would be even easier if we were all asexual! if only I could figure out how that works..
from wovangel :
Just read your diary. Sounds like you're having a bit of a prob with rejection. I uauly don't bother with guy's anymore, for the reason of being rejected. Just be there friend, if they like you, and you like them, it's simple. You know? (Well.. it SOUND'S simple.. but we all KNOW it's NOT!).
from rookieranger :
from superchick17 :
i wonder if i should lock my diary, given that everyone we know except you las locked theirs. but i enjoy sharing ym life with you, as long as you don't take advantage of that to hurt me intentionally :) say hi to lilynovember for me, and tell her i'd have really enjoyed her parties, had she invited me. :( life goes on.
from kittyleopard :
Hey saw your diary through the jack-sparrow diaryring. Awesome diary. Really nifty!
from piecesof8 :
Hi there, this is Pieces of Eight, a new fanlisting for avid Pirates of the Caribbean fans. Would you care to join? Please check it out!
from jimsey :
wow hey amy...i hacked into this system to leave you this.I read some of your diary. You are simply amazing, I do not know how to say it any other way. I could not read the one with my name in the heading-that would be too strange! I wish i had had you in a class-I feel cheated! thank you for trusting me, i am honored.
from shuck :
good luck. new york is awesome. if i go to nyu and you to a nyc school, we'll get together some time. :)
from megl42 :
Welcome to the Queer Eye ring :) Cheers queers!
from poppyfish :
Thanks for joining the Jack Sparrow diaryring, matey! Yo ho and all that!
from laurelote :
Hi! Thanks for joining my (Captain) Jack Sparrow diaryring! :-D
from katelyn12686 :
hey, just wanted to say i adore your johnny depp picture. he's so dead sexy, i'm drooling. later!
from concreteeyes :
Hi. Betcha don't know who this is ;) Woop..anyway. I miss talking to you. :(
from shuck :
the reason the guys wanted to come to mass was because our friend megan's funeral was the day before and they were feeling all spiritual. and we had chris slip in megan's name during the prayers for the faithful. but yeah nick said you looked hot at mass.
from megl42 :
Hey there, thanks for joining my BTVS thank you ring. Glad to see another fan :)
from invernal :
::Sniff:: I read your entry on Buffy... it's okay, she's gone to a better place. As long as there are people who remember the show, it will never die. Anyway, thanks for joining the Andrew ring.
from thepeachtree :
I was here.
from rawkweezel :
Hey, I just stumbled upon your diary. I'm so sorry about your production! The administration at our school doesn't care much for the arts, either, We have to clear extra rehearsals w/ the principal and the athletic director, and he has to check that he doesn't have a date mowing his precious football field. I guess plays just don't get as much publicity as FOOTBALL. But I can't imagine having three leads have to drop it, that's the most awful thing I've ever heard of. I'm so sorry, and I know you guys will come back on top. Confucius say you want a way out, go through a door..ok, I don't really know what that means, but there'll be a way, i'm sure. Best Wishes.
from shuck :
you're totally welcome. it was fun making it!
from rookieranger :
Seriously...don't worry about your teeth. When I got my braces off after 3 years of having them on they were gross too. It took me a while to get them to be ok... When Meredith got hers off she had white dots in the center of each of her teeth...and they're still there. Mine were never dark dark, but they're a nice shade of yellow. It's nothing you did or didn't do. One of the brackets may not have been totally on and something got underneath it and that's why it's gross. There's a million different reasons why it's the way it is. Some tricks of the trade that I have learned -- Don't over brush your teeth because I brushed my teeth so much I made my gums bleed, and they still do... To get rid of the crap on top of your teeth use a paper towel or a fingernail...kinda scratch actually works. I bought whitening stuff (the trays and everything) and it works a little, but because I have a crack in one of my teeth and my teeth are so sensitive it hurts really badly everytime I use it. If your teeth aren't very sensitive they might be a good idea. The strips only whiten your top like 6 teeth, so if it's those you're really having problems with that may be better. In time it will fade so don't worry about it. You know me, I smile all the time...and my teeth are still gross. Don't care what other people think...if someone judges you on your fucking teeth and will personally kick their ass. Don't worry about it and call me later...bye!
from velociraptor :
::gibbar gabbah:: TIMM-AYY!!! ::aea oaidj akj:: TIMM-AYYY!! so did you like the VMAs?
from fallonfey86 :
awesome. we are officially the only two people on diaryland to list Jimmy Fallon and Gloria Fallon as our favorite authors. Very cool. That book is so awesome, and if I could find it for under 30 dollars, I would buy it. well, just thought i'd let you know about this awesome feat. lol
from march-hare :
welcome to the kevin smith diaryring and thanks ever so much for joining!
from velociraptor :
hey i wanted to make you feel loved by leaving you a note lol. ::hint - leave me one too:: riboarrr lol im so dumb
from bildschoen :
Thanks for joining the nonsmokers diaryring...please post the code within 3 days or I have to let you go. If it is posted, and I just didn't see it, let me know where I can find it. Thank you! *krie*
from wolfspeaker :
hey there amy! remember me? Mara? Rosetas? yea... we lost all contact :( I added your s/n to my aim buddy list. it's ZestyKiwiZingers, ain't it? my new s/n is sparklezdeeangel. preppy.. urgh... i just wanted to leave you a note and tell you that I'm clean now. :) *love.. Mara*
from sugarbumps :
MARY PRANKSTER KICKS ASSSSSSSSSSS!!!! not to mention they're all damn sexy!! Rock on my fly sistah! ~Michelle
from jonasty :
hey, i found you on the DAVE ring and just wanted to let you know that YOU ROCK OUT!! :) keep writin, keep smilin! first note! yay!

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