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from kelly :
Holy nelly YOU are still around:) It's not often I bump into an "old skool" d*lander! Very wild to know there are still a few of us out there in the wilds of Diaryland.
from punkduckee14 :
dude this is awesome!! well.. erm.. i.. uh havent really started doin anything on my diary yet.. uh.. i feel.. kinda weird asking this.. but um.. can you.. er.. PlEaSe.. help me w/ a layout?? ik some html.. and uh.. eek!! i suck at this.. but anyway you dont have to if you dont want to but id really appreciate it if you did!! =) <3 emilie aim sn- ShOrTkAyKe14 email- [email protected]
from super-bando :
Hey, nice diary! Really funny, and I love the l337 speak. Hamsters rock!
from linxlynks :
I looked at your diary because of some threat that I might get killed if I didn't. Hehehe! Cute banner! Even better diary! ~mal
from kelnryu :
nice diary! i'm new here, just here to give ya props =]
from afuzzyscarf :
Haha, your layout and diary in general are freaking excellent, I laugh my ass off whenever I read a new entry. Your Mario costume almost inspired me for next year, but instead I've decided I'm going to be a crazy conspiracy person and wear a tinfoil hat. I think it'll be a hit.
from kachira :
ur not alone. i wish i could find unconditional luv.oh cute layout too!
from maryjane16 :
I like cheese.. Do you like cheese? I bet you anything that you do.. what? WHAT? OK.. I will.. don't hav to get all malignant.. p.s. Hungry? Have a baby!
from waterstain :
you know your banner in which you threaten my life? i loved it. it wins the bethany seal of bannerly excellence, plus ten points, redeemable no where. have a nice day.
from sundried :
very nice layout!I love it.Check mine out if you want.I'm trying to get someone to customize meeh one..ugh lol.Well great layout keep it up!
from first-blush :
Cute diary! I luv the colors.. ack. (BTW, Domokun's the best..)
from dasauce :
Just started reading your diary through some random links... Enjoying it. I'll be back and read the whole damned thing a'for long and anon. --DatSauceGuy
from classicman :
You're a hoot! I have seldom been more entertained - and if you don't like entertaining people, then I think you suck! ...ok, no, you don't. -B
from penmaster :
thank you for being a friend / travel down the road and back again / your heart is true / you're a --- ow~!! could that whip BE anymore sharpened?? LOL...great banner! as much as i've been entertained by their sexual escapades, i've never quite thought of the Golden Girls in that light. =D
from loneranger :
Even though I'm not around anymore, it's wonderful to see that you are, and funnier than ever. Hey...when did you get your man? I missed that all together. Bummer. :(
from bl0ss0m-g1rl :
hey amber your way cute I think steve is a super cutey even in all his dorkiness
from gidgetgrrl :
I like humorous people. You're humorous. I like you.
from strongerthan :
In Your Eyes ! I just love Jonny boy. You should see Mystic Pizza.
from bluclrsky :
My birthday is November 23rd too! Except I'll be 22...just thought I'd share :) Read my diary, its a fun diary :)
from kelly :
Be still my beating heart! The Illustrious Amber has updated! (finally:)

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