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from sad-faerie :
Hey...I just found your diary through Shanmeid. Sounds like something I could really learn something from. I hope you dont mind me adding you =O) Faith, Trust & Pixie Dust xXx Aurora xXx
from raven72d :
Mihiel's diary led me to yours. And you, ma'am, are a wickedly clever find.
from mehiel :
I can testify for the fogginess of Seattle. I love it!! We have a special Pacific Northwest gothic sensibility out here. It's lovely.
from mehiel :
Hey, thanks for adding me as a favorite! That was super-cool of you. I noticed you haven't updated in a while, although I'd like to check back and see what's been going on. D-Land needs more writing like yours!
from advice-4-you :
need advice? visit my profile to see how i can help you!
from ayden :
i'm 17 and feel like i'm 20 or 30 or 40 most of the time. and i never meet people my age who are into activism/queerness/trannydom/kink/sex/theory/challenging themselves, so i totally get how you feel. i have found some similar people my age...i just had to look real hard...
from ayden :
from ayden :
i've been having a wonderful affair with livejournal. but i haven't told diaryland yet. i've just been home less. maybe he's getting suspicious. i hope not.
from oblivia :
anat!!! Darlin' your diary is locked and I worry. My thoughts are with you (if you're going through a tough time.... ) :( If you are still willing to give passwords out, I'd love it if i'd be one of em! ;) BTW, my new diary/blog is at: if you want to keep up with me as well. (tryin' not to be all dramatic and proclaim how much i'll miss you if your diary stays private just in case it's really just locked for a day or something so i don't feel silly later....) ahem.
from misstress :
Your guestbook is throwing some kind of hissy fit so I'm leaving you a note here: It's a great piece. As for "groups of 10 words" you can also use: decennary or decennium, although they usually apply to years. But, hey, poetic license and all that.
from bevin :
Dude, update!! guestbooks are sucking lately, huh?
from lily-white :
just wanted to leave a note and say I got tangled up in the read.....lovely
from bevin :
I think that you should begin to put positive pro girlfriend energy into the universe. I say start wtih a girlfriend application (well, I just think it would be funny). The only thing I warn you is to make sure in the description you write something like "18 and over and if you're not queer/genderqueer/or whatever you want, you need not apply". I've gotten a billion 15 y.o. straight girls on my gf survey.
from witcheepoo :
Good reading. Like your layout
from rykaryka :
hi anat! ty for the nice comments about me and my cheekbones! i had the most wonderful time with cliterati--wanna come back soon. oh--check out for my story "coming out to atlanta" all about having to deal with airports while being genderqueer... :) *hug* ryka
from tiendasexo :
yeah. I wouldn't buy it either. the label says the active ingredient may 'trigger outbreaks in herpetic persons'. it also says that while the active ingredient is not a spermicide, it may 'destroy sperm'. so, herpes people, breeding people, should no usey the slippery.
from bevin :
I would say it's like housekeys. I did housekeys a lot sooner with Haywood than I normally would but things have always felt really safe and trusting with her. I'm sure there are situations in which I would require testing before I felt safe enough to be sexually unsafe. I got tested when I got together with Haywood, but that was more out of fortunate timing than on purpose. I suppose it all depends on how active and risky either of you have been in the past and personal assesment of risk and trust.
from tawnyraccoon :
I've always wondered, if the definition of sex is a penis penetrating a vagina, then does a lesbian who has been a lesbian her whole life ever loose her virginity? Thanks I would really appreciate your thoughts on this.
from adipose :
Had to stop by, I saw the banner with the picture of Death from The High Cost of Living, one of my faveorite all time graphic novels- says something about my geek level that I have fave graphis novels...anyway I digress. I really enjoyed what I have read so far in your diary. I am listing you as a fave- if you do read my site there is a lot of crap in there but Borderline Personality Disorder Fun For Kiddies of All Ages is good, and The Exchange I persoanlly belive is great. MORPHEUS: I am a passenger. I am moving through your dreams. I am riding in your dreams. I ride on dragonback from Manhattan, the dragon is made of rivetted iron and smells of cotton candy. I travel briefly by bus: in the back the dreamer copulates desperately, not noticing his autonomous passenger. I sit at the front and talk to the driver. Approaching the state of Delaware, the dreamer is a small dog, dreaming impatiently of a past life, long forgotten when he sailed tall ships across uncharted. The salt spray of the ocean stings my face. I am moving through dreams, pulling toward Mayhew, feeling for the jewel. Through your dreams, my sleeping children, You had a passenger, and you never knew. - Neil Gaimen
from mulher :
Ummm.... so the napkin was a surprise (i needed to pad the book a little bit and there was nothing else around), but does that mean you have to lock up ANAT?? What am I gonna do now???
from sad82girl02 :
wow! i signed up for your notify list b/c i liked your words and your site. i recieved the first update, then the second, and the third, and i started wondering why i hadn't been reading your diary earlier! i forgot how i found you but it's been worth it. i just figured out u were a girl, and as shocking as that would's not! oh well, u have a fan in me and i might kinda be addicted....go figure!
from voldura :
Ack! I love your diary. I love you. --sigh-- Mine is not much and neither am I (I lie, spank me, i'm bad) But i am adding you to my list.
from cutiepie1983 :
Nice diary...I loved that quote you have written up on top! Keep up the good work girl! ~Nancy~
from calico7 :
catching any shows during 'lady fest'? i saw lennon last night at echo lounge - she's a right rippin' little screamer with a magnificent rack. bye bye
from cherry-girl :
bitch and animal! whoop! luff em lookit my diary
from calico7 :
you could have answered that under favorite position...i.e. my warm pinkness wrapped around her fist ~or~ my fist worked well inside her warm pinkness. thanks for taking the survey my little pie.xo
from calico7 :
beautiful entry today ~thank you~
from calico7 :
must get a hold of 'ethical slut' - thanks. forgive my ignorance but with J's spanking fetish ( yum yum ) does she like to be spanker or spankee or both? just curious seeing as how I've enjoyed both ends ( snicker ) of the bouncing, blistered backside! Cheers Love. Calico
from calico7 :
beautiful diary anat! sex and pie sound lovely to me. so do you say PEcan or peCAN? calico
from grlscout :
Anat, Thanks for slamming in my slambook, I'm a big Donna's fan too. Your diary rocks. Scout
from snoopy98 :
Just felt like leaving you a little note... :)
from anidifranco :
Hey hey, what's up? B&A kickass! You should join this mailing list, dude!
from ineedbeers :
so i'm your dream girl huh? kickass! oh wait- badsnake is. damn it. oh well. anyway- i'm changing diaries again- even running away from diaryland. i don't know if this message thing is visible to others or what but email me at [email protected] for my new diary address. you know, if it doesn't work out with badsnake.

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