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from xrebelrebelx :
hi. i wanted to join the sisterhood but i can't find the page. -piper
from lostiris :
Bye, Abby! <33333333333333
from lostiris :
Yeah I know. Thank You! :D Oh and I just saw it was your birthday yesterday on your lj. Happy birthday! ...a day late unfortunately. :(
from lostiris :
thank you, abby! <333333
from lostiris :
can i have your lj username!? i'm going to miss your updates bunches on here though. :( *hugs*
from saierin :
I'm sorry... who are you and when did we kiss???
from faint-iris :
Oh! I'll miss your updates here Abby. :( Can I have the url to you lj? That is if it's not friends only or anything. *hugs* I love ya, Abby! I really do.
from faint-iris :
Awww, thank you Abby! <33333
from faint-iris :
awww, thank you, abbey. *bigs hugs back* i'll miss you too, but i'll definitely keep reading your diary. i hope everything smooths out for you too schoolwise and yeah, if my other journal takes off i'll share it with you. <3 you're the best Abbey! don't ever forget it.
from xoxtasxox :
your diary is really cool. The template is cool and the writing is really awesome. I'm adding you to my buddy list+profile. Looking forward to your next entry! ||Roo||
from ladypheebs :
heya dear. i read the entry. interesting deal, nice to keep up on things. :D
from angrystarlyt :
I'll bet that if anything happens when you meet his parents, it'll be the middle thing. Wear an asbestos suit! And I wish my dreams were as lovely-I just have anxiety dreams about Michael and going back to school. I'll trade you...
from ladypheebs :
first time i've seen the new layout... very unsettling in a good way. congrats on shiftiness (hehe). have a great day, good luck on your pending apartment and with the parents.
from soror :
I've went through a few entries of yours. Interesting...
from typelove :
hello. i saw your link on the online love ring and i was wondering if you would like to join my diary. it's a place for people who are involved in online relationships to write their feelings and support each other.
from ladypheebs :
gosh - i adore your entries. and wicked layout (it's the first time i've peeked at it.) :D
from rayonline :
U like Fushigi Yuugi too?!?!?!?! cool... it's lk my current favourite show...(",)
from firebolt2378 :
Hai! Hai! I went there! I bought those pins. I was there! It was so awesome... Mind if I add ya to my faves list? You cool. Rock on. And all that jazz... *hits self in head* Stop using cheesy phrases!
from angrystarlyt :
What an awesome ring! The only ring Michael has, I, er, gave to him, so it'd be kind of pointless for me to swipe it.
from ladypheebs :
you have the best quotes.
from ladypheebs :
the note maven returns. to say nothing more than I love reading your entries. luff from pheebs.
from ladypheebs :
i don't really have much to say about your entry, other than I read it. you are so interesting, i think. :D
from d8zed-ezines :
Hmmmm, that I would not know, there probably is a way... I can find out, I'll ask Rachel, she's good with color codes and all that. Or I can find out on my own. I'll get back to you. (Color codes are my only default, AH)
from ladypheebs :
hullo. avi. thought i'd tell you i decided not on chicago. on new york, instead. though i am depressed to miss the chance. love to you. love to your layout.
from youhaveme :
hey! thanks for signing my tag, i love your template too ^^
from meika :
Ha, I'm glad you like my design :D I love yours too oo; KARE KANO! Hahaha... yeah, and that's the only way my sister and I ever get along... LoZ lol. Okie. bye <3 Meika
from watersprite4 :
Lots of thanks for your note. I needed that pick me up. I also am a firm believer in not overworking oneself. I will never sacrifice my sanity for anyone or anything. If I'm all I have, I have to treat myself right. Yeah, my grandparents are stupid. I think they want me to be a doctor so they can brag to their country club friends. It's "bleep"ing ridiculous. The past few days have been kinda stresful, so hearing from you was a nice suprise. Thanks for thinking of me.
from deadgod :
Your review is up!
from ash-leymarie :
Yeah it must. I feel bad just listening to him. Oh and I'm sorry about your Mom losing her job. I hope things get better for you and your family. ~Ashley~
from xelaishea :
*hug!* Thank you so much for understanding! I felt like I was alone in the world experiencing something completely by myself and no one really cared! I love you for this-and I also adore your new template, though it's too big for my screen *wink*
from groban83 :
Great diary random surfing lol great layout also.
from ash-leymarie :
Yeah, it's a great idea. Have a great day! ~Ashley~
from arwenalways :
thanks so much for the note. *feels loved* seriously, that meant a lot to me.
from angrystarlyt :
All your Kazaa files are belong to us!
from fleur-review :
Avi-Ok! whenever you'd like. I can get it whenever you want. -Lorelai
from fleur-review :
Hi Avi! I just went through the notes, it looks like no one does. :) did you still want a review? If so Lorelai [] would be happy to do it.
from opinionshere :
I checked and your not listed in the diary, I don't know if you actually got a review from her or you were supposed to get one.
from ash-leymarie :
Hey thanks for the note! Yeah, cats are annoying. Well, just wanted to say hi and thanks for adding me =) Later. Have a great day! ~Ashley~
from arwenalways :
A-hahaha, you linked me in your entry! Thanks for adding me to your favs...yes yes, I share your love for aragorn...*high-fives*
from dombilly :
Loverly design! it makes it feel all bright and nice inside. :)
from piecesof8 :
Hi there, this is Pieces of Eight, a new fanlisting for avid Pirates of the Caribbean fans. Would you care to join? Please check it out!
from xelaishea :
Oh goody, can't you just not wait for ROTK? I'm going to it right afterschool with my sister. It's going to be so much fun!
from ladypheebs :
it is an impressive layout. give my kudos to tiff. and i look forward to you not being a jerk. ;D
from cdghost :
i enjoyed reading some of your entries, take care and all the best
from falling0star :
Damn smguestbook to hell. And j00! I'm from SINGAPORE. 'lo? ::looks furious::
from jgstitches :
Abby, Abby, Abby....ditching class. I wish I could do that. Maybe it would alleviate this assload of work, just a little bit. Well, enjoy the time off. Have to go back to work.
from laurelote :
Hi! Thanks for joining my (Captain) Jack Sparrow diaryring, mate! :-D
from p-brain :
Thanks for joining the FFX-Girls ring. Spread the word. =)
from canbeboyd :
WOW! Awesom layout. I love megatokyo...asuming you read it - no?
from dernhelm :
I won't ask questions, but I can't help but worry... I hope you're okay. *hugs*
from santoshchase :
"This is...Professor Logan." Your quote of the day is rather strong. A quote that struck me as more clever, however, was when Pyro fingers Bobby's father as the one who passed the mutant carrying gene. This is a) not a quote so there wasn't much point in me pointing this out and b) evidence that I am a bigger dork than I ever try to let on.
from ladypheebs :
I haven't been sleeping well also. I hope YOU have a good easter. love.
from genilea :
I lost the lotrsisters password?? can you e-mail it to me at [email protected]?? -genilea...i cant believe i forgot it!!
from sevennchik :
I know what you mean about feeling guilty for doing things for yourself. Don't sweat it, sis. :) I hope everything works out okay!
from wishaword :
;) Happy April Fools!
from tawnyraccoon :
So if you are proud to be a 40D, should I be ashamed of being a 34AA?
from paprikstar :
hi im sort of confused with the lotr sister thing because i tried joining but then it said that u hadnt decided if i was good enough and i dont really understand how im suppose to prove that im good enough because the writing is to small to read ok im going to stop wasting ur time now paprika
from mylifeat15 :
Happy Valentine's Day sis *hugs*
from love-is-pain :
Actually, err, there was a mix up, lol. She put YOUR name and linked your diary to this AWEFUL - I'm talking hideously gross - review of someone ELSES diary. So I thought (naturally) she was talking about your diary. She fixed it and all, but at the time, I just couldn't see that your diary was a piece of shit because I love your diary. I think you are hilarious, blah, blah, the shit, blah, blah. ^_^ Trust me, coming from a girl that pretty much hates everyone - that is a honest compliment. (See any of my reviews at curvereviews and you'll know I speak the truth). I don't sugarcoat or flatter for the hell of it. You have a bangin ass diary! Okay - the end. . . Kaila
from elvishtard :
Hey Avi :). I'd like to do e-cards. Are you allowed to make birthday graphics for them? I'm a graphic making fool so yeah, meh lol, I'd be good in that field :).
from girl-aflame :
hehe no prob... I <3 Samurai Jack
from love-is-pain :
Omg, I just read your review from gabriele (whom I love by the way) but I have to say, unless I'm tripping on acid I totally disagree. I don't see any cauldron background so many you changed it, but I LOVE this layout. Your entries are HILARIOUS and I loved every single one of them. You are such a smart ass, that to me is funny. . . Plus, I know you reread your entries and that is another bonus. I just cannot believe gabby didn't like your diary, gonna email her and get her side. She has such good taste, . .wonder if many I'm the one who is slipping, lol. Anway, just wanted to say I love your diary. That's all. Guess I didn't have to take up this much space, but hell, it's my keyboard, I'll type what I like. ~ Kaila
from reviewscars :
Your review was just added to Review Scars! Gabriella.
from girl-aflame :
hullo! I just joined the Samurai Jack webring.. love Jack. Just wanted to let you know that on the actual ring code, "Samurai" is misspelled. It says, "Samauri". Thought you might want to fix it. Thanks for making the ring!!
from marosaku :
Hey Avi ^___^ It's Jess. Thanks a lot ^^, I love your diary too ^-^.. *hugs back*
from dernhelm :
Ha. I like the William Dement quote. :)
from dork-reviews :
hello! your review is up at dork reviews! You can see it here: take care!
from wastaz :
Just thought I'd drop a thought by you, do as you like with it. "If you've never been cold, how would you know when you're hot?" Oh, and I just got it confirmed by Jess, I'm the type of guy that can give great advice but is almost unable to follow them myself ~_^
from great-views :
Pick whoever you want to unless there's somebody else's name next to it. When you pick somone to review, put your name next to their name, so nobody else reviews them. Good luck!
from heavenly0ne :
can be origional or something you read/heard once.
from heavenly0ne :
hello. I just wanted to go to all of the quoters diaries. Visit my guestbook or notes page with one of your favorite quotes. I want to do a diary ring showcase in my diary. I want the whole ring to participate, so please submit your entry real soon!
from glazecovered :
username - friend password - kharkov892
from glazecovered :
Hey! I waited for you =) (this is great-views). So, I need you to review my diary and email the review to me (unless you did that - I have horrible memory). My email is [email protected] Email me about this whole thing. And thank you for your initiative.
from fallsforyou :
yall are like really cool people n' stuff, very nice, i dunno why, but im shocked. yeah. but thnx n stuff, i said that a lol. tootles!
from tocomfortyou :
Haha, sorry for another comment, but I just joined the Witch Weekly ring too, and it said to send an email to Sally for the password, but she hasn't responded. Just wondering if there's anyway to help me out here? Thanks! :-D
from tocomfortyou :
Feel free to send it to my email ( [email protected] ). Or IM me at "hotpoltergeist"
from tocomfortyou :
Yay! Thanks for accepting me to the lotrsisters ring, I was wondering if I could please have the password? Thanks!
from elnara :
Oh by the way, I didn't know who to talk to about this, but it seems like I really messed up on some kind of review. You see, before I became part of SoTR, I was exploring on the site and I clicked on a review for Gandalf... well it seems I made a mistake, that I was supposed to review someone else's diary AS Gandalf, and not do a review on Gandalf. I'm sorry about that. If you could just tell the others for me... and maybe someone else can do it. Thanks.
from elnara :
Thank you for welcoming me to the sisterhood! I hope I will be able to e-mail you soon, but my server is currently down.
from hobbitmuser :
merry Christmas! i wish you merriment and much hobbiday cheer, from one lotrsister to another. *God bless us, everyone* ~Taya
from wrongpajamas :
You created the Ed, Edd, and Eddy rule. That's all I have to say.
from great-views :
That's ok, I can wait till January. You don't have to do mock review or anything until you are back, then I will need you to review my diary, I'll see how you score, and then youa re off to review. =))
from aeternum :
Ah......ahem.....*cough*....yes, I screwed it up already? How do I archive it separately? What i've done is just put a new entry in, with all my ring links on them, and deleted the ring links from my entry template. But I couldn't figure out how to archive the Rings page separately. Please help!
from aeternum :
Hehehe thanks Avi. My fave Emperor's New Clothes quote, and one that is bandied about incessantly among my group of friends is "Pull the lever, Kronk! Wrong lever!" Complete with voice effects. It still makes me laugh. I'll try out the rings page thing (because I really do need one) and if I screw it up beyond all aid i'll ask you for a wee bittie help! Deal? (Knowing me, that's exacly what will end up happening!)
from elwen :
erm..hi! once again, a newbie to lotr sisters. falling0star said i had to contact you to get the password. my email's: [email protected] um..yeah. *looks bashfully around* that's all. ^-^
from adobogirl :
Hey there...welcome to Asian Pride (^-^)
from aurxiel :
hey there, joining was no problem for me! I'm crazy about aragorn!
from dese :
Hey, no trouble, I adore Boromir (who is not dead!, you just have to watch the movie again to see him! o.o) Wow, thanks for the note and compliment! Remind me to write more often. ;)
from irishgirl112 :
emmmmmm, hi avi, sorry i haven't posted on lotr sisters yet but i can't figure out how to do it! please don't kick me off! PS only 85 days til the two towers!!!!!!!!!!! AWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOGA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
from starspirit83 :
Hey Abby, its me Krisitn...cehck out my diaryland thingie at know the rest. It isnt nearly as perfect as yours but I'll get there.
from intheory27 :
Welcome to the English Major d*ring! You have a gorgeous layout and fantastic words to match. Glad to have you!
from pepsi-fruit :
Dentists are scary. Oh yeah, I like your layout, even though you play the saxaphone and therefore are evil. *holds up cross and holy water* ;)
from mandypandy83 :
Hey, thank you for nominating my Born in 1983 diaryring in the best diaryring category!
from mandypandy83 :
You've been nominated:
from rigazza :
thanks for havin' me.
from greytwilight :
I just wanna know one thing... WHY won't you go to the dentist? What are you so afraid of?
from runic-rhymes :
Your guestbook is screwed up....everytime someone signs it the entry goes to "" which is an actual guestbook! ::Laughs:: Someone else is getting your guestbook entries! Here's what I *tried* to say in your guestbook: I won't say you should go to the dentist. I won't even think it too loudly :). Instead I'll tell you that, while not quite as bad, I can commiserate. Some random teeth (the *dentist* could not decide whether they were wisdom teeth or the twelve-year molars that never came in) are growing in the back of my mouth, and everytime I eat anything they start to bleed, because they're just below the surface. Sorry for also being disgusting, I thought I'd share my pain story to make you feel better, or something. That was a long guestbook entry. :D
from crayola64 :
thanx for letting me join all those rings <3. i do live around chicago. naperthrill. yeah, its great =)
from creediscool :
no need to thenk me for joining...who's your fav.? i like double D but ed is pretty stupid and is ed. what's that one girl who hangs out with jimmy? i hate her
from alienbutrfly :
your welcome and thanks for making the ring :)
from lassofskye :
thanx for all the notes:D oh yeah I was checkin out your profile I'm so pumped you like David Eddings!!!! He's so cool!!! I thought I was the loner. lol!
from duelist :
Hey hey! I'm so happy to be a part of the Sisterhood! Now, how do I get started? bio? password? messages? whee! I can't wait to be a part of it all! :-)
from hobbity :
Thanks for accepting me into the LOTR sisterhood. It's cool that we both live in Illinois. I am only about 40 minutes away from Chicago by train.
from legolas2931 :
hello fellow LotR obsessee!
from jgstitches :
I would luv to be in England right now too. What are you doing the week of the 23rd of july? I was hoping to get people together and go to Gurnee Mills or something.
from ladypheebs :
Thanks for accepting me into the sisterhood. I'm also in the aragorn diaryring as well. It feels great to be 'in', but I've got some questions. Who should I ask them to? I want to get so into this, as much as I am into LOTR! Thanks.
from jgstitches :
hey hey. I would love to. We need to get together sometime.
from legolas2931 :
anytime! :)
from nisshoku :
Well I tried to sign your guestbook but for some reason it was not working. So I just wanted to say about the fic--Hey hey what about Elrond?? I have dibs on Elrond, don't forget!!
from baiyano :
Thank you for thanking me for joining the Aragorn ring. Aragorn kicks ass. Kudos for loving Fushigi Yuugi, and for saying No da. Everyone should be required to say NO DA at least twice a day. No Da!
from panzer-kitty :
Thanks for filling out my survey. ;) I love Invader Zim.
from lifedesigns :
I love LOTR . . . *smiles* . . . I was just stopping by to say thanks for filling out my survey (I created it under the name Calynda, but I was too lazy to log out and log back in)
from spunky-wunky :
Sorry I took so long to thank you for thanking me. In fact, I should humble myself before one so great as to create many LOTR diaryrings. Thank you!
from lilcabbage :
Hi there! I'm a member of your diaryring, and I was wondering if you would mind if I changed my links to your ring slightly to text links. You see, I've joined quite a few diaryrings, and because they're all different, the different colours don't really suit my diary. I'm not saying I don't like them, because I do!!! I promise I'll keep all the links the same, but I'm having a major redesigning session with my diary and would like it to be- coordinated! I'll probably do it this evening, but if you have a problem with it, just e-mail me straight away and I'll replace the original codes as soon as possible... Thanks a lot! Sarah, PS- I tried to e-mail this to you, but couldn't find the address- so sorry for the pointless note! It's great to see an Aragorn ring though :)
from silverjade42 :
Bwah ha ha! LOOK AT ME! I'm leaving you a note! You think about that, now! Heeeeeeeee!
from thebadkat :
Hey thanks, I do feel better, I went to school today. i guess that's a good thing, right?? meh, who knows, ttyl. ~Kat~
from wateryone :
ah ha! I love your Aragorn ring. :)
from you-obeyfist :
LOL this is in response to your note... No problem! I'm glad I found another true Zim fan! That show is the BEST! Have you read any of Jhonen's comics? They're great too. I especially like Squee, Happy Noodle Boy, and Johnny the Homicidal Maniac.
from carat04 :
hey i've actually read all of the elenium and am reading the tamuli at the moment
from lemonaddict :
aragorn is so cool, that's why i joined. ^_^
from angrystarlyt :
My goodness, do you own *every* cool ring out there? I must bow down to your greatness; I'm in awe!
from komradphil :
once, i thought about gettin me a big hat like Mithrandir...but then i thought about it, and realized i'd look like a total doofus. so yeah
from vitamin-c :
I never noticed that!'re right, it looks a *lot* like the engraving on the Ring.'d be rather frightening if the tattoo started whispering "Bagginsss..." Gah...better not to think about it!
from lacorneille :
Welcome to the backstage diaryring!
from itrymybest :
actually, i joined the m*a*s*h diaryring. but thanks for the note!
from mylastregret :
thanks for thankin me for joining the aragorn ring
from nevtalathiel :
*looks at her copy of LOTR on the bookshelf which she wants to read... the book... not the bookshelf...* ;_; pore boromir... *weeps for boromir* thank u's for minding my storie! no da! hum de hoo... *trots off to do some work*
from lacorneille :
A Boromir diaryring! And I didn't have to be obsessive and make it myself! I mean, I'm still obsessive, but...anyway, yay!
from alaina7667 :
Very cool; I'll have to check to see which one I have or else travel to the library. Thank you so much; I love to hear about good books to read!
from alaina7667 :
All right; this is like a series, correct? I have one of them, Alex lent it to me, but I'm not positive upon whether it's the first or not. Does it matter? I wish to start off correctly!
from alaina7667 :
hey, actually Lord of the Rings is sitting at home on my nightstand since I'm (supposed) to be reading that for English. I had no idea that he was in anything else! I'm gonna have to look out for that! Thank you so much.
from amandarose :
hi, guess i'm the first see ya! ~Mandi

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