she would sit alone sometime

covering the scars the best she could

hiding the pain behind a pretty face, false smile

but the facade was slowing killing her inside

My favorite diaries:

angellore profile - diary
comments: ::What if this so called reality turned out to be just another nightmare::
bfatt profile - diary
chiv profile - diary
contour profile - diary
dropsofyouth profile - diary
comments: ::my heart accidentally fell out of my mouth today and it pumped determindly on the ground until i stepped on it with the heel of my shoe, and red splatted everywhere::
icantdothis profile - diary
comments: ::and i'm left lying on the pavement bleeding. my hands are fumbling for yours to help me up. and youre nowhere to be found::
invade-me profile - diary
comments: ::my dreams flow out of my eyes, hidden inside these tears. because i know that i'll never reach them::
morguecrawl profile - diary
mesmerize-me profile - diary
owningsun profile - diary
comments: ::I want to be at the bottom of an ocean,with the water and creatures who look at me and make me feel they know me::
raverkitty profile - diary
comments: ::This is better than Candyland::
scaronmymind profile - diary
comments: ::Out there in the world, I don't see anything but lying eyes, I don't hear anything but lying words. I guess this is what paranoia must feel like::
sick-of-me profile - diary
comments: The most beautiful girl I've never seen..
silvrspring profile - diary
comments: ::here's to the drives at night with the windows down, and the cigarettes burning, and the music dancing through the smoke rings::
translucid profile - diary
comments: ::Fate.. coincidence.. serendipity.. synchronicity.. god.. whatever.. they have been taunting us the whole time you see::
unclaimed profile - diary
unwittingly profile - diary
wanderer21 profile - diary
comments: A pixie girl..

My favorite music:

Combat 84
comments: ::No one's safe when we march by, that's why we won't fade and die::
Flogging Molly
comments: I've seen them seven times.. best band in the world.
Funker Vogt
comments: yum..
comments: popular for a reason..
comments: and pretty much most goth/industrial/synth-pop/ebm/power noize.. and oi and rac good stuff..

My favorite movies:

The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari
comments: German Expressionism at it�s best. I would kill to live within those sets.
comments: black & white film by Fritz Lang, stunning.
The Seventh Seal
comments: Swedish film by Ingmar Bergman about a knight playing a game of chess with death.
Clockwork Orange
comments: Political commentary directed by Stanley Kubrick.. and it was banned in the UK for 20 yrs. Rock.
The Nightmare Before Christmas
comments: Danny Elfman and Tim Burton must be demi-gods.

My favorite authors:

Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche
comments: of course..
Poppy Z. Brite
comments: Everything is write is simply amazing.. if only I could live in her imagination..
Algernon Blackwood
comments: A British version of Edgar Allen Poe.
Kristen Nelson
comments: -The Burnt Yew Chronicles-
Tanith Lee
comments: -The Blood Opera Sequence-

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