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from lonely-zenia :
hhuummm wow cool layout.....and nice post.....
from beestar :
tell me ure gonna unlock your diary soon....or give me the password?...
from m-rulez :
Umm... Hello.. Assalaam O Alaikum, Though I dont know much about you, neither anything about your life, but after reading your posts... one sure gets the idea of a broken soul inside you! Its reallly good, if you realizes the sorrows of life, no matter if they're your own, or someone else's! But these are the part of one's life... and sticking to them, wont help anyone. Its MY GOLDEN RULE of life [that I apply every now and then] ".. to forget all your sorrows, think optimistically, live happily..looking fwd for the Good Future... and live a peaceful life!" [I know it sounds childish..but try it once!] as I blv. "The darkest hour of night is just before the Dawn!" Its New Year Already, wish you a Happy twenty 'o 4our, full of bliss and peace. Get a new start, try to solve the problems instead of weeping on them! Life is short, and goes On! Hope to read more from you, Best of luck... Take care. MOoN ~ the Girl of Principles! P.S: I like your writing style, stick to it, but being Positive!
from lonely-zenia :
Thanks for coming back......Wellcome back
from lonely-zenia :
hey, y u stoped riting....i know things get ruf in life & in some time in ur life u thing ur self is useless u don't mean anything to anybody. Halanke esa hota nahi hai....ensan hain na hum sab bol jate hain ke ager aj suraj karoob ho geya hai tu kal taloo b to ho ga. Zindagi main kahen suba aur kahen samain ati hain is ka ye matlab tu nahi ke hum dil har batain. hosla karo aur Allah par barosa rakoo. PS if its possible plz start riting again zenia
from lonely-zenia :
oh plz don't go i am gona miss ur deep thoughts that u use to post after now and than......plz do concider coming back i hope everything is okey in ur life...
from lonely-zenia :
tumahi id main to hope leka hova hai etna to samaj aa geya mager blind ka keya matlab hova????? well anywayz deko zindagi esa ka name hai haim kuch pane ke leya kuch kohna to parta hi hai na aur ager hum ase hi choti choti batoon per homesick ya doki hone lagain to kam kase chale ka. ik bat aur zindagi enhi ups and downs ka name hai ager zindagi main serf kushyain hi hoon tu ensan un kushyun ke kader hi koo deta hai esi leya Allah ne hamri zindagi main kuch dook dal ker apne karib ker deya hai kun ki ensan kushyun main kabi Allah ko yad nahi kerta wo hamesah dookoon main yad ata hai....
from lonely-zenia :
you r really good riter with really polished skills of riting.....keep up the good work aur zara kaldi kaldi update keya karoo......i pray ke ap ki zindagi ke tamam moskalat ki jaga kushiyain le lain.....Don't lose ur heart this is circle of life...
from lacrosse2003 :
hi blindhope it's me again i read todays entry and i liked it alot your a very good writter.
from lacrosse2003 :
hi blindhope you are definately someone of the world and i envy that i hope that you find happyness in everything that comes your way.
from lonely-zenia :
from imperrfectly :
hey how come everyone knwos everyone else around here :P anyhow, i like the way you write :)
from hellwritten :
food was delicious:@... yaar mujhey pata thha tumhein bhi wo pasand hai... khair it was kinda fun..seems like its a final get together on sunday
from z0tl :
it'd be easier if you joined my reality, then the bleeding would stop automatically (it's in my house rulez). if you can't, please leave the key to yours under the doormat, i'll try to sneak in sometimes... :z
from blindhope :
Thanks for admiring my writing skills... You actually could've asked why I didn't 'get off my butt' and help that little child... The reason being a 20 feet boundary wall that separates us... And just for the record, I am very thankful to Allah for everything He has blessed me with and for everything He hasn't... Perhaps the things I'm deprived of do not match my living style... I don't think my writing sounded as if I wasn't thankful for what I have or what I am, I just wrote what I felt like at that moment, wrote something which made sense at least to me.
from sevendocs :
its nice that you think about other people who are not as fortunate as you are...but you know what would have been better than getting off your butt and helping that little child. you are so self sat there, listened to him cry, and thought about why isnt it youu who is crying... be thankful for what you have, and not just feel for the unfortunate people, do something forr them!! btw youve got a nice writing style going even though some times it seems like you have no life !!
from beestar :
hello. i just read your entry today about the mehndi u went to. so i assume that makes u muslim? thats cool coz i am too. not often u come across asians let alone muslims on here.
from bodymindsoul :
i'm in love with your writing *sigh*
from silentspring :
ooaaayyy get a guestbook atleast or a tag board
from orchdreamer :
that don't impress me much, you may have the look, but have you got the touch? now don't get me wrong..yeah I think your alright, but that won't keep me warm in the middle of the long cold lonely night. that don't impress me much...ok sorry just had to get that out, I read your last entry and the whole "that don't impress me much" reminded me of that song so haha I was signing it was like 20 minutes hehe. I'm not sure if that's the song you meant but it sure sounded like it, but then again sometimes I'm such a dork and assume things wrong. well just wanted to say Hi I guess. have a great day!
from naya-sitara :
hey, just looking for a person frm pakistan. i was just feeline kinds homesick, and thought i would do a bit of serach. and happened to find u! so, i just thought i would say hi. so, Hi! =^.^= *****

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