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from stepfordtart :
The grit you referred to appears to be largely under my sofa, although there's quite a lot in the hallway too as no-one in this house WIPES THEIR DAMN FEET! If I vacuum later, would you like it back? I can bag it up for you : ) s x
from indiwaters :
everyone else has already said it well enough before me,but:i can appreciate your of work with things<3
from raven72d :
do keep writing. i love your entries.
from moomoos :
hey. nice diary (: are you going through a rough break up too? just read a few entries of your stuff. ahh. x
from elliestuff :
sounds like a start. all the best on getting it written out.
from l4rry4nn :
owh yeah..I forget.. do you have facebook??can you give me your email for me??
from l4rry4nn :
hi..I'm larry ann from indonesia..I want to know you..what do you want to be my friend??^^
from girl101 :
la la la love. have i told you this-- keep shining you crazy diamond. what you say is worth gold. what coast are you making the magic happen on these days? i am twentyfour hours in being in the us of a again. it is latenight, time for sleep. night night b
from annanotbob :
20 days! Good for you x
from ceilings :
i wrote a letter to the girl i was to thank her for becoming such a fuck up. i've done all those bad things too except i haven't stolen credit cards or embezzeled money. but i sleep with some married men, i never finish what i start, i drink myself into oblivion and all that. but in my opinion it's better to be a fuck up, it's better to go crazy and do all these fucked up things because other people they just take the safe and easy, straight and narrow, the right way. and yeah, people don't call these people "dissapointments" or say things like "what are you gonna do with your life?" ... but these people aren't truly happy either, because sure they're content, maybe even satisfied but they'll never know what they could have had. the brilliant possibilities that the shady lifestyle provides.
from girl101 :
"...girls in love with language and Barcelona, girls in love with the sound of the sea or a really good dance beat..." ♥ so me. and pina coladas and laughing so hard my stomach hurts and places i've never been and story telling... & staring at the sky, sitting under trees, looking at clouds or stars - i want to do that more.
from annanotbob :
from veganfuckk :
Been reading your diary and my lord is it beautiful. You've got a gift!
from girl101 :
seconded. i wish for zines and long letters and books. you remind me of so many things i want, living living living. rock n roll honey. you've got it.
from raven72d :
I'm enthralled by your words.
from girl101 :
congrats on everything girl!!! you deserve the night full of stars and everything underneath. xoxoxo
from raven72d :
Lovely poetry and entries.
from scratchvinyl :
i'll be on the edges of torn paper. remember fortune favours the brave.
from girl101 :
"let's live like we've never lived before." seriously i can't get ever how much i relate to every. single. word! a new year. let's do it up!! xx yes i'm in miami, paradise.
from girl101 :
"let's drink a round to this town and say goodbye." first round is on me!
from girl101 :
if you're born a lion, don't bother trying to act tame.xoxox
from girl101 :
it is almost christmas! now that it's post-thanksgiving, let the holiday music begin. i was lunching with the girls at nordstrom, because hell, i do that, and they had all their holiday decorations up. along with theory suits and four hundred dollar tops that i wanted to take home. didn't make it to the shoe department, luckily for my bank account. i've had to deal with a lot of friend-girl shit recently, which i've never really had before, but everything is gravy now and my roommates are great and for the most part, life really rules. i've got the travel bug something ridiculous (beirut for new years? istanbul for spring break? spain in january? i want it all), so panama in two days to be a bridesmaid in my friend's wedding couldn't have come at a better time. sorry about your car bebedoll, are you ok? tell me things. the world is yours ♥
from girl101 :
isn't paolo delicious
from scratchvinyl :
and sometimes it takes a stranger to remind you.
from mykenzie :
i'm addicted to your writing style! keep up the amazing prose.
from those-words :
You write beautifully. It's enganging and leaves me wanting to read only more =] xx
from scratchvinyl :
like dt said... "rage. rage against the dying of the light". and you did.
from girl101 :
haha, that sounds like magic! i love it! also, maybe i shouldn't tell you this, but i will, cause it's kind of funny: this time after i favorited the most recent entry (whatever, you know you're cool) i preemptively saved the part "to be free" cause i had a feeling you'd be you and delete it. love from MIAMI to you in CALI where there is SNOW and sunshine and laugher, all three of which i compltely ADORE. xoxo
from scratchvinyl :
you came back. [insert nonchalant grin] it's funny how we always end up here sooner or later huh?
from girl101 :
don't deleteeeeee it.!
from girl101 :
looove! where did your new entries go? wah! oh yes, also, please move to miami so we can drink strawberry daquiris on the beach. ♥
from girl101 :
hi sweetpea. your note was a reminder this little world still exists. the world of our words, and that's always love. tell me your email, i'll let you in. it's just boy after boy.. these days, these days, these days. let's catch up on stories. ♥
from eighteen07 :
BREN!!!!! its chelle/michelle. you are always in my bookmarks. please dont take away all of your words again. i love them. MILKSHAKE IS FUCKING GREAT ENTRY. you can write me at [email protected]
from kisstiara :
MY OH MY you are beautiful. <33333
from hidefromyou :
holy.mother.of.christ. i am adding you.
from dne :
keep looking.
from thefallofart :
i don't want to just say, bren what you write is so unbelievable, or i'm so lifted away when i read what you have to say and have it sound so much the same as what everyone else is saying here. so you know, i'll just say, i hope you fall in a kind of love like lying in the warm shore, sea kissing your eyelids.
from inmyparadise :
[in.awe] beautiful. absolutely beautiful.
from heart-x :
*adds you to buddylist on the spot* gorgeous, dollface. ♥
from girl101 :
hey love. i've missed seeing your smile on the lj, it's good to hear you words again <3. you live the life, you know -- &your images take me there. i love you. xo.
from thefallofart :
oh bren. we are the same when it comes to dreams. we want to live in this intricate world our mind creates at night. ps, you're writing again! <3333
from officegal :
every next entry is anouther sparkling star of talent from you. thank you agian
from askingtomuch :
i just love it when you update xxx
from askingtomuch :
i love your entries, i look forward to each and every one. you are simply amazing<3
from moongazer17 :
you are THE most amazing writer. but you alreadyknow that
from lonelykings :
i got a note from you forever and a day ago asking for my email address. was that so you could send me the skull and cross bones for my diary?
from punkunicorn :
beautiful and i wish we could hold hands.
from thefallofart :
from neuroticaa :
i love that 2003-08-09 entry. <3
from pixiechicks :
you have beautiful words....
from smart-geek :
Well, I know I'm a complete stranger, but I stumbled across your diary. You're an amazing write, I thought that you should know that, if you don't already know it. Ahh I'm feeling the same way as you right now as well...<3 Kelsey
from eden-x :
this is starr [ wings-x02 ], bren. you are already missed sorely. when i watch the dusk sweeping into the sky tonight, i will think of you.
from justenough :
i'm so sorry to see you go bren; your words have always been beautiful &i'm sure that wherever you'll be writing now, whether its a new location or lined paper or napkins in coffee shop, nothing but beauty will fall from your fingertips. i'll miss this diary but don't forget i'm always here, if you need to talk. </3
from love-unsent :
i love your diary, i just found it, but since you wont be updating anymore i guess i can always read your old entries. you seem like a beautiful person, and, maybe in the same place of life that i am right now. beautiful layout too. i am adding you as a fave if you dont mind.
from fucked-raw :
why is it i'm always finding the most beautiful people and their always leaving .... damn
from thefallofart :
:(, sad to hear you're leaving. you are a beautiful writer, and deserve all your dreams. never fade. (i would be honoured to take over devenir-vous. send an email to chasingmon[email protected] explaining everything. much love bren. <3)
from bottledbitch :
bff boy type friend present ideas : o so wondrous plastic blown bubbles bought at walgreens. really lame matching somethings. something self made, something salvaged, something sincere, something slightly damaged. the thought is what counts and the disarray only leads to haphazard fun. he will love it. he will love you (already and forever.)
from disquiet :
ohohthankyou. wonderful girl. that means so much coming from someone like you - i think you're a hundred kinds of great. <3.
from thefallofart :
you can take nakedembrace and therat off
from punkunicorn :
wonderful and beautiful.
from xxromanticxx :
im back!!! im not sure if you will like my new writing style though. if you don't blame it on at the drive in, contact me if you read any of the new stuff.
from kill-my-star :
i just applied to your diaryring...on the wrong diary. so...please ignore x-my-heart4 & considering acknowledging this one. thank you kindly.
from sxepunk :
yeah, girls like me.
from ordinaryday :
i stumbled across yr words. and they made me melt. yr amazing girlface. i just wanted you to know. unbroken hearts and shooting stars <3 brittany
from thefallofart :
you are tsunami wave of sexiness! i am not even joking! bytheway, this is nakedembrace, just a new diary, but wow, the sex-i-ness of your writing. mmmmhhhm.
from demise- :
//sometimes you have to realise that being confused is only way to live life. after all; if it were so simple __easy to figure out ;; it wouldn/t make the so called [unspecial & unbeautiful people like ourselves seem the way we do now would it?] although *i* think you are /BEYOND/ special & beautiful. not that words ever mean anything or ever prove enough...
from lost-flower :
you are amazingly beautiful ♥
from kill-soma :
hmmm. i seem to be on devenir-vous list. but you didnt mention my name when speaking of new members. dropping a line nonetheless. cheers xoxo
from biohazardous :
bren; you're still so pretty
from heartxthief :
i just wanted to make sure it was alright to create my own image for devenir-vous. it's on the main page of my diary. i just wanted one with a transparent background. if its not okay, gimme a holler. <3 kristen marie
from heartxthief :
thank you. i think it suits the mood of most of my poems... intense, passionate yet filled with rage. my heart leapt when i found that layout... and settled when i was able to alter it to suit my needs.
from heartxthief :
i love your diary. i normally despise pink... but yours makes my <3 happy.
from wings-x02 :
ack. i've applied for devenir-vous and i just realized i don't have 25 entries yet. sorry doll, ignore my application. i'll apply again when i do have enough entries. as for yr diary, i think it's beautiful. i fucking love pretty words, don't you?
from moongazer37 :
your latest entry was beautiful
from revolucion :
ness here. writing again. shit. add me. miss you already. feeling better? tell him to kiss yr fist. let's go to montebello. i love you.
from girl101 :
&isn't it always the way... when everything's meaning shifts. glad you write darling.strong.girl. <3.
from indie-snob :
hello there! i added a review for an Alkaline Trio show I saw with Pretty Girls Make Graves and thought you may be interested. lots of other concert and album reviews here, too. check it out, thanks!
from lesthanjill :
you write beautifully-more than beautiful... your writing could move traffic jams...or my stubborn dad. i love your diary-adding you to my favorites
from i-eat-stars :
i love your latest entry. its so beautiful. and your layout is gorgeous. i just wanna eat it. hehe. xoxo. <3
from moongazer37 :
your newest entry made me cry..a lot. so beautiful.
from moongazer37 :
beautiful did you become so damn poetic?
from fakeitsoreal :
your new layout is amazing. i love your diary.
from fword :
i like your diary, especially the current entry. visit fword and think of submitting something; i'd love if you did. -jessica
from moongazer37 :
your newest entery was so beautifully poetic. i am blown away by your depth. i absolutely love your diary.
from apockalyptik :
Your writing is beautiful.. and I just thought you should know if you don't already. I'm quite intrigued by it, you seem to have such a wonderful personality. You are beautifully deep.
from neuroticaa :
what a lovely suprise to see you have me linked under a favorite entry. i've told you how often i read your site, haven't i? <3
from moongazer37 :
your diary is so good and i'm jelous. i love it and will continue to read
from nakedembrace :
'kay let's sit on park swings in the summer night with fireflies and slurp down cherry popsicles and look at the stars and feel humidity on our skin and talk about the beaches in thailand and love and dying.
from x-porcelain :
you are everything beautiful
from justenough :
sometimes i wish every emotion HADN'T been felt. i want to invent my own to drown in that no one else in the world ever felt before. & other times its nice to know that .everyone. can twist my words into their OWN problems & say "hey i relate" becuase its nice to know you're not stranded & alone. & i think you're correct about everyone feeling the pain but maybe its like DNA: every strand of it is different & no one truely relates or understands or feels the same way. the situation is always different, the way you handle it is always different, the thoughts flying through your head during another sleepless night are always different. but darling; its nice to know that you DO relate, however subtly it is. don't you wish we could carry a big pillow around with us at all times to protect us from the invetable fall thats coming ohsoslowly & sneaking up behind us. "its easy to cry when you know everyone you love will reject you or die" (fight club). thank you for your beautiful words // they mean the world to me. i was so lonely & you made me smile. thankyouthankyouthankyou. ♥
from mazeofmirors :
I like that <3
from neuroticaa :
darling, your latest entry is gorgeous!
from x-x-x-x :
indeed. <3
from justenough :
i try to keep going, keep dancing & soaring but you can only get so far with a broken heart; your words are like a bandage & lollipop (delicious&beautiful&helpful). a slight pickmeup during a day where i've been hiding tears behind closed eyelashes. i wish i could be everything you said, but i'm not sure if i'm brave enough to yet. i'm working on it. & darling > beautiful, lithe, graceful : you are all of the above & more. thank you for making me smile & never ever stop being so fucking wonderful. <3
from upandcoming :
your writing is nice. it flows nicely. be single. have fun. if it is meant, it will come back. at least, I'd like to think so.
from tooxfarxgone :
hhmm. the writing of the boy. i can relate, a lot. i'm sorry you hurt. if you ever discover a secret that makes it go away, let me know. and your words are beautiful. <3xoxo
from prettyxwaste :
gorgeous words, love. xoxo
from augustsend :
Re-reading your diary it amamzes me that it's not things I've already written, it's like reading my own life. It's almost scary how closely I relate to the feelings you have.
from ohmakemeover :
and thankyou. look how it all is. feels like a 5yroldandicecream.
from ouifrancais :
Your writing is truly amazing and I look forward to reading more. Live strong and well.
from girl101 :
i ♥ your words.
from farbehind :
hey! i would help you with layout if i could! but i didn't even design mine, it was free. i got it at []. sorry to disappoint ya. nice diary, btw.
from burntstar :
do you want me to put up the code after i submit myself? i haven't submitted yet because i wasn't sure.
from heartshaped :
beautiful as ever. <3<3
from leely :
You write beautifully, darling:) ♥xoxo
from justenough :
bren. dont loose your will to live yet. you still have so much to live for. you are beautiful. your writing is beautiful. you make me want to write and write and write. keep smiling. you can get through everything. we can get through everything. thank you for the beautiful note, it made me smile. <3<3
from chrissip0o :
Sorry, I took so long to get back to you. Xmas has been CRAZY! My email is [email protected]. Thanks!
from x-juliette-x :
hey i noticed that a bunch of the members have the skulls&crossbones icon on their pages, i was wonderin how to get it..
from punkunicorn :
[email protected] <3<3<3<3
from psallmylove :
so is that skull and cross bones thingy the image for the ring...if so can i have it please?
from leely :
I ♥ your writing. Will you visit me one day?
from girl101 :
lots of <3. my email is [email protected]. xoxox.
from justenough :
hello. you asked for my email: [email protected] <3 there you go darling
from therat :
i really     love the layout with you     you are real pretty     and your last two entries     something like being breahtless after sex     and eating strawberries naked with     a lover or two.
from upandcoming :
hey, I came across your diary from a link, I think it is great and quite unlike any otehr I've come across. if you get some time check out mine and give some advice, advice is good, always good
from moon-dusty :
could i have a skull and crossbones? for devenir-vous diaryring? please?
from punkunicorn :
from girl101 :
this is absolutely beautiful. and what an essay. brave.
from justenough :
wow. so beautiful. ♥ x 981
from girl101 :
i can.t read any of this, literally. maybe it.s my computer, but your words are askew, shifted beyond the margins. transcendental. and i love that idea, but now, if only i could read them. xoxoxoxox
from justenough :
beautiful. just. so. beautiful.
from cdghost :
all cities kill, contemporary words!
from girl101 :
dear sunshine, this really h-i-t-s me in the face [feels like a kiss] "instead of living for today. i was killing myself in yesterday. it used to make me feel something. now it just makes me feel dead." <3. ps, please send the devenir-vous info so i can put it up [[email protected]]. love, rainshine.
from brokenwords- :
lovely. xox.
from nakedembrace :
this is fucking great.
from heartshaped :
i like this. xo.
from quantum87 :
.slice .xo.
from girlgenie :
holy fuck - wonderful.
from vitality :
i like this.

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