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from raven72d :
I've been writing here since 2002, and it's good to see others still writing here.
from swordfern :
Just read your entry and wanted to send some empathy in regards to the multiple mental health events along with the leg/out-of-work-husband. That's a lot of caregiving for you, on top of coming to terms with your own suggested diagnosis.
from thisisjohn :
thanks for the note... good to hear from you... hope things are well in your worlds... john
from catsoul :
5.22.19. Happy Birthday to YOU!!! Vent away, and then some vent. It will be ok. Take Care. Peace. =^..^=
from dangerspouse :
I just checked out some Ester Drang on the recommendation of your post. Nifty stuff - I'll have to give more of their stuff a listen now. Thanks! (And I hope the Gods Of Financial Largess rain blessings upon you soon. Money worries suck.)
from dangerspouse :
I think we all would tell our 20 year old selves the same thing if we could go back. Wistfulness seems to be a species trait. :)
from glorycloud :
I do not know if we can change our lay out since Diaryland is broken/is no longer owned by anyone-Diaryland just functions without anyone over seeing it-I keep hoping someone takes charge of Diaryland and fixes it-peace
from the-grey-one :
Really liked your lovesick entry :)
from glorycloud :
keep writing in Diaryland-miss your words
from bizybee35 :
I enjoyed reading your writings.
from witty-remark :
You listen to Benji Hughes? You know who Benji Hughes is?! Also, your writing is beautiful. Tragically so. I think I'm in love.
from sunshine---- :
i read some of your entries, i enjoy your writing. i hope you are having a good day. =]

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