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from beagle47 :
did you hear? old home week on dland. i left a couple o' entries for the occasion. you? hope all's well...
from beagle47 :
"where have you gone, Joe Dimaggio?"
from candoor :
happy new year :)
from beagle47 :
or, should dog have barked "simple is as simple does..." ;) how are you? hope well. *woof!*
from candoor :
I hope you are wonderful, wherever you are :)
from candoor :
so I finally remembered to go visit neangel and leave a note and I was reminded that she found me here and when i got here I found you locked, so I leave this note to say I knocked on your door and hope all is well inside :)
from erato :
I know, darling, I know. But, let me tell you, this screen have eyes, and they are always on you.
from erato :
You are breath-taking. "In the meanitime", you are radiant. I stand adoring, as always.
from leviticus :
Thank you ciulionn, it really means alot. I think I'm alright though...we'll see. I hope you're well. xx
from primessa :
To want nothing, is a good thing.. right?
from neangel :
love the new set up ;-)
from morceaux :
aww, thanks, hon. i'm glad someone can relate<3
from mzletty :
Hey chica! Just letting you know I just HAVE to add you to my buddy list! Your awesome writer!-Letty
from beagle47 :
lady scribed: "thanks, my dear. oh, if things were only that simple, right?" dog barks: "they are."
from beagle47 :
from beagle47 :
okay, here's a calulated gamble: all that stuff you keep doing to make yourself suffer? stop it. you deserve better. (did that work? i dunno, it was odd, i went to my list, scrolled down to you, clicked, clicked again, and entered the first thing that came to mind. i dunno, it was odd...)
from watercolored :
Apolgies in advance for the entry to come.
from love-me-baby :
this is allirose...with a new wrapper. umm i promise that no matter how bad it gets, you'll always be able to tell when something just isn't matter how long it goes on too. much love
from candoor :
This is a test. (beep) This is a test of the Emergency Valentine's Day System. (EVS) This test is to see if leaving notes around DLand will make this a wonderful day (and weekend) in spite of not particularly being with anyone romantically at the moment. (ummm) May the results be that all this love in my heart found some productive use. (smile) And maybe a giggle or few (Happy V-Day from my other persona too :)
from cdghost :
your beautiful, glad i stumbled unto your words
from watercolored :
Thank you, I've been humbled by yours more than once as well.
from mzletty :
Oh my goodness; you have a true talent for words. I love your words! It would be a pleasure to come back to read, if you don't mind-Letty
from sugar-punk :
you know, there have been times where I've wondered if you and I are the same person? For it seems that no matter what I'm feeling, an entry turns up in your diary saying just that, only beautifully, and it creates such deja vu that it takes my breath away. Your words are the ones people mean when they speak of love.
from allirose :
:)way to go:D
from allirose :
thank you
from allirose :
man this is crazy, i'd like to say me and you are in the same boat, due to the fact that i have this loyalty to a certain person and we've "been together" on numerous accounts but the problem, i'm in love with him, i just don't have the heart or will or need or want to be with anyone else and he has a girlfriend. she's been around for the last year, i've been around much longer but me and this guy are still "being together" despite the g-friend, it's crazy and way emotional
from watercolored :
Happy New Year to you as well!
from beagle47 :
yes, of course, it should have read "here is what i like about ciu," but there are no editors here on diaryland...thankfully. have a wonderful new year!
from beagle47 :
here us what i like about ciu: she always comes out of the blue, with a nice little thought, so it seems that i ought, say 'i wish all the same to you, too!' ;) right back at ya!
from allirose :
that was the best entry i have ever read and everything you say is so true and i'm only 15 but it's like teenage romance and i'm already in the weepy state...."i'd wait forever for you" but hell i'm ignoring every sign in the book
from dearroberta :
I love that every time I visit, well not EVERY time but quite often, you have a new skin. And yet the words remain always, heart felt and beautiful, tinged with sadness and joy.
from allirose :
has anyone ever told you you write the best stuff in the world well i just did, i'm experiencing the whole 1st love thing right now and i appreciated your entry, even though i appreciate all of them...alli
from jane-does :
Painfully beautiful. I found you through your banner... I just couldn't resist clicking it. I tried to leave a guestbook entry, but you know how temperamental they are. I've only read one entry, but I know I will be back. Thank you for your story.
from beagle47 :
she wrote "...your words is what I imagine self-esteem to sound like..." and the little dog barked in recognition "yes, but when i have it, everything is quiet." ;) thanks, and hope you believe it.
from banshee-rose :
Thank you for your kind words.
from beagle47 :
hey, i haven't noted you in a while but your 10/6 entry...i just couldn't stop my fingers from typing this: "wow. beautifully written." thanks. i feel better now. hope life is grand.
from watercolored :
"What is the source of our first suffering? It lies in the fact we hesitated to speak, it was born in the moment when we accumulated silent things within us." -Gaston Bachelard
from deepxxviolet :
why can't i put into words the thing i feel as you do, gah, jealousy
from beagle47 :
that is really nice of you to note. i appreciate it. i'm glad that someone gets something out of the junk that spills out o' me wee little brain. oh, and get some sleep, eh? ;) peace. (and i really mean that).
from the29th :
Okay, I finally managed to come up with some questions: 1. What is an average weekend like for you? 2. What skill do you wish you had? 3. Favorite holiday? 4. Movie that scared you when you were a kid? 5. Famous person {living or dead} you would most like to meet?
from the29th :
Glad to see you listed "Cold Heart Canyon" on good books you've read recently. It's one of the stack waiting for me. I've never read Barker before, though I've always meant to.
from watercolored :
Thank you for the note, and I return the 'beautiful and haunting' compliment.
from da1-4-u :
thank you for saying what is so hard for me to say.
from souldream :
Hey. Funny. I couldn't sleep tonight. I poured a mudslide/sleep tonic..came to diaryland and started poking around. I came across your diary and started reading. You have a talent for going right for the soul. Not just yours, but you speak directly to others' souls. You sparked something..I know that I have lost this unidentifiable "something" - this connection with emotion. I seem to no longer risk expressing what's in my heart. Reading your post reminded me to go deeper - when I speak, or write, to do it from that place. Then I saw you are in Denver. So am I. Check out my diary..I just signed up last night - so I only have two entries. To know you made a difference in the life of a stranger - at the level of the soul - is way cool. Keep these entries comin'.
from darkfairy13 :
WOW. I was drwn in by your wonderful banner to find a smart and wise person. wow. Go you.
from prissy-pants :
HaPpY FoUrTh Of JuLy!! I hope you have a great day.Be sweet :)
from prissy-pants :
I am new to the site,but I wanted to write you because we have such similar experiences....if you weren't cross country from me, I would swear that we were seeing the SAME person.....what makes "commitment phobes" so drawn to the truly golden hearted people?? What is the point in convincing the one person that they will never fully commit to, of falling head over hills??? It really baffles the sane mind, doesn't it?
from lifezacircle :
Thanks for writting in your online diary. everytime i read it everything in my life just seems to make sense. The thing you said about the card-sending. . . it made me realize that even though things have been said before they still need to be said to keep people up and on their feet. SO, from a crazed and confused teen-ager. . .thanks for making things make sense.
from nothalfright :
thanks for the note. i'm glad you're glad you found my site. the fix is in. your pal, ryan
from beagle47 :
thank you for adding me. i wish i could erase all the bad from your life, but, then again, one never knows if that might make things worse. in any event, i think good things will happen to you soon and i will think good thoughts directed your way in the interim. peace. (and i really mean that).
from angryquail :
Just read your entry about doing yoga/good habits...good job! I totally agree about retaining some bad habits being not necessarily bad. I've been sick with bronchitis so I wish I could go get out there for me!
from autumnal :
from redhorse :
wow, think you have got the right ofit. that reminds me, i think i will do the same! thanks!
from not-it :
i know this feeling all to well. its completely draining, a hallowing time to experience. i'm crawling back to the light day by day.
from pieceofme :
please feel free to take a large bite ;) i am loving your writing by the way.i love to lose myself in your words...
from mikejesq :
The calm after the storm is almost as good as the buildup to it.
from pieceofme :
you sound so much like me, in the way that you are fighting against the current. i think though, also like me, that you are very strong, you just dont feel that way sometimes. take care xxx
from pieceofme :
oh, thank you for finding me. i am so glad to have had the chance to explore you. rebecca xxx
from mikejesq :
If you can be thankfull for so little then nothing is impossible, you remind me of me some years ago. You are what you are - the sound that wind makes when whistling effortlessly through reeds.
from zambrosia :
Hi, I just wanted to say that I like your writing. You have a talent of putting things in perspective. Great job - keep it up.
from mikejesq :
Beauty is not an absolute, to someone, you are always beautiful, as is your writing.

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