it's been so real. i'm moving on and starting over. see you at the finish line...

My favorite diaries:

poeticwmn profile - diary
comments: LeY
Gemille profile - diary
comments: "it's just.. forever is a very long time.. i dunno... i'm scared... i really am"
glitterkick profile - diary
comments: "Turns out the service engine soon light can mean anything including, but not limited to, loose gas cap, impending explosion, or possibly the hamster that turns the wheel under the hood that keeps the neonmobile moving has died. Hard to say really.&q
imperfectlyy profile - diary
comments: she's an angel! and writes like she's been here 4ever ... and not just 16 years
broken-dyke profile - diary
comments: "You whisper "I love you" I feel like I cant breath and my body gets weak."
theshakedown profile - diary
comments: formally "honestyonly" ... "Why is something that is good, "the shit," but something that is bad is, "the shits?"
fandemoff profile - diary
comments: My VERY GOOD FRIEND ... we've known each other for almost 8 years. I love her!
purplebanana profile - diary
comments: She's such a talented writer. I love her style and the ease of reading her words
aladiestouch profile - diary
comments: My BEAUTIFUL soror Sky Blue
bifemmegirl profile - diary
comments: A hopefully soon to be Soror of mines

My favorite music:

comments: best lyricist.
John Coltran
comments: an icon gone way before his time! FREAKIN LEGENDARY
Heather Headly
comments: SHE IS ... fantastic!!!!!!!!
Faith Evans
comments: came back holding no barriors a true DIVA that came thru it all
Vivian Greene
comments: i was on that emotional rollercoaster ... and scared of heights

My favorite movies:

Love Jones
comments: ...it was like, his d*ck was just speaking to me ... das my shyt!
comments: a lez flick dat had me holding on to mu seat
Shawshank Redemption
comments: everytime dat bytch come on TBS im watching it!
Erin Brokavich
comments: a biggg Julia Roberts fan here!
Better than Chocolate
comments: hey duh it was a good lez film...geesh im a lesbian sue me!

My favorite authors:

Nikki Giovanni
comments: My all time favorite poetress ... she defies all odds
BeBe Moore Campbel
comments: I was a memeber of that comeback choir
Maya Angelou
comments: ever since Poetic Justice ... Phenomenal Woman ...das me
Tupac Shakur
comments: fine rapper and author ... realer than real
Iyanla Vazant
comments: my quicker picker upper!!!!!!!

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