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from dombilly :
we will miss you, love. *hugs* bubye Amy.
from rubycoquette :
so, randomly found you from the chicago ring.. happy birthday, you b-days teh day after mine. Go sagatarians!
from review-list :
Hi, this is Alex the new owner of review list. I'm trying to get it back up to date, but I don't have the password to the notify list or the guestbook. If you could help me get these, please do. Sorry for bothering you, but I really want to get your creation running as well as I'm sure you use to keep it. Thanks, Alex.
from hobbitmuser :
Dear Sisters, this is Taya, reminding you to get TTT right now!!! *squees with excitement* Love you all like Pippin loves his pint... ~Taya
from laurelote :
Hi Amy! Thanks for joining my (Captain!) Jack Sparrow diaryring, mate! :-)
from amercncliche :
damn, that jack sparrow's hot! come to my diary, coz i need the publicity :)
from drmstwizard :
Fiiiiine. BE mad. ::blows raspberry:: I'm sorry (sincerely)
from drmstwizard :
What did *I* do? I whispered it, for goodness' sake, because your diary entry had been titled the f-word, for crying out loud, and I was a bit worried about your sanity... who decided to read your diary??
from poppyfish :
Why, thank you for joining the Jack Sparrow diaryring, pumpkin! Yo ho and all that!
from annachan :
this is anna from your guestbook was being a bitch, so i used the notes. thanks for joining, but could yuo please change the link from to just thanks.
from dombilly :
Ahh! Ok! Thanks a million Amy! I'd love to help.
from cherryblossm :
I love your layout, may I ask who did it? Would you please email me with the link? [email protected] Thank you!
from dombilly :
hey! my sister counted 7-8 times he said "Savvy?" it just so happens to be her dog's name is Savvy. haha I <3 JOHNNY
from dombilly :
Jim Dale does rule. I thik the note i wrote in your gbook came up, i dunno. Hope to hear from you soon. And hope you get well. Luv, Carolyn
from coldapathy :
the principle chair is always within reach. -- a fellow orchestra geek
from vicky8 :
Hello my fellow clarinet buddy! Just thought I'd drop by and let ya know that clarinets rule! :D Have an awesome day!
from deaddesire :
Dont mind me. . .Im just giving a much deserved hug to everyone in the remusxsirius diaryring.. . *hug*
from bandie :
Hey Amy, It's your loser, clarinet-playing friend. I'm back in buisness. I couldn't keep up with a paper diary. I like it better here. So you can read it if you really want to. Just dropped in to say hi. Kisses
from m2win :
I love your layouts, you should design!
from devilscarpet :
I love your layout... I play clarinet, also. I'll be checking around...
from avi-325 :
AMY! No! *hugs* Don't leave! I DO care if you leave and I know everyone else does! I'm just having some problems though...I can't acces your gbook...and it took a while for me to realize that there are other ways to contact you, like leaving a note. (stupid me!) Oh, I hope that you will be able to read this. Don't leave, ok? *more hugs*
from dernhelm :
*hugs Amy* You ARE still important, and you matter a great deal to a lot of people. Maybe it's better this way, without too much fuss? I don't know, but try not to take it personally. We still love you. :D
from hiccup588 :
Amy, I got myself a message board!! hee! I'm soooo happy! So if you want to post a message (lotr, perhaps), feel free! That goes for everyone! ~Carolyn
from angrystarlyt :
Oh, and...I wanna read your locked entry! *pouts*
from paprikstar :
hi i just joined ur diaryring. hehehe i live in middle earth anyway.i live in wellington. hehe in new zealand if u didnt figurethat out. ok if u want u can leave me a note. ok i g2g now bye
from halcyondork :
Pfff! Clarinet rocks. Flute rocks harder. Oh my geeds, I did NOT just say that. Heh, flute, rocking out, oh, the mental visual glory of it all... I like your diary thinga-majiger thingie by the way... heh heh heh, found you taking the geek survey... -Kat
from drmstwizard :
OK, I get it (about the layout) If you would like to design me one, that would be great. I'd like it if you called me about what I want it to look like, just mostly because I miss talking to you on the phone, but... yeah, that's basically it. LOL.
from selly-2002 :
in your guestbook i made a mistake.."oooops stupid typing skills. i meant that the judges will be "BEGGING" to be allowed, not "beginning". argh!" signmyguestbook didnt let me write another entry! *sniff* so just so you know i suck at coordinating my mind and fingers.
from bandchick182 :
but the pompeii thing is the coolest story!
from candid-revu :
look ^ a link, all for you =o)
from p-brain :
Wow, this was an unusual diary. This is the first sport-layout I've seen. Nice. BTW, Welcome to the Gollum Ring. Enjoy!
from dernhelm :
Ooooh! *wants directions* But, you know, only if you plan on leaving private entries. And if you don't mind me reading them. :)
from tocomfortyou :
Hey hey! It's Diana/a.k.a. tocomfortyou/a.k.a. that LoTR sister who talked for like six hours! Anyways, wanted to say that I checked our your layout and 1)your layout is gorgeous! 2)was reading your entries, and you sound eerily like myself (not sure if that's good or bad :-P ) So I just wanted to drop in and say hello, hope to talk to you again! -Diana
from bluebear85 :
hey,sorry if u haven't seen the link to the webring yet..coz i am a lil bz till end of feb 2003.Add it ASAP.plS forgive my delay!
from dernhelm :
signmygbook is being stupid, so Amy... omg. I. Love. Your. Layout. It is GORGEOUS. SQUEE! I just had to tell you that. :D
from lil-kender :
Hullo, thank you for the warm welcome, am proud to be in the team! Have a merry xmas ^_^
from hobbitmuser :
merry Christmas! i wish you merriment and much hobbiday cheer, from one lotrsister to another. *God bless us, everyone* ~Taya
from bandchick182 :
everyone is the ultimate band geek. especially if you profess your love for said band online...oh, wait, nevermind, i just described myself...
from blah-im-bord :
Hey, I play Clarinet too and I'm in marching band. I think it is soooo... fun. That doesn't make you a nerd though. I hope not because if it does then that means I am a band geek.How long have you been playing it? I have been playing for 5 years.Bye!Happy Thanksgiving!!!
from bandie :
I love the new template! That's awesome! Happy late birthday! Hope you had a good one. Happy Thanksgiving too! ~Bandie~
from dernhelm :
Amy, I LOVE the Draco layout! :D
from selly-2002 :
you got to see the chamber of secrets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LUCKY YOU!!!! can you imagine my suffering when its not coming out in rotten czech republic until mid-december !!!!! AAARRRGGHHH i'm going CRAZY !!!! i hate this country !
from yellowreview :
Your review has been posted
from selly-2002 :
by the way, cheer up about the C in ur test.. i, who am meant to be good in maths, FAILED my last maths test.. guess what the reaction was like at home..surprising im still here.. lol
from selly-2002 :
i know, when i start talking about the two towers release, or the other day when i came to school with freshly bought harry potter pens everyone was just like.. "uh.. ok.. right.." .. lol but im proud of it !! and i play the piano.. so im musical like you.. how long have you played the clarinet for? For our xmas concert im meant to be playing a duet with this cello player, and believe it or not, ive never in my life done a duet.. so this should be interesting, i bet i wont be able to keep up with her- like play at the same time and stuff.. lol..
from selly-2002 :
hey, yup i joined the middle-earth diaryring and ive just found a fellow obsessee with LOTR and Harry Potter - you ~! lol i thought i was a rare case of obsession with lord of the rings, frodo, elijah, harry potter, and all the rest of it (my friends call me childish about H.P. and strange about LOTR).. well its their problem they dont see the delight in these two works of art right? lol and i love the same authors as you plus i love enya as well... :)
from bandie :
Hey. Where'd you find that thing that tells you your name in elvish and stuff? That sound cool.
from noa-2001 :
and I thought I was obsessed! geez! :) Lotr is pretty addictive. Nice diary. I'm short too, so my friends call me a hobbit sometimes, or they just point and laugh =( haha.
from bello :
It makes me happy to know that there are people out there who love band! :D We need a lot more people like you down here! :D
from blueperiod84 :
Go for the plan with your crush. If you don't, you'll probably always wonder. Hah, take it from a senior who knows . . . :D
from charismagurl :
Hey! You don't know me, but I thought I'd drop you a note. I love your diary. I am a fellow clarinetist and I believe you're right - classical music isn't dorky! People just don't know what they're missing out on. Thanks for keeping me amused!
from bandie :
Hey. So you're someone who is trying to name their clarinet too? Hehe. Are you meaning to name yours after Benny Goodman. If you are that's funny.
from diesel03 :
I'm really sorry for not getting your review done! :( Ever since I started school again, my schedule has kept me extremely busy & I neglected my reviewing duties which I shouldn't have done. So, when I went to review your diary last week, the links wouldn't work for me. My computer is quite the mess right now & it won't let me click on a lot of people's links. I'm terribly sorry. I hope you're not mad. I just sent my VISUAL APPEAL input to Alison, & I'm sure she'll have it done in no time. Once again, I am really sorry!
from silverjade42 :
Hey Amy! Thanks for joining the rings... I'm so glad to have you join 'em! *hugs* :)
from unique-views :
I'm not sure what has happened to your reivew, I'll ask Nikki and let you know :) ~Alison
from dernhelm :
yay! gorgeous review site!
from dernhelm :
hello! I see what you mean -- you really don't need much math for music! I feel the same way, but for writing... why do I need to know the quadratic formula (random example) to write? and if I end up teaching, which I probably will, I won't be teaching math, and if I do need to teach a little itsy-bitsy-bit of math, it'll be elementary-school level! GRRRRRR!
from riverleaf :
You're very welcome
from tiki-reviews :
I just wanted to remind you, you have diaries waiting to be reviewed. Thanks!
from mandypandy83 :
You've been nominated!
from bandie :
I can read your diary now! My computer is finally working again! Just thought I'd let you know. :-)
from ladykmr :
As a fellow LOTR fanatic, I feel it's my duty to leave you a note! So here it is!! Your new note! Aren't you happy?! Ok, that was really lame...I'm gonna go now. bbye!
from one-moment :
You have a really cool diary.. You kind of remind me of myself when I first started high school (I'm a Junior now)... It get's so much cooler as you get older :)
from bandie :
Aaahhh!!! I still can't get to anything below the picture. I don't have the little scroll thingy on the side. Maybe it's my computer. I'll talk to my parents. :0) Just thought I'd let ya know. P.S. I forgot to mention that I got into YOSA! :0)
from soulwindblow :
hh i like you because you're a BAND person and plus you like LOTR. i think the ring and wormtongue are dados.
from bandie :
Hi. Is there some secret to your new template? I've been gone for a week, but when I tried to check out your diary all I could get was the stuff above your actual entry. I don't know if my computer's messed up or what. If you could leave leave me a note, I'd be a happy chickadee. Thanks.
from rotsh :
hey! thanks for signing my guestbook :) I LOVE clarinets, I'm a major of bass clarinet performance at WIU...wierd yes :)
from erica2175 :
thanks for joining the animal-lover diaryring!
from soif :
My pleasure to join the ring . . . I will be in Chicago at the time of the opening of TTT. My friends and I (15 of us) went to the first showing of FOTR where I live now all in costume--SO MUCH FUN!!! But I can't be with them this year.
from bandie :
Hi! I finished reading your diary. Your life seems so interesting compared to mine. Are braces as bad as they sound? I'm gonna have to egt them pretty soon. Bandie
from bandie :
Hi! I agree that we are a lot alike. I'm in the process of reading your diary. It's really long. Well, gotta go update my own diary before my mom kicks me off.
from ivyvalentine :
LMAO! OHMYGOD! You pulled one of my greatest quotes out of there!~ROTFL~ Your diary is great to sis...I cant believe you used that quote! Dammnit that was funny!~Hugs~
from ivyvalentine :
Hey sis!~Huge hugs~Jess-Dernhelm asked me to do this so here I am...she is leaving and her diary will be locked so if for any reason you need the password to get in feel free to e-mail me and ask for it.....some of you allready know, but I am just making sure here!LOL! My mail is [email protected] if you need her password! Welcome to LOTR sisters by the way! I am co-founder of the insanity!
from dernhelm :
Ummm... hmmm. Sam. Interesting question. Well, we'll say that he wouldn't be the first on my list. I suppose it would be in order of best to worst Legolas, Pippin, Merry, Frodo, Aragorn, Boromir, Sam, Gimli, Gandalf. But the first five are all pretty sexy. :)
from dernhelm :
Yay! Another LOTR sister! Nothing makes me happier than seeing that someone else joined! (Well, I would be happiest if any member of the Fellowship besides Gandalf and Gimli showed up at my doorstep naked. But that's beside the point.) Yeah. I'll go leave now and pretend you didn't see that...
from aviclark :
Welcome to the LOTR sisterhood! :D
from jgstitches :
Welcome to the apoloolympic diary ring.
from angelfaery17 :
i like the same author's as new to this so hi

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